“What happened to Xiao Ke at home?”

As soon as the bell rang after class, Mu Kai heard Fu Jiayun’s questioning words.
Mu Kai looked up at him in surprise, “What are you talking about?” Mu Kai’s beautiful face also expressed confusion and innocence.

Fu Jiayun sighed helplessly, “Xiao Ke blocked me, I went to find him, he…he hid from me obviously, which was very different from before.”

Mu Kai frowned slightly, “How could he block you? He obviously likes you so much.” At this point, Mu Kai stopped talking in silence, “But, Dad said, he is seeing a psychiatrist, and you know that he had been…” Mu Kai raised his finger to his head, suggesting that Fu Jiayun should not forget that Mu Xiaoke is mentally ill, “He can’t speak, and it’s said that he has a recurrence of his old illness.”

When Mu Kai spoke, his voice was not low, and other students around him also heard it.
Some of them knew Mu Xiaoke.
The boys in senior high school were unobstructed.
Someone immediately made a fuss: “No way, Mu Kai, your younger brother has a mental disorder?”

“Hey, no, don’t talk nonsense.”

“You just said it yourself, he is seeing a psychiatrist. [email protected] it, your younger brother is really a freak.
Tsk tsk, you as an older brother, really enough.”

Mu Kai smiled helplessly, “He is still young, so there will be no problem with good treatment.”

Fu Jiayun was sitting on his side, and his expression was getting uglier and uglier, “Okay, don’t talk about these things.”

A few boys who joined in the fun sat down bitterly, “Hey, didn’t you bring it up yourself?”

Mu Kai hurriedly rounded the scene, “It’s okay, it’s okay, Jia Yun is not scolding you guys.”

Fu Jiayun got up and walked out of the classroom.
Mu Kai hurriedly followed, “Jia Yun!”

They went to the corner, “Jia Yun, don’t worry.
He will get better slowly.
He had aphasia for so many years.
Besides, he can speak a few days ago.
He should be fine.”

“He lost his voice for so many years, and suddenly became mute again.
Don’t you worry at all? If he continues to be mute, he will need you to take care of him for the rest of his life.
Haven’t you thought about this?”

“It turns out that you are worried about this.
I don’t mind.
He and I are brothers.
It is my obligation to take care of him.
Even if he is at home for the rest of his life, I can support him for a lifetime.”

Fu Jiayun looked at Mu Kai with affectionate and compassionate eyes.

And the news that Mu Xiaoke, who was promised by Mu Kai to take care of him for the rest of his life was mentally ill and it spread like wildfire on the campus.

“Mu Xiaoke, don’t get sick indiscriminately ah, I don’t want to be hurt by you.

In physical education class, the physical education teacher gave free time.
Mu Xiaoke was about to run two laps when the boy next to him suddenly said something.

Mu Xiaoke was stunned, “What do you mean?” He typed a question on his mobile phone.

Several boys laughed loudly, “You don’t know ah, you can hit people when you are mentally ill.
The whole school knows you have mental illness.”

After Mu Xiaoke heard this, his chest was almost bleeding from pain.
He gritted his teeth to hold back his tears, and asked again, “Who said that?”

“How do we know who said it? That’s what everyone said.
Didn’t you see everyone avoiding you, it’ s because they are afraid of you hitting people ah!”

“Hey, forget it, don’t talk about it.
If he gets sick now, not only will he beat us, but he will also blame us for provoking him, go away, go away.”

Looking at the crowd leaving, Mu Xiaoke felt in despair again.
Yes, just like in his previous life, he was locked up in a dark house with no one to save him.
Those so-called relatives also want to put all the blame on him, so that outsiders didn’t dare to approach him.

Now, he’s still locked up.

He looked up, and a bright sunlight pierced into his eyes, making him dizzy.
His legs softened and he staggered down.

“Mu Xiaoke!”

A strange and familiar voice came, and then a pair of powerful arms caught him.
He looked sideways to see that it was the big brother he met in the garden.

“You boys stop!”

Mu Xiaoke tried his best to stand up by himself, but the man next to him still supported him and said softly, “Don’t be afraid.”

That gentle voice is still as warm as when they met before.
A stranger can give him such care, but the relatives and friends around him can’t wait to kick him into the abyss.
Mu Xiaoke raised his hand to cover his eyes, not letting anyone see him crying.

Several boys were shouted at by a man who’s much older than them, and none of them stopped in their tracks to leave, dawdling back: “What for…”

The man’s extremely handsome face immediately became extremely cold, “Didn’t you see my work card? You don’t even know how to greet your teacher?”

The boys looked at each other, “Teach… hello teacher.”

“You guys go to the office with me.”

“Huh?! We didn’t do anything, he’s the one who’s sick!”

“So you can mock him face to face without any discipline and attack him personally? The rest of you in Class 6 are of the same quality, don’t you?”

Those who were still watching immediately shook their heads, “Teacher, it has nothing to do with us, they did it.”

“You guys have been standing for so long, and none of you have come forward to help say a word.
Did you guys have a good time watching the drama? After you were implicated by them, you rushed to emphasise your innocence, fearing that the punishment would fall on you, is that right? A small class of 30 students created a quarrel, ganging up and not talking about friendship, this is the class style of your Class 6!”

There were a few girls who were sensitive and present with red eyes, “Teacher, how can we be blamed for what happened between them and Mu Xiaoke?”

“Teacher, we are indeed responsible for this matter.” Luo Jiaming came from a distance, “I’m sorry, Xiao Ke, let me take you to the infirmary.” ”

“Are you the class monitor, Luo Jiaming?” the man asked.

Luo Jiaming nodded.

“You’re not liable.
You don’t have to bear the responsibility for others.
Those present really don’t have the duty to look after Mu Xiaoke at all times, and no one needs to be responsible for the rudeness of these boys.
It’s disappointing that when the dispute occurs, instead of righteous indignation, you guys stand idly by and even rejoice in another person’s misfortune.”

Mu Xiaoke stood still and looked at his classmates around him.
Some of them hated him even more, while others were slightly ashamed and didn’t dare to look at him.
Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help but shake his head and smiled.
Luo Jiaming saw his movements and quickly asked, “Xiao Ke, do you want to say something?”

Mu Xiaoke typed and then put it out with a reader, “I don’t need your sympathy, so you don’t need to feel guilty.
I will keep my distance from you.
If you really hate me, please keep your distance from me.
If you need to rely on bullying a disabled people like me to gain a sense of superiority, then don’t be ashamed to admit that you are vile and unscrupulous.”

With a shallow smile on Mu Xiaoke’s face, “I don’t blame anyone, and I hope that no one will condemn me for my muteness and mental state.
You are not qualified to criticize me.”

Mu Xiaoke released this sentence to Chen Xiaoxi.

Chen Xiaoxi was immediately surrounded by everyone’s gaze.
She gritted her teeth and left.

Mu Xiaoke strained his nerves and didn’t let himself lose.
He knew that he could survive only by standing and carrying all the pressure on the surface.

At this moment, the strange man beside him gently rubbed his head.

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