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Mountain City.

This city is adjacent to the towering Shu Mountain, and the sunrise always comes a little later in the city when it passes over the mountain ridge, but the sunset always comes very fast.

On this day, just before the city gates closed, two eye-catching young men entered the city.

One was handsome and had a kind smile on his face.
The other was tall and sturdy, with a long weapon tied to his back, the top covered with a cloth bag, hiding its sharpness.

They were Chu Liang, a disciple of Shu Mountain, and Yun Zhaoxian, a disciple of the Heavenly Strength Sect.

Originally, Yun Zhaoxian invited Chu Liang to come with him to deal with the divine envoy of the demon race, but Chu Liang was hesitant.
After all, Yun Zhaoxian was highly respected by him because of his powerful sword technique, but he knew his own strengths and limitations.

Such a level of battle was a bit too high for him.

However, Yun Zhaoxian continued to persuade him and promised that if they succeeded, all the rewards would go to Chu Liang, and he would only complete the task assigned by the sect to kill the divine envoy.

This made Chu Liang somewhat moved.

Of course, it was purely Yun Zhaoxian ’s sincerity that moved him, and nothing else.


He hadn ’t used the summoning master ’s jade slip before, but he still had one big summoning technique left.
This kind of slightly risky thing was not completely impossible for him to participate in.

Take a risk and turn bronze into gold.

He hadn ’t forgotten to visit the Cat King and Lady Ming ’s den in the eastern mountain to make sure they were safe before following Yun Zhaoxian on the road.

When the group of monsters in Canglin Mountain heard that the Tiger King had died, they scattered like birds and beasts, and the two of them escaped with the flow.
From now on, the Tiger King would have no way to trouble them again.

Lady Ming was grateful to Chu Liang and then went home to live with her brother Ming Yuan.
She almost had to remarry when she went home to visit her family, but she had already made up her mind.

After confirming their safety, the matter with Lady Ming was considered complete, and Chu Liang followed Yun Zhaoxian on the road.

As for how Yun Zhaoxian tracked the divine envoy ’s location…
when he mentioned it, he smirked.

”When I punched him before, I left some tricks on him.
I used my sect ’s secret technique, Heavenly Sound Wave, on him. ”

”Within three days, his whereabouts will be under my control.
However, the Heavenly Sound Wave needs to wait for the echo to determine the location, so it may take a while to use.
Therefore, when we get there, he may have already left.
But as long as he stops somewhere, he won ’t be able to escape from my palm. ”

”I also found Canglin Mountain with the Heavenly Sound Wave before.
The last time the Heavenly Sound Wave transmitted an echo was near this Mountain City.
If he enters the city, he shouldn ’t leave too quickly.
After tonight, I will be able to find his exact location. ”

As he spoke, Yun Zhaoxian confidently clenched his fist.

Unexpectedly, this guy still had a trick up his sleeve.
Chu Liang admired him and said, ”Brother Yun is indeed very wise. ”

”Of course. ” Yun Zhaoxian smirked, ”In our Heavenly Strength Sect, I am known for my quick thinking. ”

”Indeed. ” Chu Liang nodded.

At the same time, he was vaguely worried about the future of the Heavenly Strength Sect.

After the two entered the city, it was already late, so they found an inn to rest first.
They booked two rooms and agreed to meet again in the morning.

Back in the room, Chu Liang freshened up and lay on the bed, finally settling down and finding time to reward himself.

After killing the Tiger King earlier, another tiger phantom appeared in the White Pagoda.

”Refine. ”

Without hesitation, he directly refined it.


When the light floated out, Chu Liang took it and found that it seemed to be a white pill.

【Mighty Tiger Nurturing Pill】:

A high-grade pill containing the innate essence of a mighty tiger.
The taker can increase their strength by ten tigers, enhance their qi and blood, improve their sleep, and revive their manly prowess.

”Wow. ” Feeling the effects of the pill, Chu Liang couldn ’t help but exclaim.So powerful.

Although it seems to have several effects, the most useful one can be seen at a glance, which is naturally the revitalization…
Ah, the increase of ten tiger powers.

Ten tiger powers!

The three teachings cultivators are different from the martial arts cultivators.
In the three realms and nine stages, they will focus on cultivating the physical body, and only the first realm, the Body Refining Realm, and the sixth realm, the Law Body Realm, are purely focused on physical strength.

But the Law Body Realm needs to give the physical body a special spirituality, not just simply exercising strength.

So usually, only the physical strength increases the most at the beginning of the entire cultivation stage.

Of course, after the qi meridians are connected, as long as the cultivation level is high, the strength will naturally be strong, but that is not pure physical strength after all.

For example, a Dao realm cultivator can easily pull up mountains and mountains with a little bit of true qi.
However, if he does not use a trace of true qi, his pure physical strength may not be much higher than that of the cultivators of the previous realms.

And these ten tiger powers are purely added to the physical body.

After taking this pill, Chu Liang may be stronger than many martial arts cultivators in terms of strength alone.

If it is a martial arts cultivator, you still need to consider eating this kind of strength-increasing pill.
Because the strength increased by external forces is difficult to control at first, and it will also overdraft potential.

But Chu Liang himself is not a martial artist, and these ten tiger powers are like a gift for him, and he doesn ’t need to think about whether he can still grow in the future.

After a moment of contemplation, he did not hesitate too much, and took the Tiger Nurturing Pill.


As soon as the pill entered his stomach, a hot breath immediately rushed out, spreading throughout his body.

Chu Liang ’s joints all over his body made uncontrollable noises, and crackling sounds continued, as if a real tiger was waking up inside his body, stretching its muscles and bones.

”Ah- ”

After a long time, Chu Liang let out a low roar and opened his eyes.

If you don ’t feel it carefully, it seems that nothing has changed inside the body? It just feels exhausted, sweating all over, and dry mouth.

Chu Liang got up and poured himself a glass of water, but when he held the water glass in his left hand, there was a ”click ” sound.

The white porcelain tea cup shattered into small pieces, and water splashed on Chu Liang ’s pants.

”This… ” He felt the difference in his palm.
He clearly felt that he was holding the cup with normal strength, but he actually crushed the cup alive.

It seems that the strength increased by taking the medicine is not so easy to control.

He still needs to adapt for a period of time.

He must be very careful during this period…especially when washing his face.

Just as he was thinking, there was a urgent inquiry outside the door: ”Brother Chu, are you okay? ”

It was Yun Zhaoxian outside.

”Hmm? ” Chu Liang went to open the door and said, ”Brother Yun, what ’s wrong? ”

”I just heard you seem to be yelling, so I came to ask… ” Yun Zhaoxian saw him open the door and was about to say something.
He saw Chu Liang ’s appearance.

He heard Chu Liang ’s low roar next door and came to see what was going on.

But seeing Chu Liang sweating profusely, breathing heavily, looking tired, and having large, unidentified water stains on his pants…

He understood.

Yun Zhaoxian ’s expression became awkward: ”Sorry Brother Chu, I disturbed you! ”

He apologized and hurriedly left.

”Hey… ” Chu Liang quickly wanted to stop him.

What did this smart guy disturb?

As soon as he raised his hand, he suddenly felt a vibration in his pocket.

Chu Liang ’s heart moved.

Soul Restraining Order, there is news!

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