Pokémon Light Stars

Calvin\'s Princess!

Sylvia held her Pokéball tightly.

”If you are not going to stop, I and Treecko will have to put a stop to this. ” Sylvia said and threw her Pokéball into the air. Treecko burst out of its Pokéball ready for battle.

The surrounding began to tense up as the two Pokémon trainers began their battle.

Calvin and Silver were stocking up at the Shop Keepers Pokémon mart.

”I can still believe you are willing to waste this much money on stocking this girl up. ” The Mart attendant said, He still couldn believe his eyes. The thief that had stolen his special package of before was now loading Pokéballs and other essential trainer materials into a Brown bag that Calvin had newly bought for her.

”That is the end of it. Ive paid, Silver. Lets go to my house. ” Calvin said and took her hand again, they left the Pokémon Mart.

Calvin and Silver ran to Route 1.

”Theres a Bunch of Pokémon right here in Route 1. Although, they are weak for me and Charmander to take on. They should still give enough training to your Starter, right? ” Calvin asked, already knowing he was right.

”Right. ” Silver replied and as soon as she replied to Calvin, A Wurmple popped out of the grass below.

”You know how to battle? ” Calvin asked.

”Yeah. Some of the Men at the Slums taught me to Battle. ” Silver replied as she threw her Pokéball to the ground, releasing Ralts.

”Ralts! Attack with Confusion! ” Silver ordered. Ralts eyes widened and the Wurmple stared at them, It was slowly losing control of its body.

It flew into the sky suddenly and hit the ground, It had fainted.

”Great attack, Ralts. ” Silver said, encouraging her Pokémon.

Calvin brought out his Pokédex to check Ralts stats.

”Pokédex data

National №





Feeling Pokémon


0.4 m (1′04″)


6.6 kg (14.6 lbs)


1. Synchronize

2. Trace

Telepathy (hidden ability)

RALTS senses the emotions of people using the horns on its head. This POKéMON rarely appears before people. But when it does, it draws closer if it senses that the person has a positive disposition.

Ralts is also currently in Level 10. ” The Pokédex said.

”Wow. I just got a brief rundown of Ralts from the Pokédex and I see it is already on par with Charmander. ” Calvin said as he stuffed it back. Whatever mysteries this Ralts had, He was going to find out during this Journey.

”I guess you aren just a Newbie after all, It took me 2 years of training in the Pokémon School and some of my genius ideas to reach my grade. ” Calvin said as they ran through Route 1.

Unluckily, They didn have more battles. They arrived at Littleroot town quickly, Many of the trainers had stormed and moved out, not even saying goodbye to their mothers and Fathers but Calvin cared about his Parent.

PS: Gary is somewhere in the Galar Region currently doing some Pokémon investigation with Ash Ketchum.

Calvin opened the door to his house and walked through, He saw him Mother.

She looked pretty similar to her Youth, She still had Brown hair and dazzling blue eyes but she kept her Hair tie aside.

”I thought you would have gone by now, I explored the Hoenn region before with Blaziken. ” May said and Blaziken was right beside her.

Calvin hugged his Mother.

”I will miss you, Mom. ” Calvin said.

”Me too, Calvin. ” May replied before turning towards the door.

”Who is that? ” She asked.

”Oh, I am Silver. I am from Rustboro city and live in the… ” Silver said but Calvin intervened.

”I got to Oldale town and met Silver; her parents just died so Its a little bit hard for her. Not to mention that she came all the way from Rustboro… ” Calvin too hadn finished talking before May ran to the girl.

”I am sorry, Oh, look at your Clothes, they are ragged and tattered. Come, I have some clothes that will fit you. ” May said and dragged the Girl inside.

Calvin could hear the sounds of the Shower and then shuffling about from Mays room. When Silver and May emerged, Calvin was shocked.

Silver had emerged more beautiful than before, even wearing his moms old clothes but instead of the Head tie, she wore a green hat resembling the one that Ash wore during his Pokémon Journey in Hoenn (In this Book, Ash had given her as a Present to remember him by)

Really Silver looked more dashing than before but still She couldn compare to Calvins Princess. No, Sylvia was much more beautiful than her.

”Calvin, Lets go already. ” Silver said, dragging him out of the house. ”Bye, Mrs. Gary. Thanks for everything. ”

”Don mention it, anything to help a trainer. ” May said as she waved them goodbye. She watched them leave. May began wondering herself.

Those two would make a great couple. May thought and giggled, she thought about Gary.

They arrived at Route 1 again, this time, Silver was aspired to catch a strong Pokémon to train.

”I keep telling you, but you won listen, you have a better chance of catching a better Pokémon in Route 2. ” Calvin said. He wasn sure any Pokémon in Route 1 were fit enough to be his Elites.

Suddenly, the grass rustled behind them causing both Silver and Calvin to look in that direction. Without warning, A shiny Zigzagoon burst out of the grass heading in their Direction.

The Pokéball on Calvins utility band burst open and Charmander lunged at Zigzagoon ready to attack.

”Charmander! Quick Attack! ” Calvin ordered. Charmander suddenly vanished and body slammed Zigzagoon from behind.

Zigzagoon regained composure quickly and tried to Headbutt Charmander but it was of no hope. Charmander dodged it and breathed in.

”Ember attack! Now! ” Calvin ordered. Charmander released a fireball packing a lot of power which came in contact with Zigzagoon and caused a minor explosion. Zigzagoon was blasted meters back but still It stood up but everyone could see that It wouldn last for long if Charmander launched another one of those Deadly attacks on it.

Calvin breathed a Sigh as he looked at Silvers face, Her face showed concern for the Pokémon.

”Finish it! Scratch! ” Calvin ordered. Silver looked at him with a shocked expression, No trainer had finished a battle with Scratch before.

Charmander suddenly appeared in front of Zigzagoon and scratched its face with the force of its momentum. Zigzagoon fell back and laid down, It was in no shape to fight.

”Feel free to capture that Zigzagoon! I have no need for it! ” Calvin exclaimed, declaring it loud enough.

Silver threw a Pokéball at Zigzagoon and caught it. She carried the Pokéball and placed it on the utility belt May gave her.

”I will make you stronger. ” Silver said.

She then looked at Calvin who was lecturing Charmander, She always felt for Pokémon. Like she was their guardian but looking at Calvin, She couldn help but notice that beneath those orders that he was giving Charmander. He really cared.

This boy is mysterious. She thought.

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