Lightning thundered loudly. Heavy rain in the dark night makes the atmosphere tense. The strong wind was not absent from the weather that night.

A female servant is trying to risk her life and death to give birth to a child from an illicit relationship with her master.

”Aaaaaargh! ” The maids scream managed to make the baby pushed out.

The newborns cries filled the delivery room. A beautiful baby, clean and innocent. She is so beautiful like her mother.

”Congratulations madam, your child is a girl. She is so beautiful and healthy. ” The midwife put the baby who had been in her arms to her mothers arm.

The baby was put to sleep next to the mother. Her mother was touched to see her daughter who was born safely.

”You are so beautiful, my daughter. But sorry Mom who can accompany you to grow. I hope your father doesn hurt you like what he did to mother, ” said the mother before she closed her eyes forever.

Immediately the babys cry broke after hearing the mothers words. The midwife who handled the delivery process panicked and tried to save the mothers life.

”Madam! Hold on! For your daughters sake! ” said the midwife while continuing to provide assistance so that the babys mother could breathe again.

But unlucky, his life was no longer helped. The midwife couldn do much. So she carried the baby out of the delivery room and handed it over to the father.

When they arrived outside the room, they saw a husband and wife waiting for the birth of the baby. They were the masters of the maidservant who died just now.

And her male employer was the one who raped the maid who was the babys biological father. While the woman who is with him is the legal wife.

”Congratulations sir, on a beautiful and healthy baby girl! ” The midwife shows the baby to the father.

But the look of disappointment on his fathers face was clear. He and his wife allowed the maid to keep the child because they hoped it would be a boy.

Because they already have three children and all of them are girls. So they won need another daughter, especially if shes the result of an affair.

”What about the mother? ” asked his father who was Count De Lavie.

”Im sorry, sir, the mothers life could not be saved, ” answered the midwife.

”What? Die? Good! Thats the reward for trying to seduce my husband! ” said Mrs. Count De Lavie with great satisfaction.

”Then what about the baby, sir? ” The midwife did not know what to do because Count De Lavie did not want to hold her.

”Throw it away, ” replied Count De Lavie without the slightest hint of guilt.

Even as he said it, his face was so straight and immediately looked away. The baby girl started crying even louder.

”B-but this is your daughter, sir! Are you really going to throw her away?! ” asked the midwife who couldn believe what Count De Lavie was doing.

Instead of answering the question, Count De Lavie left the midwife. The midwife only shook her head at Count De Lavies heinous actions.

So, after the midwifes business was finished, she left Count De Lavies house, taking Count De Lavies daughter with her.

Because he had trouble taking care of himself, the midwife send Count De Lavies daughter to an orphanage.

She left Count De Lavies daughter at the door of the orphanage. It felt like her heart was so sore and sliced ​​to see an innocent baby being thrown away.

The midwife also apologized to the baby for not being able to take her. Before the midwife left, she said goodbye to Count De Lavies daughter.

”Kid, I hope you can live well here. I hope you are treated well and not met with people like your family, ” said the midwife then gave her last kiss.

After giving a kiss, the midwife left Count De Lavies daughter. Count De Lavies daughter cried so loudly that it brought someone who lived in the orphanage out.

She is Mrs Rowena, one of the caretakers of the orphanage. How shocked he was to see such a beautiful baby figure at the door of the orphanage.

”Hey, who left you here? ” Mrs. Rowena holds

Count De Lavies daughter to win her over.

Mrs. Rowena looked around the orphanage to see who had the heart to throw away the baby girl.

But she found no one, so he brought Count De Lavies daughter into the orphanage. And now, Count De Lavies daughter officially became a member of the orphanage.

After seventeen years, now Princess Count De Lavie has grown into a beautiful and kind woman.

She was named by the caretaker of the orphanage and now her name is Cassie Luciana. She is so diligent and also friendly.

Many times people who came to the orphanage wanted to adopt Cassie. But because Mrs. Rowena loved her so much, she was cared for like her own daughter.

Until one day Count De Lavie and his two bodyguards came to the orphanage. How surprised he found the figure he was looking for.

When Count De Lavie arrived, he saw Cassie sweeping the orphanage grounds. Because of his similar appearance to Count De Lavie, of course he immediately recognized his daughter.

”Ive finally found you! ” Count De Lavie was so pleased.

Cassie who was sweeping calmly became agitated because she suddenly had an uncomfortable feeling.

When Cassie looked back, she saw three grown men, one of whom looked to be half a century old.

The mans gaze made Cassie uncomfortable and immediately turned her head away. Cassie became anxious and overthinking.

”Why is he looking at me like that? ” muttered Cassie trying to pretend she didn see it. ”I-I… I can ! Im scared! ”

But Cassie couldn calm down any longer and she immediately ran into the orphanage. Cassie was running for Mrs. Rowena. Because, Cassie is not too close to other caretakers of the orphanage.

”Mom?! Mom?! Wheres mom?! ” Cassie ran through the rooms in the orphanage.

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