Because he was afraid of missing any news and arousing suspicion, Chu Liang didn ’t care about Yun Zhaoxian anymore, closed the door and took out the Soul-Locking Token to check.

His divine sense entered the soul realm space, and he saw the golden message inside.

【59】: ”I got an ancient ape spirit, I don ’t need it myself, I want to exchange it for other treasures, anyone interested? ”


So this group also has a trading function.

Then there was Shā ’s comment.

【Shā】: ”The ancient ape spirit is quite rare, it cannot be derived without the convergence of heaven, earth, and timing.
If it is taken by combat-type ghosts and monsters, it can greatly enhance their combat power.
How many years is your spirit? ”

【59】: ”About three hundred years. ”

【Shā】: ”That ’s still considered precious.
First, see if they want it.
If not, I can help you forward it to other soul realm spaces for inquiries. ”

【59】: ”Thank you, Shā! ”

His explanation was quite thoughtful, which made Chu Liang understand the function of this thing.

Among ghosts and monsters, there are both unpredictable ones like the painted skin ghosts and the hook-soul ghosts, and there are also frontal combat types like the sword-bearing ghosts and the rakshasa ghosts.
This ancient ape spirit is like the Tiger Nurturing Pill for ghosts, which can strengthen their power.

Whatever it is, as long as it is for ghosts to eat, he definitely won ’t use it.

But now he was pretending to be ”Fifty-Eight ” and was a bit undecided…
Would he use it or not?

He could only remain silent for now.

Soon, there was another reply.

【60】: ”I want it, what do you want to exchange for? ”

【59】: ”I haven ’t thought about it yet, as long as it is of matching value and useful to me. ”

【60】: ”Then can I exchange it with you for two pieces of Míluó Green Leaf? ”

【Shā】: ”Míluó Green Leaf can store many ghosts and monsters, which is much more convenient than our commonly used bottle technique, and the ghosts and monsters can live in it, which can warm and cultivate themselves, and greatly benefit their cultivation.
Two pieces of Míluó Green Leaf are enough to exchange for your ancient ape spirit. ”

【59】: ”Since the respected Shā said so, of course it ’s okay.
Where are you now? Is there a Gourmet Pavilion nearby? ”

【60】: ”Yes, in Nanguan City Gourmet Pavilion. ”

【59】: ”Then you can send the Míluó Green Leaf to the Gourmet Pavilion in Baihua City, and I will send the ancient ape spirit to Nanguan City on this side. ”

【60】: ”Okay. ”

With a few words, a deal was happily made.

At this time, Chu Liang finally appeared.

【58】: ”Ah, too bad he beat me to it. ”

【59】: ”Haha, senior, wait for the next time. ”

【58】: ”Okay. ”

After a brief chat, he went offline again, having accomplished his goal.It was just a simple treasure transaction, and there was not much communication.
However, Chu Liang analyzed some special information from it.

Firstly, the bond between the 72 Soul Catchers was quite loose.

Perhaps it was a common problem among demonic sects like the Underworld Sect, where fellow disciples often harmed each other.
This led to even fellow disciples being wary of each other.

They had to do business through the Gluttonous Tower instead of face-to-face transactions, which indicated that they did not trust each other and might not have even met before.

This was good news for Chu Liang, who was lurking among them.

In addition, this kind of exchange gave Chu Liang some inspiration.
If the White Tower offered rewards that he did not like in the future, he could trade them for items that he needed.

There was a small market for disciples to set up stalls on Shu Mountain, but it was said to be insignificant and rarely had genuine treasures.
Chu Liang had not participated yet, but he could go and take a look next time.

As for outside of Shu Mountain, it was the Gluttonous Tower they had just mentioned.

All the Gluttonous Towers in the world were under one of the Ten Earthly Sects, the Northern Territory ’s Gluttonous City.

A thousand years ago, Gluttonous City was just an ordinary third-rate immortal sect established as a fortress against the demon race.
It gradually declined after the demon race retreated.

The city was located in the barren northern land and had nothing special except for its large size.

When the sect was declining, the newly appointed city lord had a sudden idea.

Since the place was large, why not take advantage of it? He began to issue recruitment notices, attracting people from all walks of life in the cultivation world to Gluttonous City…
to do business.

Yes, it was investment.

Attracting people to come to Gluttonous City to trade.

Due to the special nature of cultivators, most transactions were still conducted through bartering instead of using money.

They exchanged what they needed, and money was usually useless.

However, the biggest problem with bartering was the information gap.

What Zhang San in the south needed might be in the hands of Li Si in the north, and what Li Si needed might be in the hands of Wang Wu in the east, but they could not communicate effectively and could not obtain what they needed.

The main reason for this information gap was that many cultivators dared not reveal their treasures.

A common saying was that a man with a treasure is guilty of harboring it.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

If someone flaunted their treasures all over the world and wanted to exchange them for something, they might not attract businessmen, but bandits.

In short, under various limiting factors, trading among cultivators was quite inconvenient at that time.The appearance of the Gluttonous City provided a place where cultivators from all over the world could list their possessions and needs in the city, making it convenient and efficient.

With the reputation of the Gluttonous City as a guarantee, all information about the traders is strictly confidential.
Both parties will hand over the traded items to the Gluttonous City, which will confirm the accuracy before delivering them to both parties.

The whole process is simple and safe, although the Gluttonous City charges high fees, most cultivators willingly pay it to avoid being cheated.

In fact, mainstream cultivators like Chu Liang, who come from the top sects, cannot really experience this kind of demand.

Because the internal resources and population of the major sects are abundant enough to form a circulation within the sects.
Just like the Exchange Sword Pavilion and the Four Halls of Shu Mountain, they bear the function of resource circulation.

And with the backing of the major sects, even if they trade with outsiders, they don ’t have to worry about being cheated.

However, for non-mainstream cultivators with larger sums of money, these are all painful experiences, and the emergence of the Gluttonous City is a blessing.

Of course, managing such a reputation is not achieved overnight.

It took several generations of the Gluttonous City hundreds of years to finally become the recognized trading place for cultivators all over the world, rising among the top sects.

In recent years, the Gluttonous City has also developed its business beyond its own mountain gate.

It is to open the Gluttonous Pavilion in major cities.

Both parties can anonymously trade at any location, and the Gluttonous Pavilion will complete the delivery, without any worries.

When conducting these businesses, the Gluttonous City has not forgotten its own heritage.
With the large amount of money earned, it has armed the sect and its disciples have become stronger and stronger.

The disciples of the Gluttonous City are now famous for their magic tools.

Highlighting the importance of money.

While major sects are still competing in technical and hard power, by establishing a reputation as a platform and logistics, using early returns to increase strength and establish their own defense line.

The rise of the Gluttonous City in Chu Liang ’s eyes can only be described as professional.

There was no talk this night, and the next morning, after Chu Liang washed up, he went to find Yun Zhaoxian next door.

He heard shouting and laughter in the room, and this guy was boxing with his bare arms.

Chu Liang couldn ’t help but curse in his heart.
Don ’t you muscle men like to be shirtless?

Yesterday, after he tore his clothes in the Canglin Mountains, he came to the Kuangshan City with his bare arms and a weapon and was almost intercepted by the city guards.
He had to buy a shirt first to cover his halberd before entering the city gate. ”Brother Chu, you ’re up. ” Yun Zhaoxian stopped his movements when he saw Chu Liang come in and said with a smile, ”I was just about to call you.
I ’ve already tracked down the location of Tianyinbo.
Let ’s go kill that guy! ”

”Okay. ” Chu Liang smiled and paused.
He suddenly asked, ”Brother Yun, do you have any simple and easy-to-learn martial arts skills? Can you teach me a few moves? ”

With the sudden increase in the power of the Ten Tigers, physical strength alone was somewhat wasteful.
If he could learn some quick martial arts skills from Yun Zhaoxian, that would be even better.

If it was a high-level martial arts secret book, he would definitely not casually ask for it.
But for simple moves for beginners, Yun Zhaoxian should not mind teaching him a few.

”Huh? ” Yun Zhaoxian was also a bit curious.
”Brother Chu, why do you suddenly want to learn martial arts? ”

I saw your invincible heroism in the Tibetan forest yesterday and admired it greatly.
It ’s hard not to have a desire to learn. ” Chu Liang answered sincerely.

”Hehe… ” Yun Zhaoxian couldn ’t help but smile when he heard this.
He waved his hand and said, ”You flatter me, you flatter me.
It ’s easy to teach you a few basic moves since you haven ’t practiced martial arts before.
What kind of weapon do you usually use? ”

Chu Liang answered without hesitation, ”A wooden board. ”

Yun Zhaoxian: ”? ”

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