ly as a flower, and took Mu Xiaoke’s arm, “The drama that I was cooperating with my senior was introduced by Madam Ke Yan.
The opportunity to debut is given by him.”


    “What’s the relationship between you and Muyan Film and Television Company?” The man’s intuition was very sensitive, and he directly asked the point.
It turned out that in the eyes of the public, the reason why Liu Yueling made her debut was that she was from the same school as the actor at that time, and the introducer should be their teacher.
Why would it turn out to be a little kid who looked like he hadn’t graduated from high school yet? The only thing that can be explained is that this child had a lot to do with the film and television production company at that time.


    “His surname is Mu.” Chu Han pulled Mu Xiaoke, and quietly let Mu Xiaoke escape from Liu Yueling’s clutches.


    Liu Yueling is a discerning person, she snickered and stopped making other people’s boyfriend jealous.


Mu’s son?” The man looked disbelieving, “Hasn’t Mr.
Mu’s son already made his debut?”


    Mu Xiaoke typed, “I am another child in the family, but I am studying now and don’t go home often.”


    The man believed it now, but he looked at Mu Xiaoke carefully for a moment, and couldn’t help but say: “You two brothers don’t look alike.”


    Mu Xiaoke smirked and typed: “Really, there are brothers who don’t look alike.”


    “Can’t you talk?”


    The man was so verbose that Chu Han couldn’t help but stare at him coldly, Mu Xiaoke pulled down Chu Han’s finger in amusement and shook his head gently.
Chu Han hummed and said, “My lover was injured when he was a child.
You have inquired about us so clearly, but it seems that you haven’t introduced your identity to us yet.” 


The man couldn’t help the hair on his back stand up as he was looked at by Chu Han’s ice-cold gaze.
“I’m Liu Yueling’s manager.
My surname is Shen, Shen Yingchao.”


    Chu Han glanced at Shen Yingchao, embraced Mu Xiaoke, and was about to leave.
Liu Yueling quickly added their Wechat before letting them go.


    “Wait a minute, sir, how about we exchange business cards?”


    Chu Han didn’t pay attention to Shen Yingchao, “No need, I’m not interested in the film and television industry.” He said and took Mu Xiaoke to leave.
Before leaving, Mu Xiaoke waved to Liu Yueling.


    Seeing them leave, Liu Yueling wanted to go home too.
In the end, Shen Yingchao said to her: “This man deserves our attention.”


    Liu Yueling’s eyes widened, “No way, Manager Shen, you just looked down on him, why did you change your mind now?” 


“To live here at a young age, it can’t be an average person, even Mu Kai doesn’t have the ability to buy a house here, it’s even more impossible for his younger brother who hasn’t graduated yet.”


    Liu Yueling disagreed, “That’s because you don’t know Madam Keyan’s current net worth.
Almost all the businesses he sells now start at five figures, you don’t really treat him as a child, do you?”


    Shen Yingchao has nothing to say to his naive native.  In any case, Young Master Mu’s boyfriend had to be included in the list of must-be-made friends.


    Mu Xiaoke and Chu Han returned home together, and the two of them simply started packing their lunch.
Mu Xiaoke always had a smile on his face.
Compared with the previous month, his state has really changed drastically.
When he picked up a teary man from school yesterday, Chu Han was still worried about how to make Mu Xiaoke regain his health and smile again.
Now it seems that as long as the two are together, Mu Xiaoke will naturally be happy.


    “You’ve lost so much weight recently, you’ll have to make up for it during the winter vacation.” Chu Han continued with his feeding plan.
His feeding plan has been implemented for nearly three years, and he was supposed to be white and tender, but who would have thought he stopped feeding for a month, and the child lost weight right away?


    “I have eaten properly.” Mu Xiaoke took the time to sign language.
In fact, he really didn’t dare to starve himself, but his mind was too heavy in the past month, he didn’t sleep well at night, and his appetite was not as good as before so he suddenly became thin like this.
When he looked in the mirror while washing up this morning, he himself was shocked, but he didn’t dare to lose weight like this.
He must take care of himself and be healthy so that he can be with Chu Han for the rest of his life.


    Mu Xiaoke thought about it, and looked up at Chu Han with a cute smile that was as bright as the sun, “I want to eat a lot of food, do you want to pay for the food?”


    Chu Han was so warmed by this smile that his heart almost melted, and he bowed his head to kiss his little mouth, “This is the meal fee, one kiss at a time.”


    Rogue! Mu Xiaoke covered his mouth and complained secretly.


    “Did you secretly scold me?” Chu Han picked him up, pressed his forehead against his, and got close to him again, earning the title of “rogue”.


    “How can you always guess what I’m thinking? Do you know how to read minds?” Mu Xiaoke was extremely curious, staring straight at Chu Han with big eyes.
Thinking about it, he usually doesn’t always express his heart so clearly when he does sign language, but Chu Han can say the words that are closest to his heart.
It’s really amazing.


    “That’s because… I always look at you like this, and your big eyes always look at me without reservation.”


    Mu Xiaoke chuckled, hugged Chu Han’s shoulders, and blinked his eyes.
Teacher Chu is now Can Teacher Chu still know what he is thinking now?


    “You want me to guess what you’re thinking?”


    Mu Xiaoke’s eyes widened.
Chu Han is really too ferocious.
Not only does he study well, but he is even good at reading minds!


    Chu Han laughed loudly, “Then you look at me, don’t you know what I’m thinking?” Chu Han looked down at Mu Xiaoke, his eyes moved down slightly, and Mu Xiaoke knew at a glance that this person wanted to kiss again.


    “May I?”


    Mu Xiaoke was taken aback for a moment, then raised his head to meet him, yes, of course.

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