Get out of Mu’s house!!


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t expect Mu Xiangyang to say such harsh words to Mu Kai.
Mu Kai stopped his tears and was stunned for a moment.


    Mu Kai said pitifully: “Father… what did you say?”


    “Don’t you want to debut as an artist, don’t you want to take a shortcut? I’ll satisfy you! You follow your mother to become a big star! My Mu family can’t afford a big star!”


    The two sons were extremely surprised by Mu Xiangyang’s frantic look.


    Rong Yanzhe stood at the side with folded arms on his chest, not at all heartbroken because his sweetheart was punished, while Fu Jiayun was very anxious but not as anxious as Mu Xiaoke imagined.


    Seeing all the unusual changes around him, Mu Xiaoke was both surprised and delighted.
All the conflicts he had accumulated since he was reborn finally broke out, completely changing the course of things today.


    In his last life, the person who kept making mistakes was Mu Xiaoke, because he was reckless and eager to get other people’s attention.
He was young and vigorous, took everything for granted, and wanted too much.
So he stepped on Mu Kai’s crappy traps accurately, and the people around him lost trust in him because he got into trouble again and again.


    In this life, he doesn’t want anything, even what they bring to his door.
Fu Jiayun, Rong Yanzhe, and even Mu Xiangyang, he doesn’t need their attention anymore, he just wants to live on his own, so instead, they feel guilty towards him.
He didn’t listen to any of Mu Kai’s crappy lies and turned Mu Kai into a frenzy.
That’s why Mu Kai made the wrong step.
He even wanted to let Cao Chengli rape him. 


    Mu Kai planned well, using the party to lure wolves into the house.
Mu Xiaoke believed that even if Fu Jiayun did not propose to change places, Mu Kai would still have a way to attract everyone’s attention and trap Cao Chengli.


    If Mu Kai is really allowed to succeed, he may really collapse completely.
However, Mu Kai probably didn’t know that there was a fruit knife under his pillow.
After seeing the group of his brother’s friends who were not friendly to him today, he has been uneasy.
Before taking a nap, he secretly hid the knife under his pillow.


    Even if Rong Yanzhe doesn’t come, he won’t let Cao Chengli succeed.


    Mu Kai’s eyes fell on Mu Xiaoke, who was deep in thought and stayed out of the matter, “Dad, I never thought about not going to school.
Mom told me that I could try, and there will be another way in the future, just like…” Mu Kai went on.
He wanted to drag Mu Xiaoke in, but when he saw Mu Xiaoke’s calm appearance, he didn’t dare again.
Mu Xiaoke was so strange, how could he turn the situation around without doing anything, he didn’t understand!


    Mu Kai gritted his teeth and decided cruelly: “Father, you know that I’m too restless these days.
I’m sorry, I won’t take the art test, I won’t go!”


    Mu Xiangyang snorted heavily, “It’s up to you!”


    At this time, Lin Jun came over suddenly, bringing a lawyer with him.


    “Yanzhe, lawyer Yang is here.
What’s the situation now?”


    “Lawyer?” Mu Xiangyang asked in surprise.


    Rong Yanzhe glanced at Mu Xiangyang, “Do you think I’ll just forget about Cao Chengli?”


    Mu Xiangyang looked at Mu Xiaoke, and Mu Xiaoke lowered his head to avoid Mu Xiangyang’s gaze.


    “This matter ends here, it’s not good for anyone to pursue it any further.
Xiao Ke, go back to your room and rest.” Mu Xiangyang turned around to let Mu Kai leave, but Rong Yanzhe blocked Mu Kai’s way.


    “Mu Xiaoke!” Rong Yanzhe shouted, Mu Xiaoke raised his head to look at Rong Yanzhe, Rong Yanzhe asked: “Have you thought about it?”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at Rong Yanzhe and nodded.


    “I want to investigate!” Mu Xiaoke typed out.


    Mu Xiangyang turned around angrily, and shouted: “Mu Xiaoke, what do you want to do!”


    Mu Xiaoke stood up, “I never dared to tell you before that I was talked about by the whole school as mentally ill, and the culprit was Mu Kai!”


    Xiao Ke looked at Fu Jiayun, Fu Jiayun was taken aback, and suddenly recalled that it was when they talked about Mu Xiaoke’s illness in the classroom that day that Cao Chengli and the others heard it, which caused a series of turmoil later.


    “Fu Jiayun is the witness.
It was Mu Kai who deliberately publicized my illness.
When Cao Chengli spread rumors, he didn’t help me explain a word at all.”


    “I’ve been reluctant to say it, just knowing that you won’t believe me easily, Dad, and even think I’m being unreasonable.
But today, I don’t want to endure it anymore.
I don’t know what conspiracy Mu Kai will secretly plan to kill me.


    “I said it a long time ago.
I don’t want everything, I just want the house left by my mother, but Mu Kai refuses, he even wants to take away my mother’s things! So I made it clear to him a long time ago that I will no longer recognize him as my brother!


    I don’t dare to have a brother like Mu Kai, so I won’t settle down for the sake of his face.
Even if I can’t really do anything to him, I don’t want to forgive him either!” 


    Mu Xiaoke spoke clearly, and everyone present heard him clearly.


    Rong Yanzhe looked at Mu Xiaoke, his eyes were shining.
He had never seen such a resolute and beautiful Mu Xiaoke.
His heartbeat accelerated frantically, as if…


    Mu Xiangyang froze on the spot, he was not surprised by what Mu Xiaoke said, but what surprised him was that Mu Xiaoke was able to be so shrewd and decisive,  and saw all the despicable things Mu Kai had done that Mu Xiangyang had deliberately ignored and wanted to remain clear. 


He didn’t know how to calm Mu Xiaoke’s anger, let alone how to continue to stand on a father’s standpoint and force Mu Xiaoke to maintain that meaningless brotherhood!



    After that, Mu Xiaoke sent Rong Yanzhe and his party out.
Mu Xiaoke didn’t want to have a good face towards Rong Yanzhe, but today, Rong Yanzhe is protecting him.
Chu Han said that he can’t be too rigid, and should be more tactful.


    Rong Yanzhe walked at the end and turned around before going out.
Mu Xiaoke was taken aback for a moment and reluctantly smiled at Rong Yanzhe.


    Rong Yanzhe was defeated by this reluctant smile.


    But this smile has been entangled with Rong Yanzhe and followed him to dreamland.

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