FuBao's Full Moon

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Born in such a family, Fubao feels very lucky.

    But… it is said that the Shen family is the poorest and most unlucky family in eight villages in ten miles.
Everyone in the family is plagued by bad luck.
They are obviously upright and kind, but they don’t end well.

Old man Shen, who died of a painful illness, could not catch his breath and passed away and did not even close his eyes.

    Old lady Shen accidentally fell into the gutter after she was blind.
She was found two days later.
Her body is already stinking ……

Shen Jianlin was framed and imprisoned.
He had a dispute with the boss in prison and was beaten to death.

After receiving the news of Shen Jianlin’s death, Lin Xiujuan became insane and ran to the road and died under the wheel.
She died miserably.

The four brothers blackened one after another and eventually did not end up well…..

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In short, this warm home will be torn apart in the future!

And her mission this time is to use her lucky star physique to dispel their bad luck, save them from fire and water, and only after everything goes well for them, can she return to the heavenly realm.

The old lady Shen also agreed: “Yes, Xiujuan, don’t rush to work.
Take care of the baby, wait for Fubao to grow up.
Fubao is still young and can’t leave her mother’s side.
Didn’t I just say that? We have everything at home.”

The old man Shen in the next room heard their conversation and was silent, but coughed muffledly a few times.

Without hearing him speak, Fubao understood that he was blaming himself.
If he was not paralyzed, he could help her grandma share some family affairs.
Grandpa is also really unlucky.
He has been on the road of collecting herbs in the mountain for many years.
He is very familiar with every flower and grass.
It is reasonable to say that there will be no accident, but he slipped and fell down the mountain!

In order not to add burden to the family, he refused to go to the health center for treatment.
He ate very little every meal and became weak day by day.

Fubao can’t bear it.
Since she came to this home and the task is to reverse the bad luck of this home, then there must be practical action!

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The first thing to do is to start by healing Grandpa’s injuries.

However, she is too young now, a mortal, and has no spiritual power.
Even if she has this idea, she can’t implement it for the time being.
She can only wait until she grows up.

Early the next morning, Shen Jianlin packed his luggage and set off to find a job in the county.

He was strong and willing to work.
He soon found a job in the construction team.
He worked hard every day, but he insisted on doing it when he thought of several starving children at home.

Fubao grew up day by day under the love and care of her grandparents, mother, and four brothers.

Soon, it’s Fubao’s full moon1.

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Shen Jianlin rushed back the day before Fubao’s full moon.
During dinner in the evening, he put a pile of crumpled money on the dinner table and said happily:

“Now I work as a mason in a construction team in the county.
I don’t have much experience.
I can get one yuan a day.
When I learn this skill well, I can become a small worker and get one yuan and 5 mao a day.
When I become a big worker2, I can get two yuan a day! In this way, it will be 60 yuan a month and more than 700 yuan a year.
Then we can rebuild the house and several children can go to school!”

 Shen Jianlin said excitedly, his eyes are full of longing for the future.

“You’re not even a big worker yet, and you’re daydreaming.” The old lady Shen scolded and took a sweet potato and put it in his bowl.

“Mason is good, it’s a promising job.
Work hard and strive to become a big worker.” Old man Shen said hoarsely, lying on the bed over there.

“Ah…” Fu Bao, who was held in the arms of the old lady Shen, said to Shen Jianlin, wanting to call her father, saying that her father is awesome, but the sound that came out was just that.

What can she do, she is also helpless!

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“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

                                         ~ J.K.
Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


Baby’s Full Moon- In traditional Chinese custom, a huge celebration is held for when a baby is one month old.


This concept of a big worker and a small worker is just a representation of a position in work/job/company.

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