“Brat, saying my daughter is like a pig, I think you are a pig!” Shen Jianlin patted the back of his young son’s head, and Shen Zhile stuck out his tongue embarrassedly.

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When the other three boys saw him being lectured, they all laughed happily, making this little fool talk nonsense, and actually said that their sister was like a pig.
They all wanted to beat him up.

Fu Bao followed and laughed.
although even if a newborn child laughs, it is also an unconscious laugh.
Fu Bao was really amused.

Shen Zhile was the first to hear Fubao’s “giggle”, and screamed excitedly, pointing at Fubao shouting, “Sister laughed! She laughed at me!”

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The third son, Shen Zhiyi, was closest to Fubao and was not convinced.
He retorted, “Who said she laughed at you? My sister clearly laughed at me!”

The second child, Shen Zhili, who was standing in front of Fu Bao, was also not convinced, “No! Fu Bao is looking at me, smiling at me!

The eldest, Shen Zhishu, is not to be outdone, “I am the elder brother, if Fu Bao laughs, she should at me!”

The four boys argued over who Fu Bao was smiling at and almost fought.
Old lady Shen felt a little upset when she looked at it.

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Boys are skinny, difficult to discipline, and they are noisy all day long, making their ears hurt, so she shouted domineeringly: “Shut up all of you, don’t make any noise! ​​Fubao laughed at her grandma, what about you? What’s the matter with you all?”

Four boys: Σ(°△°|||)︴

Although a little disappointed, seeing Fu Bao who is smiling makes them happy again.
It doesn’t matter, even if their sister doesn’t smile at them now, she will still do it in the future.
They as brothers have to find ways to make her happy!

Hearing the laughter from the Shen family, Li Chunhua from the house next door contemptuously said to the man next to her: “You said this old Shen family is really weird.
They are so happy to have a baby girl day after day.
They are out of their minds!”

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When she said that, she glanced at the trembling baby girl who was learning to walk on the ground.
The baby girl walked a few steps and fell.
She started to cry when she sat on the ground.
She didn’t help her, but instead said in disgust: “What kind of evil did I do? I gave birth to such a money-losing child!”

“You are to blame! Why can’t you have a son?” The man cursed with a dark face, “Look at the daughter-in-law of the old Shen family, she is so striving, she has given birth to four sons in a row, but you gave birth to a money-loser for me!”

“Guan Haifeng, do you want to be shameless? Y I gave birth to your baby and you blame me!” Li Chunhua was furious and looked at the baby girl on the ground with even more displeasure.

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Seeing her parents quarreling, the baby girl cried more fiercely.
Li Chunhua rushed over and slapped her twice, “Cry, and cry! Just know how to cry, useless thing! If you cry again, I’ll smack you to death!”

The girl was stunned and couldn’t cry.
She sat on the cold ground and looked at Li Chunhua in horror.

Guan Haifeng turned a blind eye to this, remembered one thing, and said: “Today I saw the Huo family’s daughter-in-law and her child came to their house.
When did the old Shen family befriend the Huo family? I didn’t expect them to have this ability, they must have gotten a lot of benefits!”

Li Chunhua was stunned as soon as she heard it, and temporarily stopped beating and scolding, “Huo’s daughter-in-law? The most wealthy family is not it? How could she go to the old Shen’s house!”

“Who knows? In short, she came to the door in person and must have given the old Shen family a lot of benefits.
The old Shen family is still hiding and doesn’t share the benefits with us, neighbors.
They didn’t even say a word, hum…” Guan Haifeng’s eyes rolled, and a calculating light flashed under his eye.

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