Realms within us

2. One of Many Ugly Truths

Based on the rules of nature, that changed after the mistaken evolutions with the unliving, only little are allowed to have the ability to evolve and if any reports about the evolver came negative, the evolver will need to deal with the consequences by themselves and another one will be chosen randomly.

All those stuff are controlled by the system that came out of nowhere, System 0.

System 0, to simply put it, is the nature. When the mana from nature mixed with the toxic waste, the atomic particles in both evolved and brought something within to life, thats how system 0 existed!

The problem is that the moment System 0 evolve the chosen warrior by nature, the warriors life becomes controlled by the system. The moment you fail in the mission given, itd send you to the desert or to cold land with no equipments.

In other words, System 0 is the villain and most feared thing on Earth after the attackers from other realms.

The chosen warriors couldn handle this any longer so they went to nature itself and begged it to do something about its destructive child. Nature took the form of humans and apologized to them before she took System 0 from inside all evolvers and tried to recreate it with better abilities so it doesn ruin the chosen evolvers who attempt to save their home.

After a decade, System 0 came back evolving the chosen warriors with one purpose, helping them to open the door for their hidden abilities.

Fifty years passed with no problems, not until System 0 sent a sudden message to all fighters…

[ You received three new messages ]

[ A message has been tagged with a red flag ]

[ A warning message to all fighters ]

[ A list of questions need to be answered ]

[ To proceed, choose ”Open ”. If you don want to, choose ”Exit ]

[ Open ] [Exit]

[ Seven days left. If the three messages aren read and answered, the chosen warrior will be removed to choose more competent one ]

If anyone was wondering about the sudden messages, its because the random realms started to increase in numbers and sizes which is worrying both Earth and nature. Nature sent a warning code to System 0, giving it full authority to choose the righteous warriors who are willing to take saving their planet more seriously.

Those who didn answer the questions lost their powers and the nature blessing, but those who answered the questions with honesty managed to keep their abilities plus they were able to choose the future evolver in case they didn make it alive from the coming war.

System took things reliably preparing the chosen warriors to evolve with the past legendries to could get their booster evolutions and help them in fighting.

After another decade of war against the outsiders, Earth finally came to peace and nature took back System 0 to let it rest.

What no one knew, the outsiders from other realms changed their plans and aims. Earth is still the wanted planet, but instead of attacking the same time period, they ran after the earlier ones.

The period of the legendries!

The period where they can get the boosts and destroy the time period they lost against. To their bad luck, one of the legendries caught up to them and to their plans to destroy them, she sent a warning code to the future nature rushing it to awaken System 0 and prepare new group of warriors before things get out of hand in their time period.

[ Loading… ]

[ Reviving all files and documents needed. please wait for a moment… ]

[ Updating the day and date… ]

[ Updates completed. System is restarting, please wait for a moment… ]

[ System 0 is turning on… ]

[ Updated time: Wednesday, 21st. June. 3299 ]

[ System 0 is ready ]

[ Choosing the warriors. Please wait for a moment… ]

[ Finalizing the matching… ]

[ The first chosen…

Cleopatra ]

”Oh dear, I had my hopes high for nothing… Why did you choose me? ” A voice asked while looking at the sky, their hand clenching a gold bracelet in the shape of a serpent.

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