A heavy punch hit Cao Chengli’s head firmly.
Mu Xiaoke heard the sound of the punch, and his heart beats violently again and again.


    And Rong Yanzhe didn’t lighten his strength at all because of Cao Chengli’s wailing and begging for mercy.
Each punch was heavier than the other!


    It’s not that Mu Xiao has never seen Rong Yanzhe go crazy, but he has never seen Rong Yanzhe’s eyes now.
Cao Chengli in front of them seems to be a dead man in Rong Yanzhe’s eyes!


    “Brother Yanzhe!”


    Mu Kai, Fu Jiagan, and others also came back for some reason!


    Mu Xiaoke looked at Mu Kai.
Mu Kai looked at the situation in the room, his face changed in shock, then, seeing him hesitate for a moment, Mu Xiaoke rushed over and hugged Rong Yanzhe’s waist, “Brother Yanzhe, stop fighting!”


    To everyone’s surprise, Rong Yanzhe tore Mu Kai away, and punched Mu Kai’s face hard with his bloody fist!


    Mu Kai was punched and fell to the ground, Fu Jiayun immediately rushed to hug Mu Kai, “Cousin!”


    Rong Yanzhe looked down at them indifferently, “Get lost!”


   He picked up Cao Chengli who was on the ground, kicked him again, and continued to beat Cao Chengli whose face was covered in blood!


    Mu Xiaoke saw Cao Chengli’s appearance clearly at this time, and was so shocked that he remembered the terrible memory of the past!


    Mu Xiaoke rushed over suddenly, grabbing Rong Yanzhe’s fist with one hand.
He was terrified, but he couldn’t let Rong Yanzhe continue, he would die! He doesn’t want to see anyone die because of him! No matter who the other party is, he can’t bear another person dying at the hands of Rong Yanzhe because of him!


    Rong Yanzhe frowned and looked at him, “Let go!”


    Mu Xiaoke not only did not let go but also gave Rong Yanzhe a sudden push.
Rong Yanzhe was really pushed away by two steps, and Cao Chengli was released and hit the ground heavily.


    “Do you know what you are doing?!” Rong Yanzhe clenched his fist and couldn’t wait to chop Cao Chengli into ten thousand pieces at once, and this fool actually pushed him to protect Cao Chengli, the wicked man!


    Mu Xiaoke stood between Rong Yanzhe and Cao Chengli trembling, he knew what he was doing! He was very afraid of facing Rong Yanzhe like this, he was even a little short of breath, but he couldn’t let Rong Yanzhe do whatever he wanted again!


    Rong Yanzhe just looked at him fiercely, he was always tense to guard against the iron fist that would fall on him at some point.


    Suddenly, Rong Yanzhe approached him and kicked him.
Mu Xiaoke hugged him before he could react, and Cao Chengli who was behind got another kick.


    Only then did Mu Xiaoke realize that Rong Yanzhe didn’t want to kick him, but Rong Yanzhe did it because Cao Chengli wanted to attack him!


    “You’re a fucking beast!” Rong Yanzhe was furious and kicked Cao Chengli in the crotch.


    A scream echoed in the room.


    Mu Xiaoke finally came to his senses, hugged Rong Yanzhe tightly, and resisted him firmly not to let him do it again.


    Rong Yanzhe wanted to throw Mu Xiaoke away, but when he touched Mu Xiaoke, he found that Mu Xiaoke was still shivering from the cold.
But even so, this thin body is still blocking him!


    “Cousin, that’s enough, it’s really enough!”


    Fu Jiayun asked the other boys to surround Cao Chengli, who was already struggling weakly, while he himself protected Mu Kai, “Cousin if you continue to fight, someone will die!”


    Rong Yan Zhe picked up Mu Xiaoke who was close at hand and sent him back to the bed.
Mu Xiaoke was stunned.
He looked at Rong Yanzhe, and Rong Yanzhe frowned at him.
He immediately wrapped the quilt tightly around himself and avoided Rong Yanzhe’s eyes.


    Being rejected by Mu Xiaoke again, Rong Yanzhe had nowhere to vent his anger.
He could only find the boys opposite him, “Mu Kai, I gave you a chance, did you think I was joking with you?”


    Mu Kai covered his swollen face and couldn’t help crying.
He had never experienced such a thing.
Since he was a child, he was only held by others, so no one would beat him in the face! Having been slapped in the face in public, Mu Kai almost lost all his face, let alone Rong Yanzhe directly exposed the matter, now he can’t wait to find a hole in the ground and get in!


    At Fu’s house half an hour ago.


    Rong Yanzhe came late, Rong Yanzhe didn’t go directly to say hello to Fu Jiayun and the others, but went to the yard for a stroll.
He was not interested in barbecue or anything.
He agreed to participate because Mu Kai told him to have a barbecue at Mu’s house.
He thought he could go to surprise and tease Mu Xiaoke, but now that the location is changed to Fu’s house.
Mu Xiaoke will definitely not come, and he doesn’t know what’s the point of having a barbecue with a few men.


    In the bushes in the yard, Mu Kai and Cao Chengli were talking secretly, “Here’s the key, he should be sleeping right now, just go upstairs to the innermost room on the left.”


    Rong Yanzhe walked over, “What are you talking about? 


    Mu Kai and the other person were panicking, but they didn’t finish the sentence, “Brother Yanzhe, you are here, let’s go to the barbecue.” Cao Chengli and Rong Yanzhe said hello and went to get something in front of the barbecue grill.


    Rong Yanzhe became suspicious, “What’s the matter?”


    “No, I just asked him to find something.” Mu Kai pulled Rong Yanzhe in another direction.
Rong Yanzhe didn’t want to go, but Mu Kai was very persistent.


    When Rong Yanzhe turned back, Cao Chengli was gone.


    “Where’s that kid just now?” Rong Yanzhe almost pressed the question, but Mu Kai still didn’t speak.


    Rong Yanzhe was so angry that he said directly: “I’m leaving!”


    Mu Kai couldn’t stop him, so he could only let Rong Yanzhe go.


    However, Rong Yanzhe did not go home but went directly to Mu’s house.
The door of Mu’s house was opened, and the nanny disappeared.
Thinking of Mu Kai’s words, Rong Yanzhe found Mu Xiaoke’s room.
What happened made Rong Yanzhe furious, and the man who lost his mind directly beat Cao Chengli to death.


    Mu Kai was worried about what Rong Yanzhe would do, so he let Fu Jiayun and the others go back together.
Sure enough, things went wrong.


    Mu Kai’s crying made Fu Jiayun very sad, but seeing Mu Xiaoke’s pitiful appearance wrapped in the quilt made Fu Jiayun even more uncomfortable, “Cousin…”


    “Don’t call me! Did you participate in it too? Do you also want to force Mu Xiaoke to death?!”


    “No! Cousin, I don’t know what’s going on at all!” Fu Jiayun was innocent, he didn’t know why Cao Chengli disappeared while eating, and he didn’t know why Mu Kai came back.
He couldn’t even imagine what happened before they arrived!


    “Oh! What’s wrong? Why is there blood on the ground? Xiao Ke! Xiao Ke! Xiao Kai, why are you at home? Didn’t you let me go buy something for you? What are you doing!” The nanny finally came back and yelled when she saw Mu Xiaoke’s room in a mess.




    Mu Xiaoke just showed his head from under the quilt, and the nanny aunt immediately rushed over to hug Mu Xiaoke in her arms, “Xiao Ke, are you okay?!”


    Mu Xiaoke leaned against his nanny and shook his head.


    “It’s fine, it’s fine!”


    Rong Yanzhe clenched his fists angrily when he saw Mu Xiaoke who was obediently being hugged by the nanny.
Well, you can accept anyone’s goodness, but mine, you just resist!


    Rong Yanzhe yelled angrily: “Call the police!”


    Cao Chengli woke up groaning and chanting.
Mu Kai was so frightened that his hands and feet became cold, “Brother Yanzhe, what are you talking about?!”


    “I want him to pay the price.
Mu Kai, so do you!”


    “No, Brother Yanzhe, I didn’t do anything.
Why don’t you believe me?”


    “Because you are not worthy of my trust.
Think about whether your lame lies can fool the police!”


    “You guys, what are you guys doing in a daze? Throw this trash out!” Rong Yanzhe gave the order fiercely, and the boys dared not refuse to listen.
They were innocent too, didn’t they just come to have a barbecue? Why should they be treated like prisoners?


    Rong Yanzhe turned around and went to lift Mu Xiaoke who was stuck on the nanny’s body together with the quilt.


    Mu Xiaoke was so frightened that his face turned pale, and he slapped Rong Yanzhe desperately, but Rong Yanzhe didn’t seem to be in any pain, “I worked so hard to save you, and I can’t even hear a thank you.
Do you think I will let you go like this!”


    “Hey, no, Xiao Rong, don’t scare Xiao Ke! He has not recovered yet so, he can’t be frightened!”


    Rong Yanzhe carried Mu Xiaoke all the way to the lobby on the first floor, then threw him on the sofa and blocked him, “Speak, Mu Xiaoke, aren’t you already able to speak? Why did you suddenly stop talking? I’ll let you go if you speak!” 


Mu Xiaoke hugged the quilt and curled up in the corner, gritting his teeth and confronting Rong Yanzhe.


    “Xiao Rong, Xiao Ke really hasn’t said a word for a long time, don’t force him!” The nanny is about to cry, it’s really hard to talk to a young man like Rong Yanzhe who doesn’t care about anything!


    Rong Yanzhe was extremely unwilling, turned around, and saw those boys carrying Cao Chengli out.
Cao Chengli’s wretched face was already covered in blood from his beating, but he was still dissatisfied!!


    Mu Xiao Ke was someone he wouldn’t be willing to touch a finger no matter how angry he was, but he was almost touched by this bastard! He took out his mobile phone and made a call, “Lin Jun, find a lawyer.
I want a bastard to never see the sun for the rest of his life!” 


In the evening, Mu Xiangyang returned home full of anger.
The nanny had already told him what happened.
When he returned home, he saw his youngest son sleeping on the sofa with a quilt, while the eldest son stood in the living room crying with his face swollen like a pig’s head.
Rong Yanzhe and Fu Jiayun entered the room as if they were going to take their family to court.


    “Uncle is back.” Rong Yanzhe greeted him in a strange way.


    When Mu Xiaoke heard the movement, he rubbed his eyes and got up.
Mu Xiangyang immediately went over to touch his head, “Why are you sleeping here? Have you eaten yet?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, he has eaten and was watched by Rong Yanzhe.
The meal tasted like shards of glass, it was hard to swallow.


    “What happened?”


    Mu Xiaoke glanced at several people and signed in sign language, “Brother’s classmate rushed in while I was sleeping, trying to bully me.”


    Mu Xiangyang’s anger was completely ignited, “Mu Kai! What the hell are you trying to do!”


    “No, Dad, don’t listen to Xiao Ke’s nonsense.
What Cao Chengli did has nothing to do with me!”


  “Really? you didn’t give the key, and you didn’t point the way!” Rong Yanzhe stood up and stared at Mu Kai fiercely as if he was going to eat people.


    “Rong Yanzhe, I don’t need you as a junior to take care of my family’s affairs!” Mu Xiangyang stared at him, then looked at Mu Kai, “Do you know what your mother called to tell me today?”


    Mu Kai was stunned.
Xiao Ke was also stunned!


    Mu Kai’s mother! Mu Kai’s mother is still alive, and she still has contact with the Mu family!


    “If you don’t want to study, then get out of Mu’s house!”

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