Queen Of Darkness


Qeania Empire

Many things had happened in the twelve years. Princess Kyra is twelve years old. In her teenage, she had an enchanting aura. Everyone wants to stick with her.

But some were protective of her, especially their father. She was a sweet and easygoing Princess who never trouble anyone and loves to be pampered.

After 2 years of her birth, Empress Mary gives birth to a baby boy. They named him Prince Charles Zeric Qeania. He has his fathers dark brown hair and his mothers natural color eyes.

When he was born, Emperor and Empress were happy but Princess Kyra was over the moon. She is elated to know that her mother is going to have a baby and she always told her mother that wants a brother.

After 3 years of Prince Charless birth, Empress Mary gives birth to another baby boy. Prince Gabriel Luis Qeania was a cute baby with light brown hair and blue-brown eyes.

With him, their family is completed but Empress Mary always feels sad for her daughter. They had only one daughter and they give up on her.

Empress Mary was strict with the kids while Emperor Frederick is easy-going. They were a happy family of five but their happiness is not long.

Emperor Fredericks court members were asking him to announce his successor. In the empire, there is a rule that when the eldest child of the Monarchs get twelve years old, they had to declare them as their heir.

Because of this, Emperor Frederick is in a tough position. He knows that his daughter wants to be Empress of the Empire, badly. She is working hard on it. And she deserves that. She had everything that his heir needs.

Knowledge, be a kind-hearted, strong personality, and successful general. She is learning how to wield the sword and learning about the history of the Empire and even others also. Sometimes she helps her father in political matters.

But how can she rule the Empire? They don know what will happen to her when they give her to them.

Empress Mary suggested her husband tell her the truth. At least it didn break her heart after she turns eighteen. Emperor Frederick was hesitant at the start but now he thinks that its best for everyone.

They call Princess Kyra to their bedroom. They ask her to sit down as they take a seat in front of her. They ordered maids to don disturb them and don let the two Princes come inside.

Princess Kyra was looking at her parents expectedly. She thinks that they want to talk about the successor ceremony.

Emperor Frederick started, ” Kyra, we want to tell you something. ” Princess Kyras eyes twinkle like a star because of the excitement. They are now feeling sad to hurt their daughters feelings.

Empress Mary continues, ” Its about you and prophecy. ” Princess Kyra tilted her head aside and look at her parents, confused, ” Prophecy? ”

She is looking cute her parents want to stop this but they decided against it. Empress Mary revealed, ” Yeah. Its about you. * Princess Kyra pointed her index finger towards herself and in return, Empress Mary nodded her head in approval* It says like, WHEN SHE WILL BORN, TRAGEDY TAKE PLACE. HOWEVER, HER BIRTH WILL BE A BLESSING TO THE EMPIRE. Its about the firstborn princess of the rulers. ”

Princess Kyra asks, ” Mumma, I read about this Prophecy. How can you be sure that its about me? ”

Emperor Frederick replied, ” Because we feel like its you. Because there is another prophecy about you. ”

Princess Kyra, ” Not possible, Papa. There will be just one prophecy about a person. ”

Emperor Frederick, ” There is, my Princess. This one is for you and your mate. ”

Princess Kyra chuckled, ” Mate? Papa, mates are for supernatural beings and I am a Human. How can I have a mate? ”

Empress Mary replied, ” Because you are someones mate. He comes for you when you were in my belly and later he sends his people when you were born. This is confirmed by Mage Luke and you know that he can see prophecies and the future. He sees your future but hides from us. ”

Emperor Frederick says, ” You know about the Dragons attack on the Empire. ” Princess Kyra nodded her head. He continues, ” He comes at that time, and that mysterious being is your mate. He was the one who killed them with his people. He saves our Empire but in exchange, he asks for… * Clear his throat* you. ”


Princess Kyra asks her parents, ” You give me to her, just to save the Empire? ”

They nodded their head. Princess Kyra asks, ” Who is he? ” Emperor Frederick replied, ” He is ruling over hell. The Devil. ”

Princess Kyra roared, ” And you give up on me. Your daughter. Before I was born. So, I am not going to be your successor? Crown Princess? ”

They were shocked to see her like this. They just heard that Princess looks scary when she got mad and sometimes she has a dangerous aura around her.

But this is the first time, seeing her like this. She is their daughter. How? But it was them who gave up on her.

Empress Mary was the first one who comes out of her shock. She replied, ” No, you can . ”

Princess Kyra fumed, ” How? Why? Why didn you tell me first? I have my dreams and because of your stupid decision… ”

Empress Mary shouted, ” Stupid? Kyra, we are your parents. But before becoming your parents, We are the rulers of the Empire. We have to think about our people first. ”

Princess Kyra yelled, ” Huh? You choose your Empire over your daughter, who didn even come into this world yet. Fine. Be happy with your Empire, Your Majesties. ”

She stormed out of the room and went to the tower where Mage Like stays. She entered and ask, ” Why didn you tell me about the Prophecy? ” Mage Luke lowered his head and replied, ” Princess, you were not at the age to know about it. ”

Princess Kyra, ” Then you all don have to give me these false hope. ” She left the palace and ride on her horse. She wants some time to calm herself. But she will never forgive her parents.

After this day, she never calls her parents Mumma and papa. She talks to everyone coldly. She even gives her brothers a cold shoulder.


Demon Belial asks, ” My Lord, Do you want Princess Kyra to stay here? You know she is human. She will die. ”

Sage looked at him and replied, ” So, where else she will live. Of course, with me, here. If I want my powers back. She lives with me and in that way, I will get my powers. ”

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