Ancient Second Lady ’s Small Inn.

It was not well-known in the city, but after asking the innkeeper, Chu Liang knew its exact location.

He first bought a black robe that covered his face and body, dressing himself up in the style of the underworld brothers, before heading there.

The inn was located in a corner of the city, with few pedestrians around.
If it were a legitimate business, it certainly would not have chosen such a location.
But if it were an illegitimate business, then it was just right.

Soon, he arrived at an ancient three-story building.

Pushing the door open, there were few customers on the first floor.

Chu Liang did not go up the stairs, but walked directly into a small door beside the main door.
Opening the curtain of the small door, there was a staircase leading directly downstairs.

Yes, the real business of this three-story building was actually underground.

The underground was dimly lit, with lamps hanging on the walls.
Several tables of heroes from the martial arts world were drinking and chatting here, each with a bandit-like appearance.
There were also several tables of individual customers, like Chu Liang, who covered their identities, some wearing bamboo hats, some covering their faces.

It seemed that they had come here for the same purpose as Chu Liang.

As soon as Chu Liang sat down, a nimble waiter handed him a cardboard with many names of wines and their prices.
”Sir, what would you like to order? ”

”Two pots of Immortal ’s Guidance, one for the landlady and one for me. ” Chu Liang said according to the code word given by Sha.

”Okay. ” The waiter agreed and left.

After that, Chu Liang was left waiting here.
After about half an hour, someone came again.

”Sir, please follow me to get the wine. ” The waiter approached and whispered.

Chu Liang got up and followed him, passing through another long corridor before arriving at a room with even dimmer lighting.

There was only one lamp in the room, placed on the only table in the center.
Sitting behind the table was a woman with short hair that barely reached her neck.
Her eyebrows and eyes were very bold, her chest was like a full moon, her skin was snow-white, her pupils were blue, and she had a somewhat exotic appearance.
She looked a bit older, but was still very charming and lazy.

She should be the legendary Ancient Second Lady.

”The Immortal ’s Guidance you ordered is for buying information, right? ” The woman raised her hand, first inviting Chu Liang to sit opposite her at the table, and then slowly asked.

”Yes. ” Chu Liang nodded.

”Well, I am Ancient Second Lady, you must have come here knowing that. ” The woman leaned back, continuing, ”Ask me anything you want, and if I know the answer, I will tell you.
But once I answer, you must pay something of corresponding value as an exchange.
It could be a treasure, or you could help me with something.
You must be prepared. ”

”I understand. ” Chu Liang replied.

”If you buy information and don ’t want to pay…hehe, in the city, no one can break the rules.
Let me make it clear, I hope you won ’t take offense. ” The woman stared at Chu Liang ’s face, and her eyes suddenly became sharp for a moment.

”Second Lady, please rest assured, I will definitely abide by the rules. ” Chu Liang nodded repeatedly.

This woman must have some means to be able to mix in the underground like this, and he had no doubt about it.

”Then ask your question. ” Ancient Second Lady raised her hand again.

The lights flickered.Chu Liang asked, ”I want to know…
where is the demon envoy who committed a major crime in Kao Shan City now? ”

Gu Erniang laughed again, ”Your question is quite cunning, but unfortunately, I can ’t answer it.
First of all, I don ’t know who committed the crime, and secondly, I don ’t know where the demon envoy is. ”

She raised the corner of her lips and shook her head gently.

Chu Liang was prepared for this, as being well-informed did not mean omniscience.
It was normal for some questions to have no answers.

”Then I ’ll change the question… ” Chu Liang pondered for a moment before asking, ”I want to know who the demon envoy is trying to give the Minghai Golden Lotus to? ”

”Well… ” Gu Erniang also thought for a moment and said, ”It seems you are very interested in that demon envoy.
I might as well tell you everything I know… ”

”All I know is that the extermination of the San Jue Valley has become more and more severe lately.
Seventeen evil witch villages in the Southern Domain have united to form an alliance with the demon race to fight against the righteous path.
They have sent an emissary, represented by Hei Shan Village, to meet with the demon race in the next few days.
If the demon race sends any envoys or makes any preparations, it should be related to them.
As for the rest, I know nothing. ”

Evil witch?

Chu Liang wasn ’t too surprised to hear this name.

If the demon race wanted to unite various forces, it would be the evil cultivators of witchcraft, gu, and poison sects in the Southern Domain.
This was expected, and it was just a matter of confirming which one it was.

The witch race was divided into white witches and black witches, righteous witches and evil witches.
The San Jue Valley was known for its mastery of witchcraft, gu, and poison, but they practiced the righteous path.

The evil witches in the Southern Domain had an ancient heritage dating back to ancient times.
They were often cruel and practiced bizarre techniques, which were not tolerated by the righteous cultivators.

The most ruthless in exterminating evil witch cultivators were the white witches who, despite their shared belief in the witch god, had been fighting for thousands of years.

”Then I want to ask…
where is this evil witch emissary? ” Chu Liang continued.

If the two sides were to meet, finding the traces of the evil witch emissary should lead to the demon envoy.

”Wang Shan Tower. ”

This time, Gu Erniang ’s answer was very straightforward.

It seemed that she was indeed well aware of the major forces in Kao Shan City.

”Thank you. ” Chu Liang nodded, ”I have no more questions. ”

”Good. ” Gu Erniang smiled lightly, ”Now it ’s time for us to talk about compensation.
You asked two questions, what do you plan to offer in exchange? ”

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Chu Liang thought for a moment and said, ”I know the exact location of a soon-to-be-mature Renmian Yujing Flower in the mountains of the Southern Domain.
I can tell Erniang this information. ”

He was reluctant to part with the treasures in his possession, and he didn ’t have anything valuable besides them.
The items he could offer in exchange were actually quite limited.

During the last sect mission, they had picked a Renmian Yujing Flower with two blossoms.
They had picked one mature flower, while the other was left behind as it wasn ’t ready yet.

”Although the Renmian Yujing Flower is precious, just having the information is not enough to cover the value of two questions. ” Gu Erniang said, ”Even if you picked it and brought it here, it would still be lacking.
At most, it would be worth the value of your second question. ”

”Alright. ” Chu Liang nodded, agreeing with her judgment.

After thinking for a moment, he said, ”As for the compensation for the first question, why don ’t Erniang make a suggestion? ”

”In that case… ” Gu Erniang didn ’t think too much, and gently placed her slender palm on the table.

A silver caterpillar-like creature slowly crawled out of her sleeve.
It was like a caterpillar, but thicker, and its body segments seemed to be covered with a shiny, bright shell.

”This is my Jin Qian Gu, which needs to evolve by devouring wealth. ” Gu Erniang flicked the little creature ’s bottom, ”Within three days, help me promote it from silver to gold.
It only needs to eat a little bit of money. ”

Chu Liang smiled, ”Alright. ”

This condition was not too harsh.

Generally speaking, for cultivators, problems that could be solved with money were not problems at all.

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