Realms within us

3. The Chosen

[ Congratulations, you have been chosen by System 0 to be the next warrior who will fight for planet Earth and its safety ]

Many had received that message, some were happy to be one of the chosen but others were afraid, they
e all now standing on string, one wrong move will drop them into the hands of death and if they decided to keep going then theyll need to deal with everything warriors do.

Being a warrior isn easy after all, if you became one then you need to be ready to go to a fight at any time, at any place. Not only that! Youll need to give long reports with full details of everything that happened in the battlefield any lie will cause the writer and the cause of trouble to be punished badly. At last, they need to visit their ancestors at least once a week so the warriors can get their blessings and be able to use their abilities to the fullest.

Those stuff mentioned were the reason why one warrior didn want to be one. The only one who didn care about being a warrior was-

[ Ancestor Cleopatras match- ]

”Shush! I don wanna hear! Give me the messages you gave to the others ” A feminine voice grumbled

[ Tsk. What a rude warrior, if Ancestor Cleopatra didn want you I wouldve chosen someone better than you ]

”Then do give me the honor and choose someone else~ ” Answered the same voice

[ Oh how I wish~ but Ancestors words are the final so no chance to change their minds! ]

”… ”

[ I will take your silence as an approval ]

”I didn say tha- ”

[ You just received three messages ]

”Ignoring me I see~ alright then, lets play this game ”

[ You just received a message from Nature. To procced, choose ”Open ”, if you don want to, choose ”Exit ” ]

[ Open ] [ Exit ]

”Open ” she mumbled, her mind else where. A big screen appeared in front of her with a book in the middle of it, with a raised eyebrow she clicked on the book.

[ Creatures from different dimensions did the impossible to could teleport to the milky way and obtain it. Luckily, the system of the milky way seems to have its own mind set to kick away the unwelcome guest. But thered always be those little dirty insects that could make their way into the forbidden hole thats filled with different types of protected creatures.

This is how planet Earth turned from home of life to home of wars and destruction…

Earth was trying to protect itself from dying, so it cracked itself open to release its mana and send it to random people who are capable to protect what lasted of it, but because of the pollution and the toxic waste humans buried, they got mixed together ruining the manas origin causing it to lose its senses of location and evolve with nature and unliving things.

As a result, those evolves gave horrible gains adding extra pressure on both humans and Earth.

Nature shook in fear from the coming disasters so it spread its mana to chosen people. Hoping it won come to regret its choice, it called for Earths help and evolve their manas with those are equal to them.

And thats how the current system existed!!! ]

”Whoa! Hold on! Thats a lot to process! ” she gasped, her breathing suddenly increased, before she regained her energy System 0 kept going

[ The random realms started to increase in numbers and sizes which is worrying both Earth and nature. Nature sent a warning code to System 0, giving it full authority to choose the righteous warriors who are willing to take saving their planet more seriously.

Those who didn answer the questions lost their powers and the nature blessing, but those who answered the questions with honesty managed to keep their abilities plus they were able to choose the future evolver in case they didn make it alive from the coming war.

System took things reliably preparing the chosen warriors to evolve with the past legendries to could get their booster evolutions and help them in fighting.

After another decade of war against the outsiders, Earth finally came to peace and nature took back System 0 to let it rest.

What no one knew, the outsiders from other realms changed their plans and aims. Earth is still the wanted planet, but instead of attacking the same time period, they ran after the earlier ones.

The period of the legendries!

The period where they can get the boosts and destroy the time period they lost against. To their bad luck, one of the legendries caught up to them and to their plans to destroy them, she sent a warning code to the future nature rushing it to awaken System 0 and prepare new group of warriors before things get out of hand in their time period ]

”… ”

”I didn know any of that ” she breathed heavily feeling the air in her lungs is on fire.

[ Of course you wouldn know! Those are confidential information only the warriors can access! ]

She stared at the floating system and with heavy breathes she asked ”then what about the rest? Didn they witness all that and more? ” System 0 remained quiet for a moment before it replied seriously sending shivers down the girls spine

[ All their memories has been cleaned, we do that every time after the war is over. You can say it is the safest option for them so they can live peacefully without worrying about the matters Earth and Nature are taking care of ]

”Im pretty sure I didn want to know all that ” she mumbled breathlessly slowly falling into her knees.

[ No, you do not have the choice to choose whether to know them or not. Those are the rules and as a warrior you have to stick to them if you want to survive ]

System 0 ended and the girl fell on the cold ground not able to catch her breath, she felt her whole bodys on fire, slowly her eyes closed with nothing around her but darkness and coldness.

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