Empress Mary, ”How our child can solve this problem? ”

Mage Luke blurted, ”Her Majesty, lets start with the starting. As you are aware of the Dragon attack that takes place in the Empire. The Dragons are powerful beings, and they can be killed. They are strong, immortal, and intelligent. The dragons who attack the Empire are Red and Black Dragons. Red Dragons are well known for their ferocity and power, and Black Dragons are well known for their malevolence and Destructive. They can be defeated, so we need help from the powerful being that can save our Empire. ”

He takes a deep breath and continued, ”And as for the child that you are carrying. I saw the future of the child. Not just that, but this child already…. *clear throat* Its a Princess, and the prophecy about the Princess of the Qeania Empire will be true. That is for your child, Second Princess of the Empire. She… ”

He didn get to complete it as there is a commotion outside the Throne Room. Before anyone gets to know who is outside, the culprit walks inside. The person who walks inside the room is wearing a Dark Gothic Cloak and Long Coat and has a face cover over it.

Everyone feels the dark aura coming from the man who is in the lead. Two men were following him, and they covered their faces with hoodies of their capes, but they were wearing normal capes, while the man who is in the lead wears something that shows he leads the group.

The leader reveals his face. The well-sculptured face of the man, is 1.8 m tall, with messy blond hair and light blue eyes. He is wearing a loose dark green shirt, blue jeans, and dark shoes. His face was so bright that everyone has to cover their eyes.

The leader said in a bored tone to Mage Luke, ”Thanks, Luke. Oh… do I also have to call you like others, let me try? Thank you, Mage Luke. For telling their Majesties about the information of the dragons. ”

He looks at the Empress and Emperor and sneers, ”But what about the main thing? That is there * he pointed to the baby bump of the Queen* inside her. Look, you both, I would rather not chit-chat with you. ”

James barked at him, ”How dare you mock and disrespect the Rulers of the Empire? ”

The Leader amused him, ”Why do I have to respect you, beings? Or Human? * he scoffed* Look I was here as Luke informed me about my mate, that will be born in a few months, and I was just here for her. In return, I will help you with the Dragons. Simple. ”

Noble Martin butted in, ”You can help us? Why? Mate? Who is she? We can help you find her, but please help us. ”

James yelled at him, ”Noble Martin, you are crossing your line. We have to discuss this thing first and then come to conclusion. This man comes from nowhere and asks for his mate and told you he will help us. How? We don even know how to defeat them, and how can this man defeat them. ”

Emperor Frederick asked, ”Who are you? ”

The Leader announced, ”The Devil. ”


* Murmur*

Everyone is shocked that they didn know what to say. The sounds of murmuring and gasping were loud, and look at the man who proclaimed that he is The Devil.

Mage Luke confirmed, ”He is. And the mate, that is your firstborn princess. Thats why I was here and trying to say this, but I didn get the right words. Shes destined to be with him. Thats what prophecy implied. ”

Empress Mary stand up from her seat and fumed, ”Do you even know what you are talking about, Mage Luke? ”

They didn know how to react. The man who just barged here, saying he is The Devil. And about her child. Her daughter. She can be able to withstand, her child that not even born yet, is having a mate. And How can they sacrifice their child to save the Empire? How can they give their baby to HIM? These were the thoughts of Rulers of the Empire.

The Devil advised, ”I think soon the Dragons will be here and then * BOOM·. ” He laughed at their misery and went out. He is not being a soft-hearted man, so he turns his heels as he walks out of the Throne Room.

Mage Luke followed him. He is aware of the mage following him, so he turns and commanded, ”Im waiting outside. Talk to them and if they are ready, my people will help them, but if not. ”

He shrugged his shoulders and walk out without listening to his answer.

Mage Luke return and advised, ”Your Majesties, try to think about the Empire. The people need you, and the princess can save us? ”

In return, he gets a glare from Empress Mary as he shut his mouth. Empress Mary stood up from her seat and notified, ”Im going back to take a rest. ”

Emperor Frederick didn know what to say or do. He is in a dilemma. If he thinks like a Father he will sacrifice the Empire and its people, and maybe the Dragon going to wipe out its existence of it.

If he thinks of the Monarch, then he has to sacrifice his unborn child. He was in his deep thoughts when he heard, ”

* GROWL. Screaming of the people *

He stood up from his seat and look at Mage Luke. Mage Luke understands his intention and answers, ”He is waiting outside. ”

Emperor Frederick walks out of the Throne Room and went to the Balcony that is a few steps ahead of the Room. When he was about to open the door, he saw his wife, Empress, and HIM.

Empress Mary also heard the screams and growls. So, she also decided to accept HIS offer. Because right now, its the Empress of the Empire, not the Mother of her unborn child.

She said, ”We accepted your offer, but we want to stay with our daughter until she turns… ”

The Devil didn let her complete her sentence and nodded his head with a smug look and look at his left in command, BAEL.

He ordered, ”Have a warm-up, BAEL. ” Demon BAEL nodded his head and call his subordinates for the warm-up.

When Empress Mary turned around, she saw her husband standing outside the Balcony, and his pained look was hurting her. She had the same look, and she knows what he is feeling right now, but they are doing this for their Empire.

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