It's a miracle

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So he broke away from the old lady Shen’s hand without a trace.

Seeing him, Jiang Meilan let go of her hanging heart, and beckoned at him, “Jin Xi, why did you get inside? Really, you’re so ignorant.
Come to your mother.”

Huo Jinxi moved over slowly and was reluctantly taken into her arms.

Shen glanced at him and said to Jiang Meilan with some resentment: “Huo’s daughter-in-law, just tell me, why did you bring your son today? Our family seems to have nothing to do with yours for eight lifetimes.
why did you suddenly visit?”

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When it came to this, Jiang Meilan’s eyes reddened, and she hesitated for a while before she said: “To tell you the truth…My son was in a car accident not long ago and was unconscious.
The doctor said he was too badly hurt to save, and let us prepare for the funeral.

There is such a thing?

The Shen family suddenly took a breath and continued to listen to her.

“His father and I are desperate, thinking we have no choice but to prepare for the funeral.
Who knows that one night, he suddenly woke up as if nothing happened, can eat and sleep, his father and I were stunned.
After the doctor came for the examination, he was also surprised, saying that he was well.
It was a miracle.”

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“His father and I asked him what happened, and he said he had a dream that he was going to be taken away by something very scary, and a little girl appeared and saved him.
He said it was your daughter and if he wanted to get better, he had to come and see your daughter.”

So that was the case.

Although it is very mysterious, in the eyes of some superstitious rural people, the credibility is still very high, so there is no doubt.
And what lies a three-year-old child can tell? He must have had that dream.
The terrible things he said should be to hook his soul.

However, what the Huo family did not know was that their child was dead, and now Huo Jinxi is not their Jinxi.

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Jiang Meilan wiped her eyes and continued: “So, I brought him here today.
The child’s father is very busy at work.
There happened to be something to deal with today, and he couldn’t come together.
He instructed me to give your family a thank-you gift for saving my child’s life.
The name Fubao is really correct.
She is really a lucky star!”

Huo Jinxi on the other side gently raised his eyebrows.

Isn’t she a little lucky star1?

It’s a pity that now that she’s been knocked down to the mortal world, she became an ordinary baby.
And now he is also an ordinary person, so protecting her is not as easy as before.

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But this does not hinder his determination to protect her, which is considered a reward for helping him…

Jiang Meilan took out a thick red envelope from her bag and handed it to the old Mrs.
Here, “Madame, this is a token of gratitude from our family, you must accept it!”

Shen took a look at the thick red envelope.
It is estimated that there are hundreds of dollars, and quickly excused: “How can this work? It’s just a dream of a child, how can it be taken seriously.
Although I haven’t read many books, I know the saying that nothing is to be done without merit.
We didn’t do anything.
Fu Bao is a newborn child who does not know anything, so how can she save your child? We cannot accept this red envelope.”

Jiang Meilan refused, “If you don’t accept it, my child and I will not leave until you accept the red envelope.”

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