Realms within us

6. Training System Part 1

Warrior 01 woke up refreshed after having a good night sleep, those were hectic days for her that she forgot she has family and school, but everything wasn as she had ever expected.

She stood from her place and walked to the window to check the weather and the view outside but she found everything stuck in place, nothing was moving, as if time was frozen.

She took steps back her body shivering from fear but then System 0 words popped in her mind, ”training. Damn, Im in the training room ” she mumbled in shock.

[ Yes, and don worry about the people, Earth stopped moving and everything stopped with it except the warriors so you all can train without worrying about harming anyone ]

”But don they make mistakes and hurt innocents? ” Warrior 01 took slow strides to the bathroom, her legs were close to betray her after the shock they received.

[ Don worry- ]

System 0 tried to assure her, but the gloomy atmosphere around her wasn of any help, so it tried to give the poor warrior a little hope for better future than other Warriors.

[ Look, I don understand humans emotions well because Ive been created for a reason and thats all Im gonna do, but I want you to relax and do your best in the training system so you can take a break for the rest of your life ]

”As much as I want to believe you, I find it hard. Im a warrior after all! ” She walked out of the room to search for any place that might have food for her since she didn eat a thing for 24 hours.

[ I know, I know. But I assure you, Ill do my best we don need you or Cleopatra… Though your ancestor might run after our heads for taking away an opportunity from her, but Ill do my very best to let you live a wonderfully comfortable life! ]

Warrior 01 stared at System 0 then smiled sweetly for it making the system blush, ”thank you ” System 0 stuck to showing the words you
e always welcome before it took a humans form and lead her to a place with enough food to fill her empty stomach.

After a heartful meal, she walked out the hospital she was staying in to look around, ”Egypt looks strange when its like this ”

[ Have you never thought how your homeland would be like if time stops? ]

She stared at the distance before turning to the way where the pyramids were at, ”I did. But I never thought itd look stunning like this… In a scary way ” she started walking to the pyramids, her eyes still staring at the distance, ”Its like Im in a ghost town but the people are here, around me ”

[ Youll need to get used to it because youll go through many trainings ]

”Wait, does that mean its this time only? ” The systems screen turned to a face, the face stared at Warrior 01 in disbelief, ”don give me this look! You explained nothing to me! ”

[ Your ancestor didn explain a thing?! ]

”No. She just threatened me, thats all ” she shrugged. System 0s eye twitched before a hand appeared and pressed its nose bridge and sighed.

[ There shes doing it again. Don worry, you
e not the only warrior she had threatened or explained, literally, nothing to. This habit of hers needs to die, and do her job properly as an ancestor ]

The mentioned subject snooze before she started cursing System 0 for badmouthing her again.

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