ting for the prophecy to come true. There is a prophecy about him and his mate.

He is waiting for that to come true because when it does, he has his full powers back. Belial told him to control his anger and in return, HE growl, ” SHE IS KEY TO MY POWERS. DONT YOU GET THAT. *Take a deep breath* FINE. ”

Belial replied, ” My Lord, she is just a child. For your powers, she had to fall in love with you and its human, how can she grow up soon. ”

He didn get any reply. Belial gets no reply from his lord and he takes this as approval.

Belial replied, ” Okay. We will take our leave then. See you after eighteen years. ”

Two demons left the throne room after saying that. Emperor Frederick didn realize that he is holding unto his breath. He stood up from his seat and when to the bedroom where his wife and daughter are.

They name her Princess Kyra Mary Ivy Qeania.

Kyra means Throne or Sun. She takes Mary Ivy from her mothers name and Qeania because she is the princess of the Empire.

Citizens of the Empire were celebrating the birth of the second Princess of the Empire.

Princess was sleeping peacefully in her crib while Empress Mary was sitting on the bed eating her lunch. He opened the door and walks inside the room and sits beside his wife on the bed. She looks at her husband to give her any good news that might lighten her mood as she is worried about her daughter.

Emperor Frederick says, ” They came here to take her with them but I requested them to let her stay till she turns eighteen. They accepted and left. ” He said simply and peck her daughters forehead, lovingly.

Empress Mary gives a weak smile to her husband and asks, ” What will happen after eighteen years? How do we explain to her this thing? Frederick she is going to hate us. ”

In front of the nobles, they call each other his majesty and her majesty but when they were alone, they take each others names. Both the new parents hug each other and cry.

On the other side, The Devil was furious as he had to wait for another million years to get his powers back. He is torturing every soul to let go of his anger but nothing is calming him.

He decides to go to earth so that he can calm himself. He doesn know why he teleports himself to his mates room.

She was awake, wiggling and babbling in her crib. He walks towards the crib and looks at her. He said, ” I am wondering why my dad told me that you, a little human being is my key to powers. ”

He looks at her and in return, he gets a giggle. That sounds so good to his ears that he wants to hear more but was interrupted by the opening of the door. He teleported from there without letting anyone knows. He is feeling strange and calm as he wanders around Qeania Empire.

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