He claimed her now red lips once again as he felt his body burn and yearn for her.
The kiss was more sensual and thrilling than what they had done earlier.
She gasped in pleasure as the kiss became more demanding and heated, causing her toes to curl in satisfaction.
He did know how to satisfy a woman.

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When a growling sound escaped her throat, his fingers began to explore her body, having a mind of its own.
When it finally found her bre*st, he carefully squeezed the tips causing her to release a loud moan.
His hands lingered around that area, feeling a little surprised by the size that didn’t match her young face.

He tilted her thin neck slightly and continued to kiss her along that path.
His fingers trailed through her back impatiently before loosening the adjustments behind her dress and taking off her clothes.
In a swift movement, he unwrapped her bra with one hand as her large and plump bre*sts, which he had so much anticipated, became exposed in an instant.
Losing his mind from just staring at them, he grabs them slowly, giving it a light squeeze.
Just that act alone gave him so much pleasure, that he felt his manhood erect in reaction.

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He hadn’t even touched himself, which made him surprised at the fact that it was responding on its own.
His body hungered for her as his stomach twisted anxiously.
Since his body knew better, it wasn’t long when his eyes became hazy with desire, desire for the unknown stranger in front of him.

When his lips broke contact with hers, he continued to kiss her starting from her neckline down to her exposed chest area as he felt her body vibrate to his touch.
He loved how his actions had an effect on her and it wasn’t only the other way round.
Still kissing, he pondered for a moment whether it was going to be safe to leave kiss marks on her skin but decided against it as her identity was still unknown to him.

Though she didn’t look old from her appearance, the possibility of her being a married woman couldn’t be ruled out.
Seeing that she could make his p*nis erect with just a kiss, she was likely to have a husband who would be enjoying this often.
By pursuing his sexual desires with her, he could get himself involved in a troublesome scandal but somehow, he couldn’t bring himself to stop.

So, unfortunately, he had to be satisfied by just inhaling the scent of her fragile flesh.
Her bre*sts which he had been massaging with both hands were soft against his touch as his body became stiffer, especially his manhood.
He began to wonder how they would feel against his tongue so he decided to confirm.
He rubbed his tongue against her hard n*pples in a playful manner causing her to moan as her nails dug into his skin.

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She drives her fingers into his hair pulling him closer, her body begging him to take things further.
Which he did.
He slowly sucked her bre*st repeatedly, and the next thing he knew, her slender legs were wrapped around his lower torso.


The sound of her calm but h*rny moan coming through her lips was so subtle that it rattled his heart all over again.
His mouth doesn’t leave her bre*st and as he noticed she was very sensitive around her chest region, he gradually lowered his lips and slowly sucked the skin in between her bre*sts.

Feels good,” she says as she manages to put words together in her frenzy state.

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Her voice came out a little faint like she was still under the influence of the alcohol she had earlier, but the sound just made him lose his self-control.
A small sigh burst out of her mouth whenever he sucked her currently red n*pples with much pressure.

Sherri’s body flinched tremendously whenever he twisted it in his mouth and bit it enough to stimulate her.
At her satisfactory response, the man’s hand finally trailed along her torso and down to her hidden sanctuary.
Seeing and watching him follow a particular pattern, and not just doing it herself, was a great way for her to learn.

When his fingers finally got there, it felt wet and moist like it had been that way for quite a while.
Since he couldn’t move his fingers because her panties were so soaked, he carefully went under her panties as he searched for where her discharge came from.

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When he lightly scanned the hidden space with one finger, her breathing grew louder.
Despite only touching it lightly, he hesitated as he carefully put the milky liquid on his finger into his mouth.
It was a bit sour, smelt great, and had an erotic taste that was quite difficult to describe.

Once again, Sherri’s hand grabbed the man’s shoulder as her nails dig into his skin once his finger goes inside her, this time around, deeper than before as he rubs her sensitive part.

“Ohhh, yes, yes,” she kept moaning repeatedly with so much satisfaction.

“I see that’s how you like it,” he teased as he kept fiddling with her cl*toris.

When he went a little deeper and twisted his two fingers inside her, Sherri’s back bent greatly, as her bre*st bounced due to her body movement.
It was like she had reached her peak as she felt a powerful euphoria course through her veins.

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