Ruan Ning rested awhile on the sofa before getting up. 

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Looking at the scattered bags filled with groceries lying on the floor, she felt that her hard work earlier on was not in vain.

All these items could at least last her a month or two.

She remembered the nanny visited a few days ago to stock up on the supplies so there should be a lot of food in this apartment.

It was a pity that she did not know how to cook or she could make use of the ingredients available to cook a few meals.

As she was thinking, she also pulled out a pack of biscuits and milk from the snack pile.

She consumed too much energy during the past hour and was getting hungry. 

If only she had a space (realm)…

Ruan Ning took a sip of milk and couldn’t help sighing.
She was quite envious of the male lead of the novel, Gu Yi Cheng.

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The male lead had already reborn one day before.
With the Gu family’s human and financial resources, he did not have to gather supplies personally.
All he needed to do was to transfer the supplies into his space while others were not paying attention. 

When Ruan Ning used to read apocalyptic novels, her favourite plot concept would be the protagonist having a space coupled with an ability packed with high attack capability. 

This was the standard for raiding and plundering during the post-apocalyptic times.

This apocalyptic novel was no exception.

Regardless of whether the male lead was reborn or not, he would still be extraordinary.
If it weren’t for the betrayal of his friends and subordinates in his previous life, the zombie king wouldn’t have found his weakness and killed him.

Ruan Ning wouldn’t have felt hurt if she didn’t compare.
The male lead possessed two abilities while the original owner of this body did not manifest any abilities before she died in her previous life.
Thus, it was still unknown if she would have any abilities.

She had to plan for the worst.

If she could not return to her original world before these food supplies are used up, and if she did not manifest any abilities….

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Ruan Ning couldn’t imagine the days ahead!

It would still be okay if she looked ordinary but… this face was even more beautiful than her original self.

Ruan Ning had seen herself in the mirror for twenty years, and naturally knew what she looked like.
This face was a refined version of her original face from the previous life. 

As a girl, who didn’t want to be more beautiful and Ruan Ning was no exception.

But it was the apocalyptic times!

Being pretty would be the death of her!

The apocalypse led to the manifestation of the hidden dark side of humanity.
Even Ruan Ning who saw this face as a woman couldn’t move her eyes away, let alone men…. 

During the post apocalyptic times, with this face that attracts people to commit crimes, her future would be filled with troubles if she didn’t have the ability to protect herself.

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Ruan Ning felt that the world was full of malice towards her, and couldn’t help but feel depressed.

No no.
this is too scary.

Even if she was beaten to death, she did not want to live a life as good as being dead where she would be treated as a plaything by men.

Ruan Ning thought hard about it and finally found a solution.

She would find someone who wouldn’t have ulterior motives towards her to protect her.

Consolidating the novel plot and the personal relations of the original owner, she already came up with candidates.
One would be the male lead Gu Yi Cheng, and another would be his father, Gu Hua Sheng.

For someone like Gu Yi Cheng with the male lead halo, if he can shelter her that would be the best.
It is definitely the safest being by his side.

However, when Ruan Ning thought of Gu Yi Cheng’s character and temper, she quickly shook her head and dispelled the thought of relying on him.

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The male lead might not even care about his father let alone a step sister like her.

Ruan Ning is more inclined to go to the male lead’s father.
Although Gu Hua Sheng was only a businessman, the Gu family is one of the best military family in the capital.
With this connection, the Gu family still held a lot of power during the post apocalyptic times.

The original owner’s father saved Gu Hua Sheng in a car accident and lost his life in the process.  Gu Hua Sheng then adopted the helpless original owner and loved her a lot. 

As long as Ruan Ning finds him for protection, he wouldn’t ignore her.

Unfortunately, Gu Hua Sheng went to the capital the previous day to visit Old Master Gu.

S City is more than a thousand kilometers away from the capital.
It was a one day drive before the apocalypse happened, and now it was uncertain how long it would take to get to the capital.

She might not live to see him in the capital.

Just when Ruan Ning was conflicted, the telephone suddenly rang.

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