Mother Fan Transmigrates as the Villainess – Chapter 13.2

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Chapter 13 – This rain was the most memorable.

Jiang Lu finished the infusion.
The sky was already a little dark.
At the school entrance, a few students were in twos and threes.
Some were buying snacks, and some were chatting in pairs.

Directly in front was a small couple wearing white school uniforms, their small hands quietly pulled together under the wide sleeves.

The boy was tall and upright, and the girl was petite, wearing a cute bun.

In the past, this kind of scene was what Jiang Lu hated to see the most, but today he was very abnormal.
He glanced at it twice, and there was no discomfort in his heart.

The girl’s footsteps were light and bouncy, very pleasing.
Jiang Lu’s gaze was clear.
Looking at her back, he slightly pursed his lips.

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As they walked, the girl in front suddenly turned her head sideways, tiptoed, and boldly kissed the boy on the face.

Her side face was utterly unfamiliar, and for a moment, it seemed that some dream of nothingness had been shattered.
Jiang Lu paused.

He frowned and reached out to cover his stomach.

After a long time, Jiang Lu suppressed intense nausea, lowered his hands, closed his eyes, and pulled the corners of his lips mockingly.

When Jiang Lu returned home, Qin Meng stood in front of the mirror, putting on her lipstick.
The lipstick color was very bright and also looked very cheap.

She was wearing a red low-cut top with a skirt in that its hemline only reached the roots of her thighs, which was flashy and pretty.

Seeing Jiang Lu come in, Qin Meng glanced at him and sneered faintly: “Is it interesting for you to wear this skin to and from school every day? Do you think that in this way, I would follow your wishes and let you study for the university entrance examination with peace of mind? You, little son of a b*tch.
Don’t dream about it.
I have already negotiated your price.”

Jiang Lu carefully wiped the water droplets on the umbrella gently and folded the umbrella thoughtfully, and turned a deaf ear to Qin Meng’s words.

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Qin Meng laughed lightly and swung her waist: “You can’t help it even if you don’t want to.
It’s your life.
I’ve worked so hard to give birth to you, gave you such good flesh, and let you live peacefully for more than ten years.
I’m being kind to you.”

“Worked so hard to give birth.” Jiang Lu slowly repeated this sentence, “but didn’t expect people not to recognize your illegitimate son.
Don’t you regret this business at a loss?”

Qin Meng’s face suddenly turned gloomy.
Jiang Lu’s words were like a knife, stabbing her fiercely in the heart.
This was a pain that couldn’t be named for a lifetime.
After being in the sex scene for so many years, she didn’t expect to end up being the horse that lost its front hooves.
Who knew how many people secretly ridiculed her.

(t/n: the horse that lost its front hooves: sudden failure through miscalculation or inattentiveness)

The man then promised to take her back, saying he didn’t like the one at home but only liked her.
After becoming pregnant, he didn’t panic.
He let her give birth and said his eldest son was called Jiang Hai, if she gave birth to a son, he would be called Jiang Lu, and he would be the second young master of their family.
He would take the mother and son back and make her the second wife.

(t/n: 江海 jiānghǎi: Hai means ocean/sea.
江陆 jiānglù: Lu means land/shore.

She clearly understood that the words of men in the world were all finding a stage for a flowery speech. However, she slipped up and was tricked because of the beautiful dream of a wealthy family.

(t/n: finding a stage: to join in the fun / flowery speech: elegant but insincere words)

Qin Meng stared at Jiang Lu to death, shivering with hatred.
For so many years, Jiang Lu never talked nonsense to her.
But, whenever he opened his mouth, he could make her lose her mind.

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Qin Meng’s voice was like cold ice.
Even the hatred for that man was added to Jiang Lu: “Saying it’s business at a loss isn’t really thorough.
Isn’t there you? I’m in the mud and can’t clean my bones, but you can’t clean it too.”

(t/n: bones: refers to morality and character.)

“I won’t let you go.
You and that scum owe me.
I’ll get it back from you one by one.” Like an evil spirit, Qin Meng stared at Jiang Lu, “Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking.
You want to climb up, you want to run away, you want to get rid of me, don’t you?”

Speaking of this, Qin Meng laughed out loud: “I heard that you have good grades, then you have to test a top student out for me to see.
When the time comes, I’ll definitely let the world know what kind of person their top student’s mother is.
What a lowlife you are.”

“You haven’t forgotten that year.
You won some bullsh*t third best student in the city, have you?”

In Qin Meng’s sharp laughter, Jiang Lu licked his teeth.
Of course, he wouldn’t forget it.
When he took the certificate from the principal, the lunatic rushed out of nowhere, tore his award certificate, and took the microphone to say that he was a little sl*t selling himself.
The spiteful and filthy curses lasted for almost a minute before they were stopped by the security guards, who came back to their senses.

Since then, not only was his honor taken back, but his life had also entered an endless nightmare, and the dirt on his body could no longer be washed away.

And Qin Meng’s hatred and scolding continued.

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“Remember, even if you die, I will ruin you! Do you want to shine with boundless radiance and live up to flowers and applause? Dream on! I’ll peel your skin off when you’re at your most beautiful and let everyone see what a disgusting monster you are! Until I pull you into the abyss, make you accept your fate, and never dare to climb up again!”

Jiang Lu listened expressionlessly.

Suddenly Qin Meng’s words stopped, and her gaze fell on the little yellow umbrella in Jiang Lu’s hand.
On the umbrella surface were the patterns of little yellow ducks, which at first glance, was an umbrella used by girls.

She raised her eyebrows slightly, narrowed her eyes thoughtfully, and reached out to get it: “Where is this umbrella from?”

Jiang Lu suddenly raised his hand: “Don’t touch it with your dirty hands.”

Qin Meng hadn’t seen him having such a big reaction for a long time when facing her.
He had always handled things with ease and unconcerned, like a contemptible scoundrel.
His today of response was exciting.

She smiled meaningfully: “Which girl gave you this? I’ll go and ask around.
Unexpectedly, you are quite capable.
Rotten to the bone, but people are still willing to come to be with you.
The little thing I gave birth to is really talented.
Sure enough, you and I are the same.”

Jiang Lu laughed very slowly and finally looked at Qin Meng seriously.
His breath at the moment was as if he was an evil spirit crawled up from hell, cold and unsettling.

He gently opened his lips and said one word at a time: “Qin Meng, you may not know me very well, so I’ll remind you once, if you dare to go out and say a word of nonsense, I’ll definitely let you experience what the real abyss of hell is.”

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