How about being your wife?

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Seeing that Fubao still refused to let go, Mrs.
Shen said helplessly: “Then…well, thank you Huo’s wife.”

She thought of accepting it temporarily and then finding an opportunity to return it to the Huo family afterward.

“No, no, it’s me who has to thank you! If it weren’t for your granddaughter, I’m afraid my son wouldn’t have survived ……” Jiang Meilan paused, then smiled and changed her words, “Let’s not talk about this.
By the way, do you have a full moon wine? If so, I can help.
How about… Going to a restaurant in the town?”

A restaurant in town?

The Shen family is a little dumbfounded, how much does it cost?

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The old lady Shen shook her head and said, “Full Moon Wine is to be done, but our family can do this by ourselves.
How can I be ashamed to trouble you? At that time, if you have time, you can come over and drink Full Moon Wine.”

This was a tactful refusal to go to the town to hold a banquet.
Jiang Meilan knew that they were honest and felt that this was a benefit that they could not accept for no reason.
So she did not force them and said with a smile, “Sure, Jin Xi and I will definitely come over then.
Son, you must want to come, right?”

“Yeah!” Huo Jinxi raised his pink face and nodded vigorously.

To see that girl, he would naturally not miss such an opportunity.

Seeing him answering so readily, Jiang Meilan covered her mouth and smiled, and suddenly asked: “Son, do you like Fubao?”

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“Like.” Huo Jinxi’s black and white eyes kept staring at Fubao in Lin Xiujuan’s arms as if he was glued to her.

Jiang Meilan joked: “Then… how about letting Fubao be your wife? ”

“Okay!” “Huo Jinxi answered without even thinking about it.

The Shen family, “…!!! ”

Jiang Meilan burst into laughter.
She could see that her son really liked Fubao, or he wouldn’t have been staring at Fubao all the time.
His eyes were straight as if he wanted to abduct the little girl.

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“Son, do you know what mom is talking about? Do you know what a wife means?”

“Yes, wife means someone you can kiss, hug, sleep together, and have a baby with her! Just like you and dad.” Huo Jinxi said seriously.

In the eyes of rural people, this can be said to be very shocking, especially in the 1980s.
It was really too open1, even if it was only said by a three-year-old kid.

The Shen family looked at Huo Jinxi with horror, Jiang Meilan was also stunned.

How could this kid know this? She never told him at all.
Where did he hear about it?

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Huo Jinxi raised his head to look at Jiang Meilan who was surprised, and asked innocently: “Mom, can I take Fubao home? If she’s wife, should she live with me?”

The Shen family, “… …!!!”

How can that be! Nannan is their heart and soul, although it is said that if she really goes Huo family, she can live a good life, but how can they be willing to send their baby away? Absolutely not!

Especially Mrs.
Shen and Shen Jianlin, when they heard this, their hair was about to stand up, and they instinctively wanted to say no.
But the other party is a small child who is only a little bit old, so how can they take what they say seriously? It’s just childish words.

After returning to her senses, Jiang Meilan smiled from ear to ear, and said to Lin Xiujuan who was also smiling, “Fu Bao’s mom, look…… how about we tie the knot?”

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