”? ”

A small question mark slowly appeared on Chu Liang ’s forehead, and he couldn ’t help but say, ”Master, the Jade Sword Peak has the greatest influence among the peaks, with nearly a hundred disciples, including several famous ones in the Golden Core Realm.
Their chances of winning the first place are indeed the highest.
As for me, I just broke through the Divine Intention Realm a few days ago. ”

The first disciple is the face of each generation of Shu Mountain, and the competition for such a character is naturally fierce.

The first seat of the various peaks is the person with the most prestige and strongest strength among the 36 peak masters.
In the case where the four elders of the town mountains cannot become the head of the sect, it can be said that the first seat of the various peaks is the first candidate for the next head of the sect.

As for Di Nvfeng…

She is known as the troublemaker of Shu Mountain, relying on alcohol, fighting, and a bad temper.
She won the position of peak master with her strong cultivation, but the head of Shu Mountain has always been afraid to assign her disciples, fearing that she would mislead her students.

In the end, she picked up Chu Liang, who had the potential for cultivation, when she went down the mountain to do good deeds, and only then took a disciple.
Others couldn ’t say anything.
It should be that she tried it and found that taking disciples was not fun, so she never took another disciple.

Now she suddenly wants this only seedling to compete for the first place and even the first seat…
even Chu Liang himself is a little surprised.

How dare she think that?

Then he saw Di Nvfeng walking over and patting his shoulder.
”You don ’t need to feel too much pressure.
You should have at least half a year to prepare…
If you can really get the first place, I will never treat you unfairly.
You can ask for anything you want… ”

Chu Liang heard this and glanced at Di Nvfeng ’s chest.

”Hmm? ” Di Nvfeng ’s eyes suddenly became dangerous, pointing at him and asking, ”What are you thinking? ”

”Master, don ’t misunderstand. ” Chu Liang said, ”I just want to say that since Master has already bet on the Phoenix Spirit Blood Jade, I will definitely prepare my best.
That ’s for sure.
It ’s just…
this matter is indeed difficult.
If I fail, I hope Master won ’t blame me. ”

”Oh, looking at the jade? ” Di Nvfeng touched the jade pendant on her chest and chuckled.

She continued, ”Anyway, just do your best.
If you become the first disciple, and I become the first seat of the various peaks, there will be plenty of resources tilted towards us…
At that time, we can split the gains between us…
Isn ’t that great? ”

Fantasizing about a bright future, she couldn ’t help but let out a trembling laugh.

”Hehehehe… ”

Chu Liang walked out of the attic, calmed down his mood, and was about to go to his next destination.

The main peak of Shu Mountain, the Tongtian Peak.

Among the 36 peaks of Shu Mountain, the Tongtian Peak is where the Infinite Palace where the head of the sect lives is located.
It is also like a capital, where important halls of the sect are located.

Chu Liang flicked his finger, and his bracelet turned into a flying sword, which flew in front of him.
He stepped on it, and in a moment, the sword light had left the Silver Sword Peak.

Flying on a sword!The sound of wind roared in his ears, and under his feet was a vast expanse of white clouds.
Thirty-six peaks emerged from the sea of clouds, with towering or steep peaks, like ingredients rolling in a hotpot.

Streams of light shuttled between the mountains, all of them were hurriedly coming and going Shu Mountain disciples.
People who couldn ’t fly here were unable to move an inch.
Occasionally, a few spiritual birds and immortal beasts roared past, and disciples who controlled sword light had to avoid them.
Those who could afford to keep these big guys as mounts were mostly not peak masters or elder-level seniors, but they had good backgrounds.
It was not worth it to risk a collision.

Within the Shu Mountain sect, disciples needed to complete tasks for the sect in order to exchange resources for their daily lives and cultivation.
The place to receive these tasks was the ”Sword Exchange Pavilion. ”

In the world of cultivation, gold and silver jewelry were meaningless to most cultivators.
Therefore, the currency circulated in the world was usually spirit stones used for forging and smelting, auxiliary elixirs for cultivation, versatile talismans, and other general equivalent items.

Among them, spirit stones were the most commonly used.

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Therefore, the Shu Mountain sect also used spirit stones to cast their currency.
In the early days, the manufacturing process was quite rough, simply grinding the spirit stones into round shapes and cutting them in half.
They were called ”steamed bun coins ” based on their shape at that time.

However, the steamed bun coins were too simple, and soon some disciples imitated them and made inferior steamed bun coins, causing a bad influence.
So the sect improved the process and carved the spirit stones into complex and exquisite butterfly shapes, called ”butterfly coins. ”

The problem with butterfly coins was that the process was too complicated, and it was difficult to produce them in large quantities, which the sect couldn ’t supply.
In the end, the Shu Mountain sect leader at the time came up with a solution.
They made the spirit stones into a simple sword shape, injected a special sword aura, which made the process simple and impossible to imitate.

For thousands of years after that, the Shu Mountain sect used this ”sword coin, ” which was also the origin of the name ”Sword Exchange Pavilion. ”

Second floor of the Sword Exchange Pavilion.

The grand Sword Exchange Pavilion actually only had three floors, but it was spacious and had a high dome, making it particularly imposing.
Most affairs were handled by the steward disciples, but there were also several steward elders sitting on the upper floor every day, and some difficult problems still required their intervention.

Chu Liang came to one of the elder ’s quiet rooms.

”Master Shen, I ’m bothering you again. ” As soon as he entered the room, he smiled and greeted.

”Haha, little Chu. ” The room was a broad-sleeved and large-robed old man, with a rich figure, a balding head, but an otherworldly temperament and a charming smile.
”What ’s the bother? You ’re back so soon.
It seems that the last task was completed smoothly? ”

”Thanks to your help, it went smoothly.
I ’m here to report today. ” Chu Liang replied.

”Okay, no rush.
Let ’s have a game first. ” Master Shen waved his sleeves, and a chessboard and two pots of chess pieces appeared on the table in front of him, black and white distinct.

”Last time I luckily won against Master Shen.
It seems that you ’re not satisfied? ” Chu Liang didn ’t refuse and sat down directly, smiling. ”That ’s natural.
I ’ve been thinking about it for a long time and I ’ve found a way to break your formation, ” Master Shen said, making his move.

”As usual, if you lose, you have to give me some inside information, ” Chu Liang said with a cute expression.

Half an hour later, the sunlight moved slightly higher.
The young man with a smile on his face had his hands in his sleeves, watching the old man across from him staring at the chessboard in deep thought.
”Master Shen, it ’s really a dead end. ”

”Hiss… ” Master Shen scratched his smooth head and looked at the board a few more times before taking his eyes off it and shaking his head.
You look harmless with a smile on your face all the time, but on the board, you ’re ruthless and decisive with every move like a knife. ”

”Oh, it ’s just luck.
I almost collapsed a few times in the middle, ” Chu Liang said.

”Oh, I can ’t compare to your young people ’s sharpness, ” Master Shen leaned back and patted his belly, saying, ”You came here not only to complete the task but also to get a new one, right? ”

”Yes, but there are so many tasks in the Divine Realm, and I don ’t know how to choose, ” Chu Liang said.

”Let me think…
You like tasks that involve catching demons, right? Here ’s a good one, ” Master Shen pondered for a moment and then raised his hand.
A sign flew out of a row of sign tubes behind him and landed in his palm.
”Take a look at this. ”

Chu Liang took the sign and saw a small line of words on it.
”Catch demons at the Ming Yuan Mansion in Xingzhou City. ”

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