oom contentedly.
Mu Xiaoke opened the door completely without meaning to close it.

He had to keep the door open so he could escape if something happened.

Rong Yanzhe walked in, and saw Mu Xiaoke’s workbench and the wall storage box at a glance, “What is this?”

Mu Xiaoke didn’t intend to say anything and went back to the kitchen to stir up his rice.
Seeing him go to the kitchen, Rong Yanzhe didn’t want to look around privately, so he said to him: “Bring some bowls.
I’ll put the breakfast out.”

Mu Xiaoke sighed helplessly and could only do as he was told.

Mu Xiaoke stood aside and looked at Rong Yanzhe, he found that Rong Yanzhe is now like a child who is having fun playing house, he is really happy to arrange the dishes.

Mu Xiaoke thought for a moment, then typed and played the voice: “Are you busy in college now?”

Rong Yanzhe didn’t raise his head, “Why do you ask such a question?”

“I heard that there is a teacher in our school who went abroad to study in his sophomore year and he gets the highest scholarship every year, which is very impressive.”

The speaker is unintentional, but the listener is interested.

Rong Yanzhe immediately apologized for the mess.
Chu Han went out when he was a sophomore, and then came back to be a teacher two years ago.
He heard that Mu Xiaoke has received a lot of care from him!

Rong Yanzhe raised his head and glared at Mu Xiaoke, “Is it considered great to go abroad?”

Mu Xiaoke raised his eyebrows, and typed, “He’s very powerful.
He was admitted to the Ivy League and got a scholarship.
Now we all particularly envious of such a god of learning.”

“Are you looking down on your senior?”

Mu Xiaoke really didn’t mind that he and Rong Yanzhe still have this kind of relationship between senior and junior, “I didn’t mean to look down on you.
It seems that the university is also quite leisurely, and it is not that difficult to get first place in the exam.”

After Mu Xiaoke finished typing, he looked at Rong Yanzhe with a very indifferent expression on his face.
This made Rong Yanzhe feel contemptuous, strong unwillingness welled up, and the young and energetic Rong Yanzhe was provoked, “How difficult is it to get into a foreign university? Don’t you know that I can already participate in the Ivy League interview?”

Mu Xiao Ke pretended to be surprised, “What, you can also go abroad?”

“Why can’t I go abroad? How dare you look down on me!”

Mu Xiaoke quickly waved his hand to deny, “No, how dare I look down on you.
Have you passed? Will you be able to study in an Ivy League university like that teacher soon?” Mu Xiaoke showed an envious look, which made Rong Yanzhe lose his mind.
Such a beautiful child holding a starry-eyed look at him and he was in a daze.

“Of course!”

Rong Yanzhe was excited and pushed himself into the pit.

But Rong Yanzhe also sobered up quickly, “No, I can’t go abroad.
You will definitely forget me if I go abroad!”

Mu Xiaoke was startled when his mind was punctured, but there was an expression of disbelief on his face, “Why would you think like that?”

Mu Xiaoke looks so innocent, and Rong Yanzhe couldn’t bear the gaze of his big innocent eyes, turned his head and condemned himself in a low voice, “Then…then I’m really going to study outside.
Well, you are here alone…”

“I said, I don’t need your care.

Mu Xiaoke said very firmly, Rong Yanzhe was moved for a moment.
Mu Xiaoke is such a stubborn child, no matter what happens, he is so stubborn, so stubborn that he can’t let go!

If he really went abroad to study as Mu Xiaoke said, will Mu Xiaoke be snatched away by others where he can’t see? He doesn’t want to.

“Do you really think it’s good to go abroad? “

Mu Xiaoke thought for a while, “Very good.
If possible, I will go out in the future, so that I can avoid Mu Kai and leave the Mu family completely.”

Rong Yanzhe was really shocked by these words.
Mu Xiaoke didn’t say it was good to go abroad because he admired foreigners.
The real reason in his heart was that he could leave Mu’s house when he went abroad.

“Then I will take care of you.
Come to my house…”

“Are you forgetting what your father once did to my family’s company?” Mu Xiaoke typed in time and interrupted Rong Yanzhe’s unrealistic illusion.

“Unless I leave this city, I will not be able to completely leave the Mu family.
Maybe I may not be able to do it if I leave this city.
The best thing is to go abroad.”

Mu Xiaoke didn’t want to look at Rong Yanzhe anymore.
Being alone with him for such a long time is already the limit, let alone continuing to face him.

“Forgive me.”

Rong Yanzhe said suddenly.

Mu Xiaoke looked at him sideways, not understanding what he was talking about.

“Forgive me for threatening you at that time.”

Mu Xiaoke understood.
He’s apologizing for destroying Mu Yan Film and Television’s project before.
Apologizing is really not an easy task for Rong Yanzhe, look at how reluctant and embarrassed he is now, and you will know that he is reluctant.

Mu Xiaoke pretended to smile, “I don’t care about it anymore.” Anyway, if you threaten Mu Yan Film and Television in the future, it won’t have any influence on me.

Speaking of this, Rong Yanzhe didn’t have the face to stay any longer, “I’m leaving, you take good care of yourself.”

Mu Xiaoke stopped typing to respond and walked to the door to send him out.

After Rong Yanzhe left, Mu Xiaoke took out the wiping alcohol to disinfect all the places that Rong Yanzhe touched, and then opened all the windows in the house to let the outdoor air blow in.
Mu Xiaoke was relieved.

I hope that the scene just now can satisfy Rong Yanzhe and change his mind.

Two days later, Fu Jiayun sent another message, “Thank you, Yanzhe came for an interview.”

Mu Xiaoke was relieved, and the pestering ghost finally left.

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