After sleeping for a while, Fu Bao felt hungry.
She opened her eyes in a daze.
She wanted to yell a few times and let her mother come over to feed her.

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Before she even thought of it, she opened her eyes and saw a strange face, staring straight and suspiciously at her.

That look is like a sinister and cunning wolf!

Although this little brother looks very good-looking, the look in his eyes is too strange!

“Waah–” Fu Bao cried instinctively.

Huo Jinxi, “…”

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This little fool! Is he so scary that she cries at the sight of him?

The adults who had a good chat outside heard Fubao’s loud cry and were stunned for an instant.
The old lady Shen almost jumped up, “Nannan is crying!”

Lin Xiujuan stood up after her and said apologetically to Jiang Meilan, “I have to go in and check on her, I guess she is hungry and wants to eat.”

Jiang Meilan nodded and said with a smile, “Go, go, don’t let the baby be hungry.
But listening to the cry, it’s very energetic.
Jin Xi, don’t you want to see the little girl? Mom will take you in to see? Jin Xi?”

After shouting a few times, Jiang Meilan found that her son was missing.

Strange, where is he?

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The old lady Shen took the lead in walking to the inner room and saw the little boy who was lying on the edge of the cradle, poking his little finger in the face of her little granddaughter.

    Isn’t this the kid from the Huo family?

Could it be this kid who made her cry?

The old Mrs.
Shen’s heart was suddenly on fire, Fu Bao is the apple of her eye, no one can bully her.
No, not to mention bullying, no one can let her lose a hair.

Resisting the urge to beat Huo Jinxi, the old lady Shen walked over quickly, took his little hand away, and said fiercely: “You are not allowed to bully Fubao, otherwise I will drive you out.”

Huo Jinxi resentfully withdrew his hand, shrugged his shoulders, and consciously stepped aside, making the old lady Shen bend down and hug the howling Fubao in the cradle.

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Falling into a familiar embrace, seeing that it was her grandmother, Fu Bao’s cry gradually stopped, and her small hand grabbed the cuff of the old Mrs.

In fact, Fubao didn’t want to cry, but it was a baby’s instinct.
Suddenly seeing a stranger and being hungry, she couldn’t control it at all.

Shen felt even more that Fu Bao was frightened by the Huo family boy, and a fire broke out in her heart, coaxing Fu Bao in a low voice, whispered “good girl”.

Then she stood in front of Lin Xiujuan who came in and handed Fubao to her, “Fubao may be hungry, you feed her quickly.”

“Oh, okay.” Lin Xiujuan quickly took Fubao, hugged her to the bed, and closed the curtain.
She undid her clothes and feed her.

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Huo Jinxi stood still, with a solemn expression on his small face.

This girl is still a newborn baby, how long will it take until she grows up?

However, I came to the mortal world deliberately for her and didn’t even do anything serious.
Anyway, for more than ten years in the human world, only ten days have passed between the heaven and the demon world.

But think about it carefully, the time in the world is relatively long, which means that he can spend more time with Fubao, which is good.

Old lady Shen took Huo Jinxi’s little hand and walked out of the inner room unhappily.
Huo Jinxi looked disgusted and didn’t want the old lady to take his hand.

Except for Fubao, he didn’t want any woman to touch him, even an old lady!

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