”There ’s a spy! ”

This shout immediately attracted the attention of the surrounding monsters, and a dozen little monsters with sharp blades rushed over.

The ox demon had no time to look at Chu Liang.

”Where are you from? ” A little demon asked loudly.

If he answered incorrectly, he would be attacked with swords.

”I ’m from your grandma ’s cave! ” The ox demon roared and took the initiative to attack, throwing a punch.


The punch was powerful and heavy, hitting the little demon ’s chest and sending him flying for dozens of meters, crashing into the side cave wall and embedding himself like a painting.

It was like hitting a painting.

The punch was very heavy, and as he twisted his body, the two large horns on his head also fell off.
It turned out that the ox demon was also a disguise.

”He ’s a human! ” A higher voice immediately called out.

”So he ’s also a human? ” Chu Liang finally understood the ox demon ’s actions.

He must have wanted to infiltrate the back hall, but didn ’t know the password, so he wanted to take down a little demon and extract the password.

he found himself instead.

”Not bad, your grandpa ox is a human! ”

The man saw that he had been exposed, so he stopped pretending, tore off the wig and horns on his head, and shook his arms.
The fake fur on his upper body shattered, revealing a muscular body like a diamond.

His clothes burst!

The surrounding little demons rushed up to kill him, but he punched one and kicked a group of them, causing them to vomit blood and fly around with broken bones.
He easily made a bloody path.

But the little demons ’ knives and spears couldn ’t even touch him.

Chu Liang saw clearly from behind that this person seemed to be using orthodox martial arts.

In the early stages of martial arts cultivation, basic fist and foot techniques were very important.
If two people had the same speed and strength, but one had practiced martial arts, the result of the fight would likely be one-sided.

The qi they catalyzed with their internal strength was slightly different from the true qi of the three teachings.
It lacked some changes, but was more vigorous and strong.

Warriors of the same level usually had stronger killing power than three-teaching cultivators.

If three-teaching cultivators pursued pure cultivation, seeking the Dao without seeking the technique, then martial artists didn ’t care about that much.
Their only goal in cultivation was to be able to fight.

The Heavenly Strength Sect in the Nine Heavens Immortal Sect was a pure martial arts sect, and its disciples were known for their fighting ability.As mentioned earlier, the god envoy had mentioned that his Zhen Shan He Ji was snatched from a Heavenly Strength disciple…
Chu Liang quickly figured out the origin of this burly man in front of him.

Although he was young, he already had at least the fourth realm of martial arts cultivation.
Even if he wasn ’t the chief disciple, he was still one of the core disciples of the Heavenly Strength Sect.

In just a blink of an eye, dozens of little demons had already died or been injured by his hands.
This burly man treaded on a bloody path, killing his way to the place where the gifts were stored in the back hall.
There, a great halberd was prominently displayed.

His target was indeed this halberd.

Chu Liang looked at the heavily injured little demons on the ground and couldn ’t help but have a strong urge to finish them off.
If it weren ’t for the unclear situation and the unsuitability of revealing his identity, he really wanted to jump out and fight side by side with the burly man…
specifically to finish off the wounded.

”Daring human, how dare you cause trouble in my Hidden Forest Mountain! ”

A violent tiger roar was heard, causing the cave to hum incessantly.
Some of the lower-level demons couldn ’t even stand still and fell to the ground.

It was the Tiger King who came in anger!

The demon king grabbed the Zhen Shan He Ji, swung it fiercely, and then lunged forward with a strike.

The scorching wind of the halberd swept across the four corners, and all the little demons within ten zhang were shaken away!

”You demon, return my divine weapon! ” The burly man shouted, his arms suddenly bulging, and his palms opened like a fan as he took a step forward.


He rushed forward and used both hands to meet the halberd, grabbing the shaft and catching the powerful strike!

”Roar! ”

The iron tower-like Tiger King and the golden sculpture-like burly man each roared and began to fight for the halberd.
In an instant, the mountain shook, and the entire cave began to crumble, as if it might collapse at any moment.

The demon kings who had attended the banquet and some of the little demons felt that something was wrong and fled in a swarm.

When immortals fight, mortals suffer.

These two big guys fighting would definitely be bad news for those around them.

Chu Liang also intended to avoid them and was about to retreat when he suddenly saw the burly man fall behind.

It turned out that he and the Tiger King were each using all their strength to fight for the halberd.
However, the Tiger King ’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he raised something from below.

Yes, it was his tail.

The tiger tail was like a whip, with great force, and it swept across the burly man ’s waist.

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This blow directly swept him away, rolling a few times.

He was quite tough, disregarding his injuries, and he rolled over and stood up straight.
But the Tiger King ’s pursuit had already arrived, and a cold light descended from the sky as the halberd struck again. ”Drink! ” The burly man suddenly shouted, then his right fist was held at his waist, and he suddenly raised it towards the sky, a giant fist of Qi facing the halberd.


In an instant, he seemed to have opened the sky with his right fist! He transformed into a dragon!

His figure leaped and he kicked the tiger king ’s chest in mid-air.

Visible golden light surged, and demonic energy overflowed.

”Roar! ” The tiger king let out a roar, and his body twisted, turning into a huge creature in mid-air!

Revealing his true form, the black tiger!

In an instant, the black tiger that almost filled half of the cave appeared, with angry golden eyes and fangs like swords.
The burly man who faced it suddenly became very small.

The black tiger bowed his head and released a natural divine ability.

Tiger ’s roar!

It suddenly transformed, obviously catching the burly man off guard.

”Roar! ”

The intense sound waves were all borne by the burly man in front of him.
The killing intent was overwhelming, and he seemed to have suffered a mental attack, slightly stiffening for a moment.

In this moment, the black tiger ’s huge blood basin covered his head, and he was about to swallow him whole!


There was a muffled sound.

The imagined scene of flesh and blood flying everywhere did not appear.

It turned out that the burly man came to his senses in time, and with both hands supporting him, he actually withstood the two upper teeth of the tiger king, and stepped on its lower jaw with one foot, forcibly…blocking this bite!

”Roar! ” The tiger king kept making angry growls, but its biting force could not swallow this hard bone.

”Eh ha! ” The burly man also made a muffled shout from his mouth.
His muscles all over his body were bulging to a terrifying degree.
A faint blood-red tattoo appeared on his back, as if blessed by a god.

Stuck in this deadlock, he couldn ’t break free for a while.

After the tiger king revealed its true form, this huge black tiger had the power to move mountains and split rocks.
He was already terrifying enough to compete with it as a human.
Seeing the situation falling into a stalemate again, the small demons who had just escaped could come back and besiege him again, which was extremely disadvantageous for the burly man.

Chu Liang, who was secretly watching the battle, finally couldn ’t sit idly by any longer.

With a thought, he directly took out the Zhan Hong sword from the White Tower.

Since he first saw the tiger king, the Zhan Hong sword has been conveying restless emotions to him, and it has been holding back for a long time.

Chu Liang sacrificed the Zhan Hong sword and immediately displayed his strongest divine ability.

”Shadow of a Hundred Swords, move with your heart… ”

After such a fierce and violent one-on-one battle between men, suddenly using a divine ability like the Hundred Swords Technique seemed a bit low-level.But Chu Liang ’s goal was not to kill the Tiger King.
It was enough to just slightly affect it.

As long as it loosened its grip a little, the muscular man could pick up the fallen halberd and escape easily.

”Hundred Swords Art! ”

With Chu Liang ’s shout, the Zhan Hong Sword split into countless sword lights and disappeared in an instant.

While the Tiger King was still engrossed in the battle with its enemy, it suddenly heard a clear shout of the Hundred Swords Art from beside it.

Its peripheral vision caught sight of the sword energy rushing towards it.

Actually, it wanted to laugh.

After wandering around for hundreds of years, it naturally knew about the Hundred Swords Art.
Did this little trick really think it could harm the Tiger King?

But in the next moment, a color of fear suddenly flashed in its peripheral vision.

Wait a minute…

Are you bullying a little tiger who hasn ’t been to school?

You call this the Hundred Swords Art?!

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