Chapter 12: You must take your medicine obediently when you’re sick.

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What kind of talk was this!

Qi Anan wanted to fight for her cub, but she was afraid that Qi Yan would misunderstand her, so she let it go.
He hadn’t read the original novel, so she ignored him.

“Ring ring ring-”

Qi Yan’s phone rang.
He was driving the car, so he casually pointed at the phone: “Anan, help brother look at who it is.”

Qi Anan picked up the phone.
The screen flashed “Qi Hong,” two prominent characters.
She blinked: “It’s dad, then I’ll pick it up.”

Qi Yan’s face changed slightly: “Wait, don’t pick it up, I’ll pick it up.”

Qi Yan, who picked up the phone, had a significant change in temperament, indifferent and alienated: “I see.
I’ll keep an eye on the company, don’t worry about it.”

“Is this it?” Qi Yan seemed to be concerned about Qi Anan, hastily perfunctory.
“Stop talking, this matter, I disagree.
You think of a way for her, don’t let her be annoying here.”

Since Qi Yan answered the phone that day, his whole self hadn’t been in good condition, and he had been too busy to see anyone in the past two days.
Qi Anan asked Butler Chen, and she also asked several times indirectly.
Still, from beginning to end Qi Yan never gave her any information.

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Right, she could guess if he didn’t tell her.
The pitiful information on the phone that day alone was enough to make her, the super fan of the novel, figure it out.

The plot had developed to this point.
It was almost time for the female lead to appear, the first encounter between the male and female lead.
But this part of the novel was from the female lead’s point of view.
It wasn’t written on their own side, but Qi Anan thought that their family certainly wouldn’t welcome the heroine.

After all, the heroine was the child of their dad and the woman outside.
The woman was still the white moonlight of his youth.

Speaking of her daughter’s life, it was also very tragic.
Qi Anan and Qi Yan’s parents were married by their families.
There wasn’t much relationship between husband and wife.
Fortunately, their parents were very open.
You play with yours, and I play with mine.
They didn’t interfere with each other mutually.
Within a few years, their father accidentally reunited with Bai Yueyue, and the soul of love ignited again.
Sweet talked the woman into giving birth to a child for him, Qi Zhen, the heroine of the original novel.

Later, Bai Yueyue passed away due to illness, and Qi Zhen could only rely on his father, but Qi Hong was an irresponsible man.
His promises were full of sweet talk and deceitful words, and he didn’t pour too much affection into this daughter.
He thought since they were sisters, they could care for each other if they were together.

Just like this, he sent Qi Zhen here to live with “Qi Anan.”

“Qi Anan” was born the same year as the heroine, and she had never received her father’s love.
Suddenly, letting her be with her beloved “older sister” would be strange to give her a good face.
After Qi Zhen came, she was as vicious as possible; she trampled the female and male lead altogether.

This was the starting point for the encounter between the male and female leads in the novel.
The two poor cubs, Qi Anan, felt distressed then and wanted to rush in to protect them and let them grow up happily.

Not to mention, there was this opportunity now, looking forward to it for a long time.
The exciting plot was about to begin.

She had to endure it again.
Qi Yan won’t say it because he was afraid she would be sad, but how long can he hide it? The powerful plot will definitely send her daughter to her side!

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Recently it rained and the latest period during the spring was the coldest.
There were several people in the class with cold low coughing sounds.

At the end of class, Qi Anan distributed the ginger date tea she brought to several sick little girls around her.
After so many days, Qi Anan quickly blended into the group.
She had a good personality and was very popular with her classmates.

When Yu Tianyang saw it, he turned around and asked for help with a nasal voice: “Qi Anan! What do you have to offer? I want it too!”

He naturally wanted things, and she was generous.
He wasn’t at all embarrassed.
Jiang Lu gave him a faint sideways glance, quickly looked down, and went about his business.

There were always such sunny and innocent people in this world who brought out more and more the gloominess in themselves, so much so that he felt a little strange and despicable.

Why was she so nice to everyone? Like a warm little sun, and he merely received some of the light.

Jiang Lu hid his emotions in the shadow of his eyelashes and said nothing.

Qi Anan didn’t explain to Yu Tianyang that ginger date tea was more suitable for girls to drink.
After giving him two packets, she turned her head to ask Jiang Lu: “Jiang Lu, the temperature had cooled down in the past two days.
Have you been unwell recently?”

Although he seemed more or less the same as usual, Qi Anan didn’t feel at ease with her cub.
She still couldn’t help but ask.

See, after caring for others, she came to care about him again.
She was the same to anyone.
A hint of resentment suddenly emerged in Jiang Lu’s heart, and he said coldly: “I’m fine.”

She was glad to hear that.
As soon as Qi Anan put her mind at ease, Yu Tianyang turned around again: “I forgot.
I forgot.
Lend me your math homework to copy! Lao Liu will definitely check his homework in the next lesson.
I’m afraid of him!”

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Qi Anan pulled out the homework book: “Nephew, your cold is a bit serious ah, your health isn’t as good as mine.”

Yu Tianyang rubbed his nose and put the ginger date tea that Qi Anan gave him into his pocket: “Don’t be ridiculous.
This wave was carelessness.
I’m actually not that weak.
By the way, little auntie, give me your English homework too.
I’ll copy it together in a while.”

Young people were the fastest to get familiar with, and Qi Anan had already become familiar with Yu Tianyang in the past few days.
Regarding nephew this nickname, Yu Tianyang rolled his eyes a few times, accepted it very well, and affectionately called Qi Anan little auntie.

Yu Tianyang didn’t turn around.
He just lay on Qi Anan’s desk to copy homework, but also convenient to chat: “Hey, I’m saying, little auntie, which high school are you planning to go to?”

Jiang Lu, on the side, initially frowned when he saw Yu Tianyang lying on Qi’an’s table.
Still, after hearing his question, he said nothing.

He took a deep breath and listened intently.

Qi Anan answered his question with another question: “You’re younger, you first say, which school do you want to take a test?

Yu Tianyang grinned with a mouthful of big white teeth: “I was admitted to the Xincheng First High School, ah, our family bought a house in the Xincheng district, for the convenience of going to and from school, I definitely have to go to First High school.
However, I guess it will be difficult to see classmates.
After all, Xincheng is so far away from the Laochen, there certainly won’t be many people bound to test there.”

(t/n: 新城 xīnchéng: New City, basically, it’s in a newly developing district of the city.
老城 lǎochéng: Old Town, it’s where they currently live, in the older district of the city.
In China, you must take a test to be admitted to high school.)

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He lifted his old self and kicked Qi Anan’s table leg: “What about you? You haven’t said where you’re going to take a test.”

Jiang Lu’s writing hand stopped and lowered his eyes unmoving.

Qi Anan was tangled for a while and said: “I haven’t thought about it yet.
I still have to see what my family has to say.”

Actually, she didn’t have to.
She had thought about it a long time ago.
She must also be admitted to Xincheng First High School.
After all, her son and daughter would both go there.
But Yu Tianyang was a person who would want to know everything about anything.
If she said she wanted to be admitted to Xincheng First High School and didn’t give him a reason, he wouldn’t stop.

Qi Anan blinked, turned his head, and asked with a smile: “Jiang Lu, which school are you going to take the exam?”

Jiang Lu didn’t seem to be in high spirits, his attention was wholly focused on the test paper, and his side face was cold: “I haven’t thought about it well.”

“Jiang Lu, you can get in anywhere.” Yu Tianyang said carelessly.
“Your grades are so good.
These schools must be scrambling to get you.”

He had a big heart and never thought there was anything wrong with Jiang Lu, but Jiang Lu usually kept to himself and had little contact.
After getting familiar with Qi Anan, he had the opportunity to get acquainted with Jiang Lu.
He found that although this person spoke a little less, he was actually pretty good.

Yu Tianyang’s nose wasn’t clear, and his breathing wasn’t good.
Still, it didn’t stop him from chatting for the ten minutes between classes: “That’s right, Qi Anan.
My birthday is during the summer vacation.
I plan to invite my friends to my house to play.
You must come then.

Qi Anan was afraid that he would infect Jiang Lu.
Before she could say anything, Jiang Lu glanced here first.
After looking at Qi Anan, he told Tianyang: “You have a cold, don’t infect others.”

“Oh-oh, right, right.
I’ll turn around.” Yu Tianyang patted his forehead knowingly, then turned around with his math homework and copied it.

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