The next morning, the sun was shining brightly.

Chu Liang got up as usual, slowly washed up, combed his hair into an adult style, and put on a handsome outfit.
He was going to Jiang Xiaobai ’s appointment at noon.

He came all the way to the Pagoda Peak and followed yesterday ’s path to the Water Curtain Cave.
Bai Ze didn ’t appear during this time, which made Chu Liang wonder.

As soon as he arrived at the cave entrance, he heard Jiang Xiaobai scolding inside, ”You chewed up the new mattress I got yesterday! If you do it again, I ’ll hit you next time! ”

And Bai Ze cub was whimpering softly, ”Huo huo… ”

Chu Liang used his divine sense to sneak a peek and saw that the messy cave from yesterday had disappeared and returned to its original state.
Jiang Xiaobai was sitting cross-legged on the bed, angry.
Bai Ze cub stood beside her on its hind legs, with a brick on its nose.
Fresh bite marks could be seen on the newly replaced bed.

Wow, this Bai Ze divine beast also destroys things.

Chu Liang couldn ’t help but smile, then cleared his throat and said, ”Jiang Shijie, I ’m here. ”

”Ah, come in. ” Jiang Xiaobai greeted him.

When Chu Liang walked into the cave, he saw her standing tall and slender, with a fringe dress and a delicate bun.
Under the cool light around her, she looked like a fairy who had lived in the mountains for thousands of years.
But in the blink of an eye, the speed of her change in temperament was astonishing.

”This… ” Chu Liang glanced at Bai Ze cub, and it immediately threw away the brick and pounced on him, wagging its tail.

”Hmm? ” Jiang Xiaobai frowned.

”Huo… ” Bai Ze cub immediately stopped and stood by the wall with a sad expression, holding the brick with its hooves and placing it on its nose.

It looked so obedient.

Chu Liang smiled and said, ”What ’s so serious that it deserves this treatment? It ’s just a child. ”

”If you don ’t study seriously later, you ’ll be treated the same way. ” Jiang Xiaobai didn ’t give him any face.

Bai Ze cub ’s big eyes turned twice and glanced at Chu Liang, revealing a hint of expectation.


Do you really want me to stand with you?

Chu Liang immediately changed the subject and asked, ”Why does the town ’s divine beast of Shu Mountain listen to Jiang Shijie? ”

”I don ’t know either… ” Jiang Xiaobai said, ”When I was very young, Bai Ze cub often came to play with me.
It grew up with me, just like how it ’s close to you.
Do you know why? ”

Chu Liang shook his head.

He really didn ’t know.

If talent was top-notch, Jiang Xiaobai was one, but he was far from it.
If it was about kindness…
there were too many people like that.

”Maybe it just likes to play with people who look good. ” Chu Liang said in the end.

”Indeed. ” Jiang Xiaobai didn ’t deny it.

After a few greetings, Jiang Xiaobai went straight to the point, ”Today, I plan to teach you the Hundred Sword Art.
Do you know it? ”

The Hundred Sword Art?

Of course, Chu Liang knew it.

It was one of the most basic sword arts in Shu Mountain, and although it was basic, it was definitely not weak.
The upward space was enormous, from a hundred to a thousand, and if one cultivated to the Ten Thousand Sword Art, it would be a top-level supernatural power on par with the Heavenly Sword Art.

”Thank you, Jiang Shijie. ” He stood up respectfully and faced Jiang Xiaobai, showing his respect as if facing his master.

”The essence of the Hundred Sword Art lies in the combination of qi and sword. ” Jiang Xiaobai first explained the mantra and finger movements corresponding to the Hundred Sword Art to Chu Liang.

When all supernatural powers were cultivated to a high level, they could be released at will, but beginners still had to follow the steps.

Using both mouth and hands could save time and effort.

Chu Liang looked at Jiang Xiaobai, who was explaining seriously, her hair swaying, her eyes bright, and her skin glowing with a soft light.
He couldn ’t help but be a little fascinated.Jiang Xiaobai finished speaking and looked at Chu Liang who seemed lost in thought.
She frowned slightly and said, ”Hey? ”

”I ’m listening. ” Chu Liang immediately snapped out of it.

”Then repeat what I just said. ” Jiang Xiaobai ’s gaze was unfriendly.

Chu Liang repeated everything she had just taught him, including the extra detailed explanations, without missing a word.

Jiang Xiaobai was slightly surprised after listening, ”Your memory is exceptional…
Hmph, your multitasking skills are also good, it ’s indeed suitable for practicing the Hundred Swords Technique. ”

”Thank you for the compliment, Senior Sister Jiang. ” Chu Liang looked calm as if nothing had happened.

”Anyway, you have memorized the key points of the Hundred Swords Technique.
One important thing is not to blindly pursue quantity.
It ’s better to accurately control each sword shadow before pursuing more.
The Hundred Swords Technique that follows your heart is stronger than the messy Ten Thousand Swords Technique. ” Jiang Xiaobai added.

”I remember. ” Chu Liang nodded.

”Shu Mountain disciples usually take about seven days to master the Hundred Swords Technique.
Since I ’m teaching you personally, I ’ll give you three days.
If you can master it within three days, I ’ll teach you another divine ability next time.
If you can ’t, then there won ’t be a next time. ” Jiang Xiaobai said again.

”That ’s great. ” Chu Liang was happy to hear that it wasn ’t just a one-time deal, but there was a chance for long-term teaching.

Then, he followed Jiang Xiaobai ’s guidance and tried it out, using his flying sword bracelet, forming a finger seal, and running his true energy.

”Split into light and shadow, follow your heart! Go! ”

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

In an instant, the flying sword split into a hundred sword shadows, dazzling Chu Liang ’s eyes.
He closed his eyes and moved his mind.

Crash, crash, crash…

The flying swords fell to the ground one after another, and the sword shadows disappeared in an instant.

”That ’s not right. ” Without waiting for Jiang Xiaobai ’s guidance, Chu Liang felt that something was wrong with his previous attempt.
”I can ’t possibly disperse my divine sense onto every sword.
One person can ’t have a hundred wills.
It should be…
each sword has its own will, and I just need to give them commands. ”

”They are not dead flying swords, but a living army. ”

”Split into light and shadow, follow your heart! Go! ”

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

The sword shadows appeared again, this time a hundred sword auras surrounded Chu Liang in an orderly manner, as if they were forming a formation.

”Go! ” Chu Liang flicked his finger, and the flying swords flew up into the sky, making a continuous sound of breaking through the air.

As he moved his fingertips, the swords formed various shapes, sometimes in a straight line, sometimes in a zigzag.

Jiang Xiaobai looked at Chu Liang ’s mature Hundred Swords Technique and her pupils dilated slightly, showing some surprise.

Ordinary Shu Mountain disciples usually start with one sword, then two swords, ten swords, and a hundred swords, gradually exploring the key points.
There are some critical points that she would wait for Chu Liang to fail a few times before pointing them out, which is the most efficient way.
Unexpectedly, Chu Liang was close to success from the beginning, only failing once and directly comprehending everything.

She originally thought that the three days she gave Chu Liang were already very strict conditions.

Although she herself had only taken one day to master this basic Hundred Swords Technique, she was after all a legendary immortal spirit body, with amazing talent that cannot be compared to ordinary people.

Her idea was that if he could master it within three days, it would prove that he was a talented disciple.
It ’s a pity that he followed a master who made people helpless…
it was only natural for her to help a fellow disciple with potential.
If he couldn ’t, then Shu Mountain Sect didn ’t need another mediocre disciple, and she didn ’t need to waste her time.

But what was Chu Liang?

If ordinary disciples take seven days, core disciples take three days, and geniuses take one day…

How long did he take?

Twice!This is too exaggerated.
If it weren ’t for the fact that he didn ’t seem like he was pretending before, Jiang Xiaobai would even suspect that he had this magical power all along and was deceiving her here.

Search for the original.

Chu Liang commanded a group of sword shadows, practiced for a while, and then excitedly retracted his flying sword.
He then opened his eyes and said, ”Senior Sister Jiang, I seem to understand a little bit. ”


Is that just a little bit?

Jiang Xiaobai smiled and said, ”You are…
quite smart. ”

”If I have any progress, it ’s all thanks to Senior Sister Jiang ’s good teaching. ” Chu Liang smiled.

Am I really smart?

He had also seriously thought about this question before.
When he was young, he once thought that he was indeed exceptionally intelligent, but…

Later, he found out that he was just average.

After all, he was only third in the whole province.

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