phecy. How can you be sure that its about me? ”

Emperor Frederick replied, ” Because we feel like its you. Because there is another prophecy about you. ”

Princess Kyra, ” Not possible, Papa. There will be just one prophecy about a person. ”

Emperor Frederick, ” There is, my Princess. This one is for you and your mate. ”

Princess Kyra chuckled, ” Mate? Papa, mates are for supernatural beings and I am a Human. How can I have a mate? ”

Empress Mary replied, ” Because you are someones mate. He comes for you when you were in my belly and later he sends his people when you were born. This is confirmed by Mage Luke and you know that he can see prophecies and the future. He sees your future but hides from us. ”

Emperor Frederick says, ” You know about the Dragons attack on the Empire. ” Princess Kyra nodded her head. He continues, ” He comes at that time, and that mysterious being is your mate. He was the one who killed them with his people. He saves our Empire but in exchange, he asks for… * Clear his throat* you. ”


Princess Kyra asks her parents, ” You give me to her, just to save the Empire? ”

They nodded their head. Princess Kyra asks, ” Who is he? ” Emperor Frederick replied, ” He is ruling over hell. The Devil. ”

Princess Kyra roared, ” And you give up on me. Your daughter. Before I was born. So, I am not going to be your successor? Crown Princess? ”

They were shocked to see her like this. They just heard that Princess looks scary when she got mad and sometimes she has a dangerous aura around her.

But this is the first time, seeing her like this. She is their daughter. How? But it was them who gave up on her.

Empress Mary was the first one who comes out of her shock. She replied, ” No, you can . ”

Princess Kyra fumed, ” How? Why? Why didn you tell me first? I have my dreams and because of your stupid decision… ”

Empress Mary shouted, ” Stupid? Kyra, we are your parents. But before becoming your parents, We are the rulers of the Empire. We have to think about our people first. ”

Princess Kyra yelled, ” Huh? You choose your Empire over your daughter, who didn even come into this world yet. Fine. Be happy with your Empire, Your Majesties. ”

She stormed out of the room and went to the tower where Mage Like stays. She entered and ask, ” Why didn you tell me about the Prophecy? ” Mage Luke lowered his head and replied, ” Princess, you were not at the age to know about it. ”

Princess Kyra, ” Then you all don have to give me these false hope. ” She left the palace and ride on her horse. She wants some time to calm herself. But she will never forgive her parents.

After this day, she never calls her parents Mumma and papa. She talks to everyone coldly. She even gives her brothers a cold shoulder.


Demon Belial asks, ” My Lord, Do you want Princess Kyra to stay here? You know she is human. She will die. ”

Sage looked at him and replied, ” So, where else she will live. Of course, with me, here. If I want my powers back. She lives with me and in that way, I will get my powers. ”

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