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In the mouths of the demon clan, this title represents an ancient and supreme existence.

Although human cultivation is divided into three realms and nine stages, the ninth stage of Tongxuan has always been a legendary realm.
Those who can reach this realm are truly rare and precious.

Three thousand years ago, a peerless demon emperor of the demon clan reached this supreme realm, becoming the first Tongxuan realm demon god in the world and the only Tongxuan realm in the human world at that time.

The human cultivators then faced a catastrophe.

The demon god slaughtered in all directions, and many immortal sects were unable to stop him.
In the face of the absolute strength, no amount of people could fill the gap.
It seemed that the demon clan was about to conquer the nine continents under the leadership of the demon god.

In the face of this crisis of suffering, it was the seven elders of the Tianyuan realm of Shu Mountain who led with the peerless divine weapon, the Demon Suppression Tower.
They sacrificed six of their own to finally seal the demon god in the Demon Suppression Tower.

It was this battle that established the status of the Demon Suppression Tower as the number one divine weapon in the human world.

The reason was simple.
Tongxuan realm was already a god before this, and there was an insurmountable gap between gods and all other living beings that could not be challenged, defeated, or surpassed.

But the existence of the Demon Suppression Tower erased this gap.

Only it could do it, so it was the supreme divine weapon that no one could deny.

However, it was said that even the Demon Suppression Tower could not kill the demon god, only seal him.
So in the long years that followed, there were always demon clans attempting to break through Shu Mountain, open the Demon Suppression Tower, and release the demon god.
Unfortunately, all the demon clans who tried this, overtly or covertly, were trapped in the Demon Suppression Tower.

Until five hundred years ago, the Demon Suppression Tower disappeared.

Shu Mountain has not given a definite reason for this, or maybe they themselves do not know.

At first, there were rumors in the martial arts world that the demon god broke the Demon Suppression Tower and escaped, but Shu Mountain suppressed the news to avoid causing panic in the human world.

But after five hundred years, there was no news of the demon god ’s return, and such rumors gradually disappeared.

Three thousand years is too long, and the present-day humans have long forgotten that terrifying era.


The demon clan will always remember!

They miss the era when the demon clan ruled the world and the humans trembled.

To the west of the Western Regions lies the boundless land of the extreme west.
It is desolate and cruel, but it has the largest demon clan power in the world.

It was established by the surviving seven demon kings who were chased and fled to the extreme west after the demon god was defeated.

It is called the Seven Kings Ridge!The Seven Kings Ridge has always been committed to reviving the demon race and has never given up hope of welcoming back the demon god.
For the demon race living on the land of the human countries, the Seven Kings Ridge is more like a distant and lofty holy land.

And today, this divine envoy is actually from the Seven Kings Ridge.

The scene was immediately filled with shocked and amazed voices, including Chu Liang who was also very surprised.

Originally, he came to deal with a love dispute, but who would have thought there would be unexpected gains.

The demon god is going to return?

If this news is true, it will be enough to shake the entire continent!

The divine envoy spoke with a devout voice, ”The Tiger King is the one we sent from the Seven Kings Ridge to develop our territory.
We will gather our own forces within the human territory, waiting for the day when the god truly returns… ”

”It is the time for us to respond to him! ”

”Those who are willing to follow the footsteps of the god, join the Hidden Forest Mountain.
Of course, if you don ’t want to, we won ’t force you.
The god loves every demon citizen. ”

He didn ’t say much, but it ignited the scene.

The god is going to return, and joining the Tiger King is to join the god ’s camp in advance, instantly making many demon kings ’ eyes turn red.

When the Tiger King was lobbying before, there were still many small demon kings hesitating.
After all, even if his power is great, it is not necessary to be his subordinate if they can live comfortably.

But with the name of the god, things are different.

Many of those who hesitated or firmly refused are believed to have changed their minds at this moment.

Even the Cat King seemed to be breathing heavily.

Chu Liang looked at him with some concern.
Would this guy suddenly have a demon heart and stand up to report him?

Thanks to the Cat King ’s clear mind, he didn ’t forget the purpose of this trip.

When the surrounding area became noisy again, and all the demons were discussing the words of the divine envoy just now, the Cat King came over and said, ”Hero Chu, we need to act quickly.
If we ’re too late, the Tiger King will be back in his bridal chamber. ”

The demon wedding is not as ceremonial as the human wedding.
After the divine envoy finished speaking, he seemed to have other matters to attend to and hurriedly took the demons away.

After he left, the Tiger King waved his hand and announced the start of the banquet, then picked up the large wine jug and toasted table by table.

Chu Liang looked around and got up from his seat.According to their previously established plan, Ming Madam, who is now waiting in the bridal chamber, will poison the candles and wine, and then deceive the Drunken Tiger King into drinking the poisoned wine when he is drunk.

Chu Liang, who is hiding in the dark, will suddenly attack with his sword, striving to kill him.

If it were a cultivator in the fourth or fifth realm, Chu Liang would not act in this way.
But if it were a high-level demon, it would be worth trying to challenge.

If something goes wrong, he can always crush the jade talisman and summon his master.
Based on Chu Liang ’s understanding of Di Nvfeng, she should not have drunk too much at this time, and it would only take a cup of tea for her to arrive with full force.
It is also because he has something to rely on in his heart that he dares to try this somewhat risky plan.

Before the Drunken Tiger King returns to the bridal chamber, Chu Liang needs to sneak in and hide.

He got up and crept towards the back of the cave.

The back hall is where the Drunken Tiger King and some big demons in the Canglin Mountains live, similar to the backyard of a wealthy family, where the bridal chamber is also located.

Ordinary demon caves are always loose, and it doesn ’t matter if you walk around randomly.
The Drunken Tiger King ’s jurisdiction is slightly stricter, and there are many small demons patrolling the back hall.

But at this time, the surrounding small demons were all drunk, and the guards were not focused.
They were about to be sneaked into the back hall by Chu Liang.

At this moment, a bull demon with two large horns suddenly approached and patted Chu Liang ’s shoulder, asking, ”Password! ”

”Hmm? ” Chu Liang ’s heart tightened.

There is still a password?

The Drunken Tiger King is indeed from the Seven Kings Ridge, and the management of the Canglin Mountains is indeed strict.

He couldn ’t help but touch the flying sword bracelet on his left hand, and muttered, ”The sky is high and the emperor is far away. ”

Immediately after that, he prepared to sacrifice his sword.
As long as the other party made a move, he would immediately kill a demon and summon his master without hesitation.


The result was unexpected.

After hearing it, the bull demon nodded and walked past Chu Liang without a care.


Chu Liang was stunned.
Did he get it wrong?

This is a bit unbelievable.

Out of surprise, he stared at the back of the bull demon for a few more glances.
He found that the bull demon swaggered into the back hall and ran into two patrolling small demons on the way.

One of the small demons asked him, ”Password! ”

The bull demon answered with an extremely confident tone, ”The sky is high and the emperor is far away! ”

Then, the two small demons on the opposite side drew their weapons and shouted, ”There is a spy! ”In that moment, the bull demon turned his head towards Chu Liang ’s direction.
The hesitation in his movement was so great that one of his bull horns was flung off…
His gaze was filled with the confusion and astonishment of being deceived, like when his former classmate cheated off his wrong answers.

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