Primordial God of Death

Goodbye, Cruel World (1)

Inside of the giant hospital, in room 666 there lays a young man on the bed hooked up to multiple machines.

The young man would be seen as quite handsome if it weren for the multiple burn marks and scars that litter his body and face, even his once silky hair is all cut and burned.

???: ”Its a miracle the kids even alive after everything hes been through ” Spoke a man in a white outfit similar to a doctors with pity evident in his voice

???: ”Fix him! He has an acting gig coming up that has a lot riding on this! Is there anything we could do about this Dr. Swanson? ”

Dr. Swanson: ”I recommend surgery to help his healing process and maybe he can be back home in 5 months, and thats with supervision and no straining activites. ”

Mr. Williams: ”What?! Are you crazy! Im discharging him now. All I have to do is get him a wig and some cover up and nobody will know hes hurt! ”

Dr. Swanson: ”Sorry, sir, but I cannot allow you to do that, this is the biggest hospital in the world itd tank our reputations if something like this got out. ”

Mr. Williams: ”I am the biggest shareholder of this hospital, keep this quiet and I won make your life miserable, okay? Here take this as well. ”


As the chubby man opens his phone and presses some buttons, the doctor hears something from his phone and goes to check.

[Anonymus sent you $750,000]

Dr. Swanson: ”Haha! I never get why you
e so obsessed with the kid when you
e the richest man on the planet. ”

Mr. Williams: ”Im running for President, and hes the most loved person in the world with billions of fans, his fame can assure me my chance as well as help me make powerful allies, If only the damn kid wasn so stubborn with abusing that fame Id never have to go this far, worthless piece of shit! ”

Dr. Swanson: ”Whatever, just keep me out of this ” sorry kid, thats just how the world works…

What both parties failed to notice is the teen was awake and had his phone hidden in his blankets recording them

Maid 1: ”Hello, Master, Young Master is awake and in his room, we have already cleaned his injuries, as instructed. ”

The chubby man only nods his head in affirmation before he continues on


Without even waiting for a response the man barges in anyway

???: ”Damn, you could put Monks to shame with your patience, Father? ”

Said a young teen with his voice laced with sarcasm

Mr. Williams: ”Shut your mouth and get ready for tomorrow you have a gig coming up, I also need you to promote to your social medias about my campaign, got that Kent? ”

Kent: ”I can barley even move right now and you want me to act tomorrow? Are you stupid old man?! And no Im not promoting your campaign so all you can suppress people even more, now leave me alone. ”

The poisionus words seemed to hit a nerve as the chubby man turned so red youd think he was related to a strawberry

Mr. Williams: ”Mind your tongue, Boy! Need I remind you of the consequences of disobeying me? You just left the hospital, and you can barley move. You may not care what I do to you, but I wonder how your dear sister Alice would fare? ”

The killing intent filling the room would be like being on the bottom of the ocean, if there was anything like that here in this world, but alas instead there was an extremely cold glint in the young mans eyes followed by unbridled rage

Kent: ”You better not **ing think about touching her again you bastard! ”

The last time his father hit his sister was when 8 years ago when they were 10, her being naturally fragile resulted in her jaw being dislocated and her eye swelling.

The pain it brought him to hear his sister sobs and brokenly muttering ”brother save me ” has broken his relationship with his father to irrepreable points.

All he can do now is wait until he is free from these proverbial shackles now that hes 18 and can take his sister and move out.

Kent: ”Fine, Ill do it, just leave her alone ”

Mr. Williams: ”Good, now take this pain reliver and these icy hots to help you recover better ”

Kent swallowed the medicine and applied the icy hot before drifting to sleep again

Kent awoke to hurried footsteps scrambling to his door, knowing its hi sister who gets home from school at 9, he has a smile on his face as he waits for her

Alice: ”Brother! Are you okay? Why are you home right now? Did something happen to you?! ”

Kent smilied at his sisters antics before calming her down

Kent: ”Im fine, Alice, calm down, its just a minor scratch ”

As he said this he put on the best smile he could and clearing his eyes of any show of weakness… alas he tried on the wrong person

Alice: ”Brother… Im the one person your acting skills don work on… I can tell you
e suffering and you smell of makeup and powder covering your body. And your hair is a little less colorful than usual, whats going on?! ”

Kent frowned at his sisters detective skills, but since they
e twins theyve been together since birth.

Kent still remembers the day before their mother died and she told them to always protect each other no matter the situation.

That they
e connected on a speci

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