Finally, Cassie managed to find Mrs. Rowena who was cooking in the kitchen. Cassie immediately reported to Mrs. Rowena.

”Mom, there are three men coming here! One of them looked at me horribly! But I feel familiar with him but I do not know who he is. ” Cassie explained breathlessly.

”Three men? ” Mrs. Rowena became curious.

It wasn long before one of the children from the orphanage came up to Mrs. Rowena. He told Mrs. Rowena if anyone wanted to see her.

”All right, Mom will be right there. Please ask them to wait a moment, ” said Mrs. Rowena and stopped what she was doing. The boy nodded his head.

Mrs. Rowena asked Cassie to go into the living room to meet the men. But Cassie was reluctant because she was still afraid.

”Cassie, do you really not want to come? ” asked Mrs. Rowena.

”No, Mom! Id rather be in the room. ” Cassie went straight to her room.

Cassie walked nervously until she finally threw her body on her bed. For some reason Cassie imagined the old man she saw earlier.

”Actually, who is he? Why is he staring at me like that? Then why did he come here? ” There are so many questions that reside in Cassies mind.

And somehow Cassie had such a bad feeling. Her heart unsettled, Cassie grew agitated.

”I hope everything will be fine, ” she muttered. But suddenly Cassie changed her mind. ”Do I need Mom to meet the old man earlier, huh? ”

Cassie weighed what decision to make for herself. Finally Cassie decided to take a look out of curiosity.

Cassie walked in stealthily so she wouldn be noticed if she was peeping on her Mommy with the old man.

Mrs. Rowena had arrived in the living room. Mrs. Rowena was surprised to see the figure of a man sitting on the sofa.

The man had the same eye color as Cassie, and his hair was blonde like Cassie. No wonder Cassie felt familiar with the man.

Could it be if hes a relative of Cassie? Mrs. Rowena thought, guessing.

The old man looked at Mrs. Rowena who had arrived. Mrs. Rowena felt a little uncomfortable because the mans gaze made her uncomfortable.

”Welcome to the Beloved Orphanage. Is there anything I can help? ” Mrs Rowena tried to be calm and friendly.

”Who was the girl sweeping in the front yard just now? ” The man immediately asked about Cassie.

Cassie who was peeking at him became scared because the old man asked about her. ”Why did he ask? ”

Mrs. Rowena was a little surprised that he had asked about Cassie so quickly. No wonder Cassie was scared earlier.

”She is one of the children of this orphanage. Did you come here to adopt a child? ” Mrs. Rowena was a little worried. She was worried if the old man was really after Cassie.

”Give me that document! ” The old man raised a hand at his bodyguard.

One of his bodyguards handed over a document. Then the old man opened the document and showed it to Mrs. Rowena.

”I am Count De Lavie, my purpose here is to take my daughter. ” He was straight forward.

Mrs. Rowena read and examined the document carefully. Theres even a photo of the baby that exactly matches the photo of Cassie.

Mrs. Rowena seemed to have mistaken the identity of Count De Lavie. Not just a relative, but her biological father.

”So what you mean is — ”

”Correct! Im sure that this child is the daughter Ive been looking for, ” said Count De Lavie, interrupting Mrs. Rowena.

Cassie was shocked to hear Count De Lavies words. Indeed, Cassie should be happy because her family found her.

But for some reason Cassies feelings are not good and she refuses to go with Count De Lavie.

”Not! Im not going with him! He must just be lying! Hes not my father! ” Cassie tried to deny it.

But actually Cassie also believes that Count De Lavie is her real father, remembering the familiar feeling she had earlier.

Moreover, Count De Lavies eyes and hair were so similar to her. ”If he is my real father, why did he throw me away? ”

Mrs. Rowena also asked Count De Lavie the same thing why he threw Cassie away. And the smart Count De Lavie instantly tells a lie so well it looks like the truth really happened.

He said the midwife who helped his wife give birth fled with Cassie. Even, Count De Lavie also said that the midwife did not take care of the body of his wife who died from giving birth to Cassie.

Cassie and Mrs. Rowena believed what Count De Lavie said. In fact, Cassie cried when she found out that her mother had died.

”So, I really have a biological mother? But she left me after I was born? ” Cassies heart suddenly constricted.

Mrs. Rowena was touched by what happened to Count De Lavie. Because he is Cassies biological father, Mrs. Rowena has no right to separate the two of them.

Mrs Rowena had to let Cassie go back to her family who had been looking for her for dozens of years.

Even though it was hard, that was what Mrs. Rowena had to do. Mrs Rowena should also have known that the orphans would not stay there forever.

So Im finally going to split up with Cassie? Mrs Rowena thought sadly.

”So, can I bring my daughter back? ” Count De Lavie looked sad.

Mrs. Rowena reluctantly nodded her head. ”Ill call Cassie. ” Mrs. Rowena rose from her seat to approach Cassie.

Cassie immediately rushed into her room so as not to be caught if she had overheard Mrs. Rowenas conversation.

Cassie immediately threw herself onto the bed. Cassie was also confused about what she should do.

Even though her biological father had come and was about to pick her up, there was still a feeling that couldn be explained.

”How about this? What should I do? ” Cassie was even more confused because she didn know what decision she should make.

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