tarted to move.


    This movement was abnormal in Cen Luo’an’s eyes.
Chu Han usually came to him not just to eat, but to talk about things, but now he started eating without saying anything.


    Cen Luoan asked curiously: “Xiao Ke, did I make you hungry because I was late?”


    Mu Xiaoke quickly swallowed a green bean and shook his head quickly.
It’s over, did he scare Cen Luoan by being too anxious to eat?


    Chu Han reassured Mu Xiaoke and let him continue eating, “He is afraid of being hungry, so he has to eat three meals on time, which is what he used to do.”


    Cen Luo’an understood that this was really a feast for killing single dogs.


    “Brother Chu, you didn’t look for me when you came back a few days ago, I thought you forgot about me.”


    Chu Han glanced at him, “You are so affectionate and I don’t see you taking the initiative to invite me to dinner.
Just thinking about doing your own business, is your network really okay?”


    “Hey, I am being wronged.
Isn’t it that I can’t guess your mind? I’m afraid I’ll get you into trouble if I invite you to dinner.
If you had said anything earlier, I will definitely take you to eat delicious food every day.” 


    “Xiao Ke, tell me if you are free in the future, and I will take you to a Michelin-level delicious food for free.”


    Is Michelin so easy to make an appointment? Besides, even if you have money, you can’t get a Michelin every day, right?


    “He was invited by others.
Don’t go.
On that occasion, they are all drunkards.” Chu Han’s stern words made it very difficult for people to refute.


    Cen Luo’an was extremely helpless, “It’s all for life.
Xiao Ke, come on, brother will toast to you, congratulations on finding such a handsome boyfriend.” 


    Chu Han directly pressed Mu Xiaoke’s restless little hand, “You are not allowed to drink today, so you can eat well.”


    Mu Xiaoke wrinkled his nose, and the wine glass was taken away!


    “Speaking of business, how is Shao Group’s public opinion going?”


    “No big changes.
In the past few years, due to the development of the new energy industry, the market has always been optimistic.
You also know this.
You, the person involve, should know more than me, right?” 


    Of course, Chu Han understands the main direction of the company, but it is difficult to grasp all the specific things, so observing the trend of public opinion is also necessary.
With Cen Luoan, this data is easy to obtain.


    “However, the entertainment industry is really booming recently.
You really don’t want to consider entering the entertainment industry anymore?”


    Chu Han smiled triumphantly, “My Xiao Ke is in the industry, and his presence is tantamount to my presence.”


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t understand.
How could a marginal figure like him be counted as a person in the circle, not to mention that he earns a small amount of money? Where can there be a high return on investment?


    “What, Xiao Ke, are you in the circle? Did you participate in a talent show recently or something, do you want some marketing package service? Your brother will give you a 50% discount, and you will be popular within half a year.
Oh no, if you want to make your debut, you have to delete that intimate video now, wait, brother will help…”


    Chu Han patted Cen Luo’an on the shoulder, “Can you have a good meal? You talk so much all day long.
How can your customers believe you can keep a secret?”


    Cen Luo’an was not convinced, “I have nine hundred cases if not one thousand.
Half of the stars in the entertainment circle have signed membership with me, and 80% of the rich businessmen in the entire Y city have recruited me to wipe their asses.
I kept those secrets to death, I have not slipped a single word, I didn’t even tell you when you asked me!” 


  “Really, then I would like to know if Mu Kai has approached you for a membership?” 

“That’s for sure…” Cen Luoan immediately covered his mouth, “Brother Chu, what’s the matter with you, why are you pitting your brother?”


“This is not a breach of customer privacy.
Xiao Ke is Mu Kai’s younger brother.
He understands his brother’s recent situation, examines the company’s reputation as an artist, and communicates with you, Party B.
Isn’t it normal?”


    Cen Luoan was stunned.
Mu Kai had never mentioned to the public that he had a younger brother in the two or three years since his debut, and Cen Luoan was not familiar with Mu Kai and forgot about it for a while.


    “Look at my memory, Brother Chu, just tell me what you want to ask.” 


    “In the future, make a backup copy of Mu Kai’s plan.
With the money from Mu Yan Film and Television, he, the heir, has a reason to ask for a record.”


    Cen Luoan had no objection at all, so he turned on his phone and quickly found Mu Kai’s material, and sent a copy to Chu Han after reading it.


    “Looking at Mu Kai’s development in the past few years, it doesn’t seem to be going very smoothly.
As an actor in a supporting role, he has offended the actors in the leading role several times.
Now he is not popular yet, and he already has a lot of black fans on the Internet.
If this word of mouth is to develop for a long time, the risk is very high.”


    Mu Xiaoke listened carefully, and after listening, he typed and asked: “Then will he make any big troubles?”


 “It doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment.
His popularity is not small now, but it’s not so big that a little thing can turn the world upside down.”


    “No hurry, take your time.” Chu Han said softly.


    Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han, feeling a little nervous.
Is Chu Han planning some bad idea?


    “Luo An, by the way, help me find some sailors abroad to spread some words.”


    “What words?”


    “Rong Yanzhe is the son of a murderer.”


    Mu Xiaoke was stunned when these words came out.


    “Why did you say that?” Mu Xiaoke hurriedly gestured in sign language.
He didn’t want Chu Han to do this.
If Rong Yanzhe and the others found out the source, the Rong family would definitely sue Chu Han.


    “Spreading it abroad is for Rong Yanzhe to hear.
He saw this in foreign circles, and even if he found it, he couldn’t do anything about it.” 


But what’s the use of telling Rong Yanzhe? To irritate Rong Yanzhe?


    “He will naturally feel guilty when he hears this, and his life abroad will not be easy, and his parents will not let him come back to China easily.”


    If Rong Yanzhe’s parents heard about these past events, they would never let Rong Yanzhe return home easily and be threatened.
This is Chu Han’s strategy.


    “But what if they target you?”


    “I’m already a spoiled son in their eyes, especially when I went to your school for an internship and was expelled.”

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