e takes a few steps and stands in front of her. They had a height difference as she is 1.7 m and he is 1.8 m. He bends down and whispers into her ear, ” For you, its Sage. ” Then he stands straight and signed her with his index finger on his lips, ” Shh. ” With that, he turned around and leave the throne room.

From the starting till the end, there were murmurs from the aristocrats and nobles that are present there.

Princess Kyra looks at her parents and bowed in courtesy, ” Her Majesty, The Empress. His Majesty, The Emperor. ”

She then turned toward her brothers and mouthed, ” Sorry. ” They grinned in return.

Emperor Frederick announces, ” Start the ceremony. ”

The entire ceremony went peacefully. The headdress was Crowned on the head of Prince Charles who later promise to take care of the people and be fair.

Princess Kyra was happy to see her younger brother be crowned. Of course, its hurting her that if his parents didn give her to that man then definitely she is the one but she puts that thought back and is glad for her brother.

Prince Charles asked his parents, why not his sister be crowned? when they told him that he will be crowned as his fathers heir.

They replied, ” When there is the right time, we will tell you. ”

He asks his sister whether shes happy that he will be crowned instead of her and she replied that she is happy for him.

But now he is seeing his sister looking at everyone but not at their parents. Very few people were going to her and have a chat with her. Almost everyone is ignoring her and tried not to go near her.

Noble Martin walks to him and said, ” Greetings!! Crown Prince Charles. ”

Prince Charles looks at him and thinks, He is from those people who run to my sister and talk with her for hours and now he is ignoring her.

He asks sarcastically but loud enough for everyone to hear, ” Noble Martin, My sister is there. You once told me that she is my elder sister and she is the one who is greeted first. Then why you all are ignoring her? ”

Noble Martin was embarrassed and looked around as he was thinking of an excuse. He replied, ” Crown Prince, she is your elder sister but you are the heir of the Empire. You have a higher position than her. ”

Prince Charles scoffed, ” Oh really!! Then at that time when you told me that she is my elder sister and she will be greeted first because at that time everyone believes that she is the crown princess. ”

He walked toward his sister and told, ” Lets go Sis Kyra. These people are two-face. They bowed to the crown, not to the royal. ” The trio left the ballroom and walk to the garden.

Prince Gabriel was the first one who breaks the silence, ” Sis Kyra, who is that man? ”

Princess Kyra look at him and replied, ” My mate. Mother and Father didn tell you guys about him, right? They didn even tell you why I was not the one who is crowned, right? ”

Both of them nodded their head. They want to know but they know that only one person can answer their questions.

Princess Kyra told them what their parents told her and how they make a deal with the devil. Even she told them about the prophecies about her and her mate.

She said, ” For these two years, I am searching for the prophecy and what they mean but there is none. * She looks at her brothers* I also want to apologize to both of you. I am sorry to ignore both of you and get mad at you when its not your mistake. ”

They hug her and replied, ” Its okay Sis Kyra. We are not mad at you. ” After breaking the hug, she smiled at them.

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