In the university dormitory, several roommates had doubts about Mu Xiaoke’s whereabouts, because Mu Xiaoke hadn’t been back to the dormitory since the afternoon of the 31st.
After one night, Mu Xiaoke still didn’t have any news for them, but the boys were all locals, so they thought that Mu Xiaoke went home directly.
Unexpectedly, Chen Ying, the last one to leave the dormitory, met Mu Xiaoke’s father before leaving.


    Mu Xiangyang came here to take Mu Xiaoke home, and Chen Ying was shocked when he heard this: “Did Xiaoke not go home?”


    If he didn’t go home, where did he go?


    “Uncle, Xiao Ke didn’t go back to the dormitory last night.
We thought he went home, so now we don’t know where he is.”


    Mu Xiangyang panicked immediately.
He came to the school after going to Shihua, Shihua’s housekeeper (property manager) said that he hadn’t seen Mu Xiaoke go back.
Neither at Shihua nor at school, where would Mu Xiaoke go last night?!


    “Uncle, don’t worry, I’ll ask him to find out where he is.” Chen Ying started typing to send messages to Mu Xiaoke, but after sending them, he realized that something was wrong.
Mu Xiaoke was missing, shouldn’t a father contact his child immediately? Why is Mu Xiaoke’s father still staring at him, instead of making a phone call?


    Chen Ying frowned, and suddenly remembered the rumors in high school that Mu Xiaoke seemed to have been living alone in the real estate opposite the school, and Mu Xiaoke’s brother had been targeting Mu Xiaoke all the time.
In order to deal with Mu Xiaoke, he could even make everyone misunderstand that Mu Xiaoke was mentally ill and didn’t care about his family’s reputation at all.


    This father…has never appeared since the beginning of school, and Mu Xiaoke has never mentioned his family.


    It’s terrible.


    When Chen Ying sent the message, Mu Xiaoke was lying in Chu Han’s arms and watching TV together.


    The phone vibrated, and Chu Han handed the phone to Mu Xiaoke, who also saw Chen Ying’s message.
“Your roommate asked where you are.”


    Mu Xiaoke sat up in shock, yes, he suddenly forgot to tell his roommates when he came out.


    He replied to Chen Ying: I am at home, I forgot to tell you, I am sorry to make you worry.


    When Chen Ying saw the message, Mu Xiangyang quickly asked him: “Where did he say he was?”


    Chen Ying smiled awkwardly, “He said he was at home, uncle, why don’t you call him?”


    Mu Xiangyang was a little annoyed and frowned, maybe he missed him when he came out.
But now he can’t get through to his youngest son’s phone, so he can only go back and forth a few times for nothing.


    “Okay, thank you.
It’s not convenient for him to talk, so I’ll trouble you classmates to take care of him.” Mu Xiangyang said and moved a few boxes on the ground in.
“These milk and nutritional snacks are for you to eat.”


    “Ah… then thank you, uncle.”


    After saying that, Chen Ying sent Mu Xiangyang out, but seeing Mu Xiangyang’s leaving back made him feel a little embarrassed.
They still have a week of exams to go.
It’s a holiday, is it necessary to stock up on so much food until the next semester?


    “Your father is here to look for you.” Chen Ying sent this message to Mu Xiaoke, and also sent photos of the food that Mu Xiangyang brought, “He also brought so much food, did you not tell him that the holiday is coming?”


    Seeing this, Mu Xiaoke didn’t know what to say.
He unintentionally did not answer Mu Xiangyang’s calls, but every time Mu Xiangyang had to say something about brotherhood and family affection, he really didn’t want to be dragged back into the quagmire of Mu’s family.
Fortunately, every time Mu Xiangyang called, he kept the phone vibrating until the end.


    Chu Han sat behind him and hugged him, seeing the conversation between him and Chen Ying clearly, “Have you softened your heart?”


    Mu Xiaoke smiled helplessly.
He never thought of really ignoring his father, but he also didn’t dare to get too close, Mu Kai’s calculations and his father’s favoritism made him shy away from the Mu family.


    “Xiao Ke, you really don’t want to talk to me about it?”


    In addition to Rong Yanzhe’s madness, what happened in the Mu family is also very strange.
Mu Xiaoke was able to see through Mu Kai’s methods at a young age and learn to leave the Mu family in such a ruthless way, what had happened behind the scenes?


    Mu Xiaoke looked back at Chu Han, pondered for a moment, and then started typing.
It is too difficult to express those things in sign language, only in words.


     “Mu Kai and I didn’t have the same mother.
His mother gave birth to him before my parents got married.
It wasn’t until I was 6 years old that Mu Kai was sent back to our family.”


 It was at the last birthday party of his mother’s life.
At the birthday party, an illegitimate child was sent back.
For the birthday protagonist, not only did her husband fail to prepare a birthday surprise for her, he even recognized an illegitimate child of unknown origin in public, claiming that the child would become a member of the family in the future.


    Such absurd things completely shattered Yan Xin’s self-esteem, a proud independent woman could not bear such a betrayal by her husband.


    “Mom and dad filed for divorce.
During that time, mom took me away from Mu’s house and officially separated from dad.
But mom was in great pain, and her body and mind were hurt.
She loved my dad very much, but Mu Kai’s appearance made her doubt herself.
Then she planned to take me out of the city, but on our way to the airport, someone kidnapped us.”


    He has never been able to forget the memory of the year he was six years old, and although he can’t remember many details, he remembers how his mom died.


    The robbers trapped them in an abandoned warehouse by the sea, in a deserted place, where the atmosphere was silent and gloomy at night.
Mu Xiaoke was terrified at that time.
Moreover, some of the robbers wanted to bully his mother.
Mu Xiaoke remembered that when he saw his mother being held down, he immediately screamed and cried.


    The other robber kicked him directly in the abdomen.
He remembered that the kick was very heavy, but at that time he still insisted on crying and screaming.
His mother didn’t know where she got the strength, she broke away from the robber who wanted to harm her and knocked the robber who wanted to kick her child away.
As a result, during the struggle, his mother was pushed down by the robber and hit the back of her head on the sharp corner of the tin box next to her.


    “After my mother died, they seemed to be scared.
Maybe my cries and screaming attracted outsiders, so they blocked my mouth and locked me and my mother in that tin box.
I don’t know how long have I been locked up.
I only remember that my mother’s body was so cold that I was afraid to get close.”


    Chu Han hugged Mu Xiaoke tightly, and kissed Mu Xiaoke’s cheek distressedly, “It’s okay, it’s all over.”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, and took a deep breath to hold back his tears, “That’s when my muteness started.” In fact, he can’t remember the things that happened later.
Well, he had been studying at home with a tutor.
It was not until junior high school that he slowly resumed contact with outsiders.


    And his illegitimate brother has been appearing in various social circles as the son of the Mu family since then.
When Mu Xiaoke started to communicate with people normally, not many people remembered that he was also the son of the Mu family.


    “After junior high school, I began to slowly regain the ability to speak…” 


    “But I can’t speak fluently, and it is easy to cause misunderstandings when communicating with others.
In addition, I don’t want people to forget my existence.
I’m very willful and reckless, so none of my classmates like me, including the playmates who grew up together in Fenglinyuan.
They don’t like me anymore.”


    “Including Fu Jiayun?”


     Chu Han always grasp the key points, yes, including Fu Jia Yun, the big brother who would always take care of him, who also turned a blind eye to him after Mu Kai rightfully occupied the identity of the Mu family heir.


    “Is it because of what Fu Jiayun did, so you can’t talk again?”


    Mu Xiaoke was taken aback, Fu Jiayun… no, not Fu Jiayun, Fu Jiayun was just an unrealistic fantasy object of his childhood, what really made him unable to continue speaking was Rong Yan Zhe.

    “Rong Yanzhe?” Chu Han frowned.
Rong Yanzhe’s family occupied Fenglinyuan’s house after the old man’s death.
It stands to reason that they shouldn’t have too much to do with Mu Xiaoke.
If you really want to say, childhood sweetheart, maybe he, the grandson of the Shao family who has lived in Fenglinyuan for a few years, can be regarded as Mu Xiaoke’s childhood sweetheart.
Chu Han reacted abruptly, yes, to put it bluntly, he is also Mu Xiaoke’s brother next door!


    But judging from the time, those few years were the years when Mu Xiaoke lived in deep convalescence, and he was also grieving the death of his parents.
He didn’t expect to miss so many years because of this! There is such a cute baby brother hidden around, why didn’t he notice it at all back then?


    Mu Xiaoke frowned and looked at Chu Han.
As he talked, Chu Han started patting his thighs.
What’s the situation?


    “Xiao Ke, Xiao Ke, I also lived in Fenglinyuan back then!”


    Mu Xiaoke was stunned, yes, in this way, their two families have actually been close to each other, but they have not met at all, it was really too strange.


    “Maybe they have met before.” Chu Han said firmly, it was only by fate that he didn’t find him until now.
“If I can do it all over again, I will definitely go to your house and snatch you…”


    Mu Xiaoke came back to his senses and immediately covered Chu Han’s mouth, “You have to live well, you can’t say anything about a do-over! Quick bah bah bah bah!”


    Mu Xiaoke’s expression was serious, and Chu Han didn’t dare to go against his mind for a while, “Okay, bah, bah, don’t say those strange things.”


    Mu Xiaoke lowered his head and leaned against Chu Han’s chest, “It’s very strange.
How can life start over again? If you start over, you have to sacrifice this life to have a new start.” 


Chu Han caressing Mu Xiaoke’s hand suddenly stopped.
What did Mu Xiaoke mean?


    “How come there are so many sighs, didn’t I just say one word?”


    Mu Xiaoke shook his head, saying it was nothing.
“I can’t speak now because of…a dream.”


    “Dream?” Chu Han looked down at him.
What dream could make him fall into the shackles of being mute again?


    “A terrible dream.
In the dream, Rong Yanzhe imprisoned me in a deserted place.
After I asked someone for help, he killed that kind-hearted man.” 


The mechanical voice is emotionless, but it gives the listener the creeps.

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