Mrs. Rowena finally arrived at Cassies room. She saw Cassie sleeping on her stomach. It felt like her feet were walking so heavy, because the closer she walked, the quicker their separation would be.

Mrs Rowena tried to steel her heart. Although her heart actually wants to cry because she will lose the person she loved.

”Cassie, ” Mrs. Rowena called softly. Mrs. Rowena sat beside Cassie who was still in her position.

Cassie was silent and didn answer Mrs. Rowena. Cassie still doesn know what decision to make.

Mrs. Rowena tried to catch her breath and steel her heart. Then she spoke to Cassie about Cassies fathers.

Mrs. Rowena said that the person Cassie saw earlier was actually her real father. So, thats why Cassie found it familiar.

Its been 17 years, Cassie grew up in that orphanage. So many things and experiences that they both went through.

Now its time for Cassie to return to her family, which has been separated from her for dozens of years.

Mrs. Rowenas job of caring for her was done. Mrs. Rowena couldn hold back her tears when she said that until finally her tears fell freely.

Cassie, who heard Mrs. Rowenas words, also cried. She immediately got up and hugged Mrs. Rowena tightly and cried in her arms.

”Mom, I don want to go! I want to just stay here with you! ” Cassie decides to stay at the Orphanage.

Even though Mrs. Rowena was not her biological parent, Cassie chose her because of the genuine affection Mrs. Rowena gave to her.

Its not certain that Cassie gets the same treatment in her family. Cassie is also afraid that her family will treat her badly.

Mrs. Rowena let go of Cassies embrace. Then Mrs. Rowena tried to make Cassie understand.

”Cassie, there are lots of kids out there who want a complete family. After all, parents are still parents and children are still children. Blood ties will never be broken. ”

”But I don want to go, I want to be with Mom, ” Denied Cassie who really didn want to go.

Its hard because 17 years is not a short time for Cassie. She learned and gained a lot from Mrs. Rowena.

But Mrs. Rowena kept forcing Cassie to return to her family. Because if looked at Cassies fathers story, they should really be worried about Cassie.

Cassie is still hesitant to return to her family. But Mrs. Rowena promised that she would often visit Cassie to her familys residence.

And finally Cassie is willing to come with her father. She packs her clothes crying. She had to leave her shelter to another place where it was not clear how it felt.

Mrs. Rowena accompanied Cassie into the living room to present her to her father. When they arrived at the living room, Count De Lavie who saw Cassie immediately hugged her tightly .

”My daughter! Finally daddy found you! ” Count De Lavie was crying. He let go of his hand.

Mrs. Rowena was happy because finally the child she raised from a baby could now find her happiness.

And this is where Cassies meeting with Mrs. Rowena ends.

”Mr. Count De Lavie, I hope you and your family will never be separated again! Ill come visit Cassie if I have free time, ” said Mrs. Rowena and wiped away her tears.

”We will be happy to receive your presence, madam! Thank you for taking care of my daughter well and healthy! We have a little present as a thank you. ” Count De Lavie showed his luggage.

Mrs. Rowena was grateful for Count De Lavies generosity. Because the business there was finished, Cassie and Count De Lavie left the orphanage by horse-drawn carriage.

Cassie looked sadly at Mrs. Rowena from the window of the carriage she was riding in. Then she waved at Mrs. Rowena.

Cassie didn expect that she would be separated so quickly from Mrs. Rowena, whom she considered as her own mother.

And now, there was only Cassie and Count De Lavie in the carriage. Cassie lowered her head because she felt awkward.

Cassie didn know what to talk to her dad because this had happened so suddenly.

What should I do? I don dare look at him, thought a nervous Cassie.

”Raise your head! ” Count De Lavie gave the order. Count De Lavie looked at Cassie intently.

Cassie was scared, nervous and shaking. But she tried to raise her head slowly and dared to look at her father.

Now they look into each others eyes. Cassie could see her fathers intimidating gaze on her.

So Cassie immediately looked away. She felt fear as she looked at her fathers eyes. But it was true that her eyes and hair were similar to hers.

”Im glad you grew up well in the orphanage! Its even obvious that the caretaker loves you so much, ” Said Count De Lavie.

”Y-yes, Sir! ” Cassie answered in a trembling voice. She is still afraid of her father.

”Don call me sir, call me daddy! From now on your name will be Cassie De Lavie! ” Count De Lavie spoke firmly and loudly.

”F-fine, Dad! ” Cassie was still scared and she still had her head down.

The sudden change took Cassie a little by surprise. Its just that he felt that his life in this family would not be easy.

Because she had just been picked up, she had already been given orders and even changed her name right away.

Cassie couldn imagine what it would be like when she arrived at her new residence. She was sure that there would be a lot of things she had to adjust.

Cassie became regretful because she had agreed to follow her father. She wanted to go back to the orphanage with Mrs. Rowena.

Mom, I want to go home! I don want to be come with my father, thought Cassie who was crying.

finally after a while they arrived at the residence of the count de Lavie. This is where Cassies new life begins.

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