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    After chatting for a few words, everyone returned to work.


    Chu Han quickly got into the mood.
He has been doing his homework for the past few years, and he basically knows Mu Yan’s situation.
It is not difficult to browse the files.


    During the lunch break, Chu Han went to the corner of the tea room and sent a message to Mu Xiaoke, “Baby, have you eaten? I have something to ask you.”


    Mu Xiaoke was eating the meal made by his aunt, and when he saw his phone turned on, he picked it up immediately.
It seems that Auntie laughed when she saw it, “Slow down.”


    Mu Xiaoke smiled shyly and blushed even more after reading Chu Han’s message.
Chu Han gave him a name that made people blush, what baby, cocoa, Kerr, darling, little cute, and now there is another baby.


    “I’m eating, aunt made it for me.” After typing, Mu Xiaoke took a picture of the meal and sent it.


    Chu Han was greedy when he saw it, he was greedy for the food on the table, and also for the child who took the pictures.


    “It’s delicious, remember to eat more.”


    “My colleagues are going to have a welcome party tonight, would you like to come together?”


    Mu Xiaoke was stunned for a moment, he knew that if he didn’t go, Chu Han would definitely not have peace of mind, and maybe even turn down this event directly and come back to accompany him.
Although he also hopes to live with Chu Han, he can’t delay Chu Han’s socialization.




    Chu Han’s eyes were spoiled, and his baby always spoiled him so much.


    “Good baby, I’ll go back to pick you up after work, wait for me.”


    Mu Xiaoke bit his chopsticks and smirked, “Mm, I’ll wait for you!”


Chu Han put away his mobile phone, and as soon as he was about to walk out of the corner, he heard several female voices, and his name was mentioned in between words.


    “That Chu Han really has someone at home, huh?”


    “Such an excellent little wolf dog, you think you can still pick up the leaks.”


    “Hey, that’s enough to make people imagine.
Such a handsome little brother is better than those artists in the company.
He’s so outstanding, he’s just inviting people to commit crimes!”


    “I really want to see what the guy in his family looks like, who can tie up such a young guy so tightly that he has to think about it even when he comes out for a meal.”


    “You don’t understand, young people’s love is so vigorous, hey, when will I find such a man, I’ll marry him quickly!” 


” Hahaha, your mother is urging you again!”


Several people laughed and left again


    Only then did Chu Han come out from the corner, shaking his head helplessly.


    After getting off work in the afternoon, Mu Xiaoke was waiting for Chu Han downstairs with a gift.


    Chu Han waited for him to get into the car, and saw his gift bag at a glance.
“What’s this?”


    “Some snacks, I made them with Aunt this afternoon, they just came out of the oven, they are delicious!” Mu Xiaoke finished typing and handed the bag under Chu Han’s nose for him to smell, Chu Han became hungry right away.


    Mu Xiaoke saw what he meant at a glance, then opened the fresh-keeping box and took out two pieces of milky biscuits to feed him.
Chu Han was not polite, he just gnawed on Mu Xiaoke’s hand, while staring at Mu Xiaoke: “Sweet!” I don’t know if it means the biscuit or the finger.
Mu Xiaoke blushed.


    When they arrived at the place, Chu Han took Mu Xiaoke’s hand and went in.
Most of his colleagues had arrived, and they were waiting for him as the main character.


    Mu Xiaoke followed Chu Han and greeted Chu Han’s colleagues with a sweet smile.


    Chu Han gave up his seat and introduced to everyone, “My boyfriend, Mu Xiaoke.
This is a snack he made and he brought it for everyone to try.”


    Mu…Mu what?


    The head of the marketing department and his two old assistants were stunned.
Isn’t this the name of the chairman’s son?

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