Such a beautiful day it is!

Prince Charles and Gabriel were playing in the garden of the Empire. The rulers of the Empire were busy with the peoples problems.

Princess Kyra was sitting at the side of the table when the two princes ran toward her and asked, ” Sis Kyra, Sis Kyra, come play with us. ”

She looks at them and shakes her hand from their hands. She was reading some books and writing down the notes. They share a look, Prince Gabriel snatches her book, and Prince Charles holds her pen.

They didn realize that during their activity of asking Kyra to take part in an ink spilled on the papers lying on the table. She had written a bundle of sheets, but they got ruined when ink fell on them.

Princess Kyra yelled at them as she jerked her hand from them, ” Why are you so careless? You ruin these papers. I was working on them the whole time. While you both were enjoying your life being Princes. ”

Listening to her yelling from the garden, Emperor and Empress come out to see what happen. By the time they come out of the throne room, they catch sight of two crying Princes and a fuming Princess.

Empress Mary steps forward and asks, ”What happens here? ”

Prince Charles replied, ” We want Sis Kyra to play with us and in the process, we spill ink on the papers. We are sorry, Mumma and Papa. Sorry, Sis Kyra. ”

Princess Kyra fumed, ” Sorry!! That is an easy word for you all but not for me. Can you make them look like the previous one? Its not. You can . ”

Empress Mary asked, ” Is this the way you talk to your younger brothers, Kyra? ”

Princess Kyra replied coldly, ” So, how you want me to talk to them, Her Majesty, Empress? ”

Emperor Frederick growled at Princess Kyra, ” Is this the way, you will talk to your mother, Kyra? Show some Respect. ”

Princess Kyra scoffed, ” Respect? Mother? I am sorry, His Majesty. I don want to say this but the day you, both, gave up on me, you both lost the chance to say this to me. And one more thing, You just have to tolerate me for six years. Bear it!! ”

With that, she turned around and left the garden. She was hurt. First, her parents didn think about her. Second, They give her false hope, and Third, they shatter her dreams.

She feels like they said we give you the false hopes, and then we will destroy them.

Someone said right, ” The Saddest Thing About The Betrayal Is That It Never Comes From Your Enemies. ”

She felt the betrayal and hatred toward the people who give her false hope.

Emperor and Empress feel sorry for her. They know she is hurt, but this is not the right way to talk to her younger siblings. Its not their fault.

They were sympathetic that they shouted at her, so they strive to talk to her, but she kept ignoring them often.

One day, Emperor Frederick tries to talk to his daughter and ask for her assistance in the throne room but is rejected by the latter.

After telling the truth, Empress Mary didn say anything to Princess Kyra and let her do whatever she needed. Its not like she doesn want to stop her, but Princess Kyra is becoming rebellious day by day.

Empress Mary wants to talk to her but sees her attitude, but she chooses against it.

As for Princess Kyra, she was in the book room most of the time. Mage Luke struggles to talk to her after that day, but she glares at him. Her glare is one thing that he is afraid of, definitely after her mate.

He knows that this habit is the same, but in anger, different. He can control his anger, but the young lady can.

She was studying the things she felt interested in no one stopped her to-do anything. After that day, she never says that she will be the Empress of this Empire one day as she always does.

No one knows what she is reading and why she is making notes? But whenever they want to see her or talk, they come to the book room.

Emperor Frederick reminds the nobles about the attack of the dragons and his deal. Its not like they let it slip from their minds its just wanted him to clear them about his successor. They didn bug him later as it would- be two more years before Prince Charles turned twelve. He also warned nobles that better not to talk to Princess about the succession.

For everyone, nothing changes, but for Princess Kyra, everything changes. She always feels that she is to be crowned Princess, and she is preparing for that. Whenever she had some questions, she went to her father or uncle, but now they try to talk to her, she ignores them and leaves that place. The servants of the palace were gossiping about Princesss behavior these days.

One day, Emperor Frederick attempted to talk to Princess but, the latter replied coldly, ” Your Majesty, I don think you need me. Please leave. I don have time and energy to entertain you. Go to your family. ”

With this, she leaves the place, but the servants get shocked to hear this. Princess Kyra never disrespects her parents. Even tone, its not hers.

Emperor Frederick was hurt and mad at the same time as he didn know what to do. He knows that his daughter is hurt. They shattered her dreams.

After two years

It was a joyous day for the Empire as today, the succession ceremony of the Crown Prince.

But for Princess Kyra, its like laughing at her misery.

The monarchs were happy, both princes were excited, and even nobles and James were too. Because this is the most important day as they can see their next ruler of the Empire.

Different kinds of gifts dispatch to the Empire from the neighboring kingdoms. People were laughing and talking, enjoying every minute.

Everyone from the royal family is present in the hall where the ritual will take place except one person, Princess Kyra.

She locked herself in the book room and refused to come out. She ordered everyone that whoever forced her to come out will face her wrath.

No one dared to come near her. But Empress Mary walked inside the Library, and courtesy sake, Princess Kyra bowed in front of her and then returned to her work.

Empress Mary embraced her daughter and said, ” I know my Princess you are mad at us, and hurt but this day is important for your brother. Remember, you were the one who was delighted to know that you had a little brother when he is born. You were this mad at us that you don want to come to your brothers biggest day? ”

Princess Kyra loves her brothers and is aware of how she is behaving with them knowingly, they didn do anything wrong, they do not even know about these things. So, she decided to go and be happy for her little brother.

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