Little Lucky Star 1

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In March, the grass grows, the warbler flies and the trees sprout, adding a touch of greenery to the whole village.

    It is the spring plowing season.
In the usual noon, most people in the village have finished their morning farm work and went home to rest for a while. 


Today, many people gathered outside Shen family’s yard and looked inside curiously.


“Inhale, exhale… Yes, push! This has been for several hours, you have to hold on, you will be able to give birth to the baby, push!”



    Vaguely heard the noise, Fu Bao regained consciousness.
She opened her eyes wide and looked left and right, and found that she was in darkness.

    Strange, where is this oneself?

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    Before Fu Bao could figure out the situation, she was squeezed out by a strong force –


    “Yes, finally! Great fortune Bodhisattva blessing! I thought this child could not be born, but I did not expect a safe birth, really heavenly blessing!”  The elderly midwife excitedly picked her up and patted her bottom with a rough big hand. 


Fu Bao felt pain and started to cry reflexively.

    Why would you cry like a baby?

    Only then did Fubao react to what happened.


   She was originally a carefree little lucky star in the heavenly realm.
She happen to run into the big boss of the demon world when he was chased by the heavenly soldiers and gave him a little fortune boost so that he successfully got rid of the pursuers.


As a result, she violated the rules of heaven… Then, she was ruthlessly sent to the mortal world to receive training, and only after completing the task can she go back!

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    Life in the heavens is actually quite boring.
She often sneaks out to play while the old lucky star is not there, and occasionally goes down in the mortal world.
She knows that the earth has undergone a radical change.

Now in the 1980s, people have changed their appearances, and life is comp

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