A beautiful young girl could be seen laying down in a giant bed inside of a room that seems like a young teen male would use, with all the mens clothing lying around.

This young girl is Alice who has just woken up due to her phone absolutely blowing up with notifications.


Alice: ”Good morning, brot– brother?? ”

Alice frantically looked around the room for her brother, even check his bathroom connected to him room as well as the entire manor, only to come back 15 minutes later scared and out of breath (mostly due to hyperventilating from anxiety)

Normally alice wouldn freak out like this, but after seeing his sorry state, as well as sensing the emotions he feels right now, being intense fear and pain as well as deep heart break.

What is brother going through right now!?

As she looked around the room her eyes landed on the note that was on kents pillow, she picked it up and read the contents ”Finally, finally our struggle can end as Ive gathered enough evidence to get hat man arrested, after its over Ill come pick you up and take you home, Ive taken revenge for us and mom, I love you, my sister ”

Normally alice would be jumping in joy at the news, but when she looks at her phone with over 999+ missed calls and messages as well as social media @s she fears the worse sensing her brother emotions.

As she unlocks her phone the first few news headlines make her body go cold and face go pale



Alice fell to her knees in shock, she knew her brother was innocent, she knew he never touched a girl, and she was relieved about that for some strange reason unknown to her now.

It doesn matter now, what matters is clearing his name, but it only got worse as she watched the live video footage of her battered brothers body being dragged out by a familiar security guard posing as a cop.

Alice is very smart so she, like her brother, knew this couldn end well, but she didn know what to do. She hates the feeling of weakness where all she could do is watch as the entire world turns on her brother.


Its cold, the feeling of the icy air hitting my tortured body feels horrible. I look like a mutilated childs doll.

Every time I try to move I feel the horrible pain of my wounds spreading.

Kent is not naïve, he knows the chance of survival is minimal, his father has always been an obsessive and sadistic man who gets what he wants no matter what, and unfortunately Kent has something else he wants.

Of course, being power hungry as he is, he wouldn marry and have kids with any random woman, even if he likes to engage in debauchery.

So it goes without question that Kents mother was an important figure. So, what could Kent be left with of his late mother?

She didn leave them money, they had plenty.

She left 2 things, Property & Her Necklace.

Property is a nice house somewhere his father doesn know about, or so she thought.

He found out almost immediately after she died, and quickly took the property into his own hands, completely bypassing the necklace.

Maybe that was her plan the entire time.

Her necklace, its a simple cross necklace that he and his sister both have, but thats all that Kent knows, his father knows that there is more to this necklace than that.

Kent never once gave him the necklace, he even went as far as to hide it, is what his father thinks.

Kent was aware of the people his father had follow him, Kent pretended to hide this necklace somewhere but its been in his sister possession this entire time.

Its the last thing that linked them to them to the only other familial light they had other than each other, the warmth of their mothers embrace, the motherly love she showered them with.

Soon a chubby man could be seen entering the room with large grin on his face

Mr. Williams: ”To last this long under torture all for a necklace! Are you an idiot, my son? ”

The voice that I hate the most in this world, god I wish I could kill the bastard. Kent thought with hatred deep in his heart

Kent: ”why, why do you want mothers necklace so bad ”

The man showed a happy smile while he began speaking

Mr. Williams: ”If theres something that woman was worth, it was her knowledge in the medical field. She wasn called the worlds best doctor for no reason. I suspect that this
ecklace is really the key to her safe she kept away, priceless knowledge as well as the cure to multiple diseases rest in there. ”

And then suddenly his happy smile went to rage as he recalled something

Mr. Williams: ”For some reason that bitch wanted to give this cure out to the people for free with no credit attached to either of our names! She wanted to bring glory to a group of hospitals and scientist and have them be known as the ones who saved our world! MY WIFE BETRAYED ME, I COULDVE BEEN SITTING ON TOP OF THIS WORLD BY NOW! ”

He suspected it…so he hasn even confirmed it?

That was when it happened

My mentality was starting to crumble, it became clear to me. All of this happened because of one thing


My life was destroyed, all because of power. I was tortured and will probably be killed

All. Because. Of. Power.

If thats the case then I need power, all forms of it.

Monetary, Physical, Mental. I need power to be above everything and everyone, I need to be the one who decides everything.

haha who am I kidding, Im on the verge of death, Im going to die here, alone, cold…scared.

As Kent slowly closes his eyes and drifts to sleep his body slumps over and it seems as if all life has left his body

Mr. Williams: ”Damned kid, we couldn get him to confess to the crimes, Ill have to cover this up. I didn expect him to die, trash like his mother. At least his sister can be of use with future ally negotiation. ”

As the man walks out of the room the area gets deathly quiet as the boys body lays there limp


At the same moment Kents body goes limp, a certain young womans eyes go lifeless while she is in the back of a taxi on the way to where she felt her brothers presence last as she couldn trust the personal drivers.

I can feel brothers life anymore… no…please i-I can lose you too, please be there

As Alice tries to sense her brothers life force shes in heaven with happiness at finding it again, but instantly drops back to hell when she senses how weak it is. As if it were at 60% before, its now as low 5% and dropping slowly

Alice: ”Hurry up and get there! Ill pay triple just get there faster, please! ”

Before the taxi driver could even refute he saw the begging eyes of the young lady behind him through the mirror and pressed on the gas.

Alice has always been a cold woman to everyone except her brother, thats when she can control her feelings, which is why she sounded so desperate to the driver.

10 minutes later she reaches where her brother was and went inside to see a sight that would completely destroy her mentally.

Walking in she sees her brother sitting on a chair in the back of the room with blood trailing his body, she sees the horrible states hes in and runs to him with tears streaming her face


Alice: ”Brother *hic* i-im sorry for not getting here sooner *hic* please don leave me alone here ”

As if answering her cries, Kent stirred in her arms

Kent: ”Sister, im sorry- *cough* i failed you. Goodbye, I love you ”

And then Kent died in his sisters arms a sad smile on his face. Dying in despair thinking what may happen to his sister since he couldn even save her.

Alice cried her heart out before stopping an hour later when she could no longer cry, she placed their mothers cross necklace around his neck before kissing his forehead with a loving smile and muttering under her breath as she places her necklace on too.

Alice: Ill join you soon, I have to avenge us first, brother

Thus started Alices journey of revenge on everyone involved in her brothers set up.

In just 3 days after her brothers death she managed to catch a time during their marriage meeting with Mr. Redd and his son to kill everyone at one moment.

She left the house as it burned down with 3 dead bodies in it as she made her way to where her brothers body was located, the smell of his body was horrible while sitting in the hot room decomposing, but she didn mind as she cuddled with him after drinking poison and died with a lovestruck smile on her face.

This is the beginning of the Primordial God-King, The God of Death and his #1 Empress The Elemental Goddess.

But thats for later.

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