When the human face jade spirit flower blooms, everyone who looks at it will be mesmerized.

Including itself.

So when it looked at the bronze mirror, it fell into a trance instead.

Taking advantage of this moment, Lin Bei behind it drew his sword to cut off the flower stem.
As long as he plucked this flower, the mission would be completed.

But at this moment, a sudden change occurred!


A white figure suddenly descended from the sky and landed next to the human face jade spirit flower and Lin Bei.
It made a claw attack, fiercely grabbing towards Lin Bei ’s throat!

Swift and deadly, one blow could be fatal!

Luckily, Lin Bei reacted quickly and quickly blocked with his sword.
With a clang, sparks flew as the blade clashed, and he took a few steps back.
If he had been a bit slower, he would have been killed by the claw.

The three people in the outer sword formation turned around and saw that it was a monster with a small child-like stature, a white jade body, and a huge head.

”Human face xiao! ” Fang Ting ’s face changed, and he immediately drew his sword.

This extremely rare monster was not within his expectations.

But the monster ’s movements were very fast.
After repelling Lin Bei, it reached out and broke off a blooming human face jade spirit flower, then turned around and tried to escape.

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Fang Ting was also quick to act.
He raised his Thunder Sword, gestured with his left hand, and in an instant, sword energy in the form of golden dragons spread throughout the field, surrounding it and instantly becoming a sword energy prison! Like a thunder pool, it trapped the monster in the middle!

But the monster didn ’t dodge at all.
It leaped straight up, suddenly becoming transparent for a moment, and in that instant, passed through the sword energy prison and leaped into the air, landing on a hanging rock and leaping up again.

In the blink of an eye, it had already run tens of zhang away!

”Don ’t let the monster escape! ”

Fang Ting was suddenly angry, flipped over and stepped on his sword.
The sword light instantly turned into a raging golden dragon, chasing after it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

But the valley was full of hanging rocks and criss-crossing obstacles, and the white figure was incredibly agile, always choosing the most rugged path.

Although the speed of flying on a sword was fast, it was not very agile when it came to turning and twisting.
Flying through the valley was already very dangerous, and even Fang Ting, who was at the fourth level of cultivation, was having a hard time.

But after a moment, he turned his body and changed to using his body to control the wind.
The Thunder Sword broke through the air, trying to kill the monster with a flying sword.

But this way, his speed became even slower, and in a blink of an eye, he was pulled away by a large distance.
The flying sword chased after the incredibly agile monster, but it was always unable to lock on.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye.
Both sides were moving at lightning speed, and before they knew it, they had already reached the depths of the valley.
Just as Fang Ting was still focused on the white figure of the monster in front of him, he suddenly heard a rumbling wind sound from above, and a large black shadow covered him.


He stopped his body urgently, only to find that it was a giant branch! And he had already arrived in front of a towering tree!

It turned out that in the center of this valley, there was a giant tree that was tens of zhang tall.
Its canopy covered the sky and extended out, seemingly all the grass and trees in the entire valley were derived from it.
The giant tree was surrounded by countless thick branches, and as long as any living creature approached, it would be hit by the branches.

Obviously, this giant tree was the demon king of this valley!

Fang Ting dodged the first branch, but couldn ’t avoid the second one that came straight at him.
Bang!This blow sent him flying more than ten zhang away!

After rolling to the ground, Fang Ting looked up at the white figure of the monster, only to see it dodging and leaping amidst the continuous strikes of the branches of the giant tree, without a single leaf touching it.

It was too agile!

Fang Ting ’s Thunder Sword Qi was always known for its speed, but it was more straightforward and direct.

If it were in an open and flat area, he was confident that he could catch this human-faced demon in no time.
But in this rugged and complex mountain valley, he couldn ’t do anything about it.

And he dared not chase after it because of the existence of the giant tree.

He could only watch as the monster ’s figure jumped farther and farther away…

”Damn it! ” Fang Ting cursed.

As a leader in the Golden Core realm, he had failed the mission.
Returning to the mountain like this, he didn ’t know how his master would view him, how his senior brother Ziyang would view him, how his junior sister Ziqing would view him…


Just as he was feeling annoyed, a black shadow that was almost impossible to catch with the naked eye flashed past him and chased after the monster in an instant.

And it looked even faster and more agile! The branches of the giant tree didn ’t even attack this black shadow because they hadn ’t reacted yet and it had already passed by!

Saa saa saa saa saa!

Human-faced demon.

It was an extremely rare mountain spirit, which was swallowed by a ghost at the moment when the human-faced jade spirit flower matured.
The ghost would then grow a new body, which was called a human-faced demon.

The characteristic of this spirit was its extremely fast speed and agility.

The one in the mountain valley was a human-faced demon that had been lurking here for a long time.
It naturally wanted to exterminate any human who dared to touch the jade spirit flower it had found.

But those human cultivators were extremely powerful, and it could only snatch the human-faced jade spirit flower and run away.
As long as it returned to its cave and refined the flower, its cultivation would become twice as strong, and then…

Thinking of the scene where its cultivation would greatly increase, the human-faced demon couldn ’t help but let out a strange laugh.

As for the human cultivator who was chasing after it, it only felt disdain in its heart.
Even if his cultivation was powerful, he could only eat dust behind it.

It knew this mountain valley like the back of its hand and could easily shake off the human.
He even wanted to fly on his sword in this place, haha, waiting to have his head smashed!

As it entered the range of the giant tree ’s cover, the human-faced demon knew that it was safe.

Except for itself, no other monster could freely shuttle on the giant tree ’s body.
These humans were even less capable!

It moved freely, like a leisurely stroll.
After a while, it felt that it could turn around and take a look at the angry human cultivator.
Because if it was any farther, it wouldn ’t be visible anymore.

Thinking like this, the human-faced demon turned around with a strange smile.

Then, on its huge human face, a pair of eyeballs suddenly bulged, as if it had seen an extremely terrifying scene!

What was that?

Its underdeveloped intelligence began to question frantically.

Because when it turned around, it actually saw a black shadow just one position behind it, following closely.

Saa! Saa!

In the blink of an eye, that black shadow leaped to its head, and then to its side, running alongside it!

How was this possible?!

Did it encounter a ghost?

No, wait, I am the ghost!

In its memory, since its birth, no one had ever been able to keep up with its speed as a human-faced demon!

What was going on here?Because they were both moving at high speeds, it appeared as if they were both standing still in relation to each other.
As a result, it was able to clearly see the true appearance of the black shadow.

It was a young man in a brocade robe with bound sleeves, quite handsome, and appeared to be a scholarly and amiable type.

Why does he have such a terrifying body technique?

As the gaze of the demon-faced ghost swept over, the young man also looked up at the demon-faced ghost.

he stuck out his tongue and licked the palm of his hand…
at the same time, his eyes were shining brightly, as if he was enjoying the feeling of being chased and hunted.

The strange smile on the demon-faced ghost ’s face instantly shattered.

Oh my god, this is a pervert!

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