Xu Ziqing seemed to be afraid of the dirt on the ground and didn ’t want to sit down, so she stood aside.
The little girl had been walking in the middle of the group, protected by everyone, so she wasn ’t tired and didn ’t need to rest.

At this moment, everyone was meditating and cultivating, and she was a little bored.
Her agile eyes turned around, looking at the scenery around the dense forest.

Suddenly, the leaves in front shook, and something seemed to have moved vaguely.
She was curious and stared at it.

Then, there was a rustling sound, and a palm-sized, dark green toad jumped out from under the leaves.
It had big bulging eyes and was ugly and ferocious.

This thing was not a demon, so it was not locked by Fang Ting ’s divine sense, and it came close to the range where everyone was.

”Ah! ”

Even if there was no danger, this terrifying creature caused great damage to the little girl ’s heart.
She was scared and stumbled back several steps.

With this step back, she stepped out of the range of the lantern light.

Just as everyone ’s attention was attracted, a vine at the edge suddenly sprang up and opened its big mouth with sharp teeth!


The little girl was caught off guard and was bitten on the calf by the flower demon!

”Sister Ziqing! ” Fang Ting shouted in surprise, and his long sword behind him immediately shot out.

The golden dragon moved, and a surge of thunderous sword energy spurted out, instantly engulfing the body of the flower demon, as well as the vines, giant trees, and a large area of the dense forest behind it, plowing a deep trench over ten zhang long.

Chu Liang had already heard from Lin Bei that Fang Ting ’s sword was called the Thunder Sword, and he cultivated the Shenxiao Five Thunder Golden Pill, specializing in thunderous sword energy.

Now seeing the power of this sword, it was indeed terrifying.

And this sword, with such exaggerated power, passed by Xu Ziqing ’s body without even touching her clothes.
His control was also amazing.

There was a huge gap between the Golden Core realm cultivator and the Divine Sense realm cultivator.

But even if his revenge was fierce, it could not change the fact that Xu Ziqing had been bitten by the flower demon.
The little girl stumbled and sat down on the ground.
She quickly used her own cultivation to stop the bleeding, but soon, she panicked and cried out again.

”This flower demon is poisonous… ”

Looking over, the deep wound between her smooth and white calf and ankle was oozing black blood.
The surrounding skin was also stained with black air.

”The Green Vine Flower Demon in this forest is not poisonous.
That one just now… should be a mutated Purple Vine Flower Demon. ” Fang Ting said.

”This is bad. ” Lin Bei said, ”The detoxification pill we prepared is for the forest miasma.
The Purple Vine Flower Demon is quite rare, and we didn ’t prepare a detoxification medicine for it… There is only one way for now! ”

”What is it? ” Everyone looked at him.Lin Bei looked determined to sacrifice himself and said, ”Junior Sister Ziqing, seal your qi and blood to slow down the poison.
I will use my cultivation to suck out the poison blood for you! ” He grinned and seemed to be preparing himself.

”Foolish! ” Fang Ting frowned and scolded him, ”Your cultivation level is similar to Junior Sister Ziqing ’s.
If you suck out the poison blood, what will happen if you get poisoned too? Hmm…my cultivation level is higher, I will do it. ”

At this moment, the usually silent Lu Ren spoke up, ”Senior Brother Fang has a great responsibility and should not take risks.
Junior Brother Lin ’s cultivation level is too low, he should not act recklessly.
Let me do it instead. ”

He licked his lips after speaking.

”Ah… ” The little girl held her delicate feet and her voice was already crying.
Obviously, she had not expected this situation.

While the three were arguing, Chu Liang interjected, ”Excuse me, I… ”

Lin Bei looked up at him, ”What? Do you want to try it too? ”

”No. ” Chu Liang shook his head, ”I just wanted to say that I have a kind of antidote that can cure Junior Sister Xu ’s flower demon poison. ”

”What? ” Xu Ziqing immediately grasped at the straw and looked at Chu Liang with shining eyes, ”Chu Senior Brother, do you really have an antidote? ”

”Yes, although it ’s not specifically for flower demon poison, it should be somewhat effective. ” Chu Liang took out the Baihua Powder.

”It ’s not a specific antidote, so there is still some risk. ” Lin Bei seemed reluctant and looked at Xu Ziqing, ”Junior Sister Ziqing, you decide for yourself… ”

”There are only two choices now, to suck it out or take the medicine? ”

”I ’ll take the medicine! ” Xu Ziqing said without hesitation.

Chu Liang handed her the Baihua Powder and said, ”Take half internally and apply the other half externally. ”

”Okay, thank you, Chu Senior Brother. ” Xu Ziqing was grateful.

”Ah. ” Lin Bei sighed with guilt, ”I can ’t help at all, my conscience is uneasy.
Since I can ’t suck out the poison blood for you, how about I apply the medicine for you? ”

This only earned him a big eye-roll from Xu Ziqing.

Following Chu Liang ’s instructions, she divided the Baihua Powder into two halves, applied half to the wound and swallowed the other half, then adjusted her breath with cultivation.

In less than the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, the black qi at the wound had completely dissipated! Even the wound, which was the size of a bowl, was healing at a visible speed.

Although the strong vitality of a cultivator played a role, the healing effect of the Baihua Powder was undoubtedly a great help.

”Chu Senior Brother, your medicine is really amazing! ” Xu Ziqing looked at Chu Liang with surprise.

”As long as it works. ” Chu Liang only smiled faintly.

For cultivators, as long as there is no demon poison, ordinary flesh wounds cannot cause any harm.
Xu Ziqing applied some external medicine and immediately stood up as if nothing had happened, jumping around like a normal person.She didn ’t know whether it was an illusion or not, but she felt that after taking the medicine Chu Liang gave her, her body began to emit a fragrance, and this fragrance even changed.
At first, it was a light jasmine scent, then a fragrant rose scent, and later…
a strange smell that she had never smelled before, and it was very strong.

It was probably some kind of floral scent?

After recovering, she came to Chu Liang with a smile and said softly, ”Brother Chu, how can I thank you? ”

”It ’s nothing. ” Chu Liang smiled and said, ”You gave me the Qi Gathering Pill, and I gave you the Baihua Powder.
It ’s just a matter of courtesy. ”

”But… ” The little girl tilted her head and said, ”The Qi Gathering Pill and your Baihua Powder…
how can they compare? ”

Chu Liang waved his hand and said, ”We are fellow disciples and friends.
Why bother about these things? ”

”Are we friends… ” Xu Ziqing was stunned for a moment, then suddenly showed a happy smile and said, ”Okay. ”

At this time, Lin Bei also asked next to them, ”But Brother Chu, weren ’t you pulled over directly by us when we were exchanging swords? Do you always carry detoxification medicine with you? ”

”It ’s better to be prepared. ” Chu Liang answered casually.

Soon, Fang Ting called for the team to set off again, and Chu Liang immediately went to the front and took on the task of leading the way again.

This time, everyone looked at his back, and their eyes were much softer than before.
Now, all the disciples of Yujian Peak felt that…
this disciple of Silver Sword Peak was reliable.
If there were monsters, he would really fight them, and if there were medicines, he would really use them.

Chu Liang, this person, was impressive!

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