Realms within us

7. Abilities Part 1

[ Hello Warrior 01 ]

The notification for the beginning of the training appeared welcoming Warrior 01 first then moving into details she needs to be wary of.

[ Welcome to the Training System, Ill be your guide in this long journey to become the best and strongest warrior of all time. Please choose the duration you want those trainings to last ]

[ 1 ~ 7 day ] [ 1 ~ 3 month ] [ 1 ~ 4 years ] [ Others, recommend it ]

She looked at the choices shes given but one of them bothered her so much that she wanted to ask for a brief explanation about it and the others too, ”can you tell me more about those choices and how theyll effect me in the future? ”

[ The moment you choose one of the choices above, the system will organize a fit training schedule for you based on your stamina, level and your ancestors abilities ]

”What do you mean by ancestors abilities? ” She wondered, ancestors are the strongest and if they want to go into one on one battle, therell be nothing but destruction from their massive strength and abilities, so was there something humans didn know about them?

[ After the last war against enemies, many ancestors died and vanished into space between stars while others started losing their abilities ]

”How many left? ” She asked in fear from the number she might hear, afraid this world will be doomed to be gone because of the lose of many ancestors and increase in enemies numbers and strength.

[ There are 50 ancestors left divided into two groups, 75% of them are losing their abilities or dying, the 25% are safe and in good health ]

”This is dangerous ” she mumbled, cold sweat started to form on her forehead.

[ This is why the stamina and level of the warriors need to be at their highest, so they can help their ancestors release their whole abilities so they can fight ]

”But isn this dangerous for the ancestors? I mean revealing their whole strength one time, doesn that kill them? ” The system remained quiet for few minutes before the screen changed back to the question that started the conversation.

[ 1 ~ 7 day ] [ 1 ~ 3 month ] [ 1 ~ 4 years ] [ Others, recommend it ]

”Cold treatment again? ” She sighed and looked back at the options in hand. If she would, shed go for the first option, but she wants to gain all the abilities she could without harming her ancestor.

So the first option is a big no. The second is longer but the duration won be enough to get all she wants.

[ You choose the 4th option, Others. ]

[ Whats the duration you want for your training? ]

”Until I max out my level, stamina and my ancestor is at her fullest strength ”

[ Processing info equipped, please wait a minute ]

[ Data is currently organized, please wait a minute ]

[ Files are prepared and schedule is ready ]

[ Downloading data, please wait a minute… ]

[ Data downloaded ]

[ To check your daily training process, please refer to the profile screen ]

[ When you level up, the training levels increase and quests increase. Please finish your dailies to get a special price or youll get a penalty ]

[ Good luck Warrior 01 ]

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