Tyler Drake Quinn finally met the woman he has been searching for for five long years. He never hesitated to stop and hired hundreds of private investigators until he received a massive tip from an anonymous person.

He came back not just for simple revenge. For him, it would be a waste of time and boring.

As vivid as the truth, Drake remembered every word he said to her. He was too young and immature before which led him to the trap of a heartbreaker.

Every time it flashed into his head, it brought anger and awakened the vulnerable part of himself.

In five years, he spent his life looking for a woman who never appreciated him back then. He never knew that his first love was an heiress of the most successful clothing company in history.

It took him a couple of years before he found Mirena Miller. Drake didn want to jump to a conclusion without validating her identity.

Before he went to the bar, Drake knew everything about her and it was about time to play a game with the popular heiress.

Aside from his goal, he couldn deny the fact that Mirena became a grown-up woman. Her body was quite desirable which caught his interest.

Drake bit the bottom of his lip and glanced at her perfect figure. He didn know that she would become a goddess as time went by.

Suddenly, Mirena turned around with two glasses of wine and caught him staring at her.

She smiled mischievously at him and won her eyes. ”Bingo! I won be going home alone tonight, ” she whispered.

”Why are you looking at me like that? Don tell me it is your first time seeing a goddess? ”

Drake took a deep breath and looked away from her flirty stares. He expected her to act that way and it was disturbing.

After all, hes a man with needs and desires. The truth shouldn be questioned.

He chuckled and rubbed his chin repeatedly. ”Maybe you
e right… thats this is the very first time Ive met such a hot and beautiful woman in my entire life. ”

This time around, Drake used his looks and husky voice to earn her trust. No one dared to resist his charm and ended up sleeping next to him the whole night.

After she dumped him, Drake turned into a selfish man. He never respected women who came into his way as he promised that he would no longer fall in love again.

”This is for saving my time from those crazy women! ” She gave the glass of wine to Drake and chuckled.

Mirena took a sip that refreshed her mind and soul. If Drake didn grab her hand, she would have been in trouble again.

Thats why she owed him something and she must repay his kindness by any means.

”What are you waiting for? Have a sip and youll never regret it, ” spoke Mirena as she walked closer to him and put her right hand on his chest.

Drake felt that she was trying to seduce him. His instincts never failed. Every woman dreamed of sleeping next to a good–looking man like him and it wasn a surprising thing.

He smiled shortly at her but deep inside, he wanted to scream and tell her the reason why he suddenly appeared in her life.

However, Drake wanted it to be the most intriguing revenge. Now that he had everything he wishes for, nothing could stop him from hurting the naughty heiress.

For sure, Mirena wouldn remember him as he introduced himself as Tyler. She never knew that he has two names which became an advantage to Drake.

This may sound too childish, but Mirenas decision left a severe wound on his heart. Five years have passed, and still, he couldn get the exact words to describe how he felt the night she broke up with him.

Drake closed his eyes, trying to get rid of his nasty past. He wanted to forget such a heartbreaking scene even though it was impossible to happen.

It somehow helped him to calm down. His knees stopped shaking as well as his heart that suddenly thumped too fast.

He lifted his head and grabbed Mirenas wrist. ”I don accept money as payment for my kindness, ” he paused and breathed heavily.

”What… what are you talking about? ” She stuttered. ”Don tell me you want to do it, right here and right now– ”


It lasted a couple of minutes before Drake cupped her cheeks and slowly moved his face closer to her.

Kissing Mirena was in his plans and it would be perfect to do it right away. Before the fire fade away, he must do something to keep it burning.

”Hmmm, ” Mirena moaned between the kiss which solely aroused him.

She thirstily wrapped her arms around his neck and responded to his kisses as if they longed for each others touch.

Meanwhile, Drake took the chance for granted. He knew she was tipsy after sipping on the wine with sleeping pills. It was all his plans and didn expect it to be that smooth and flawless.

”Damn, you
e **ing too hot! ” Mirena confessed as she tried to catch her breath.

She then drank the remaining wine in her glass and thought everything would be fine. Mirena didn notice that he gave an order to one of his men to prepare bottles of wines and put sleeping pills.

He only wanted revenge against her and decided to make it easier.

Drake waited for a moment until she held her head and blinked her eyes. He secretly smirked as soon as Mirena felt too dizzy.

”What… what is happening to me? ”

”My head… my head– ”

Mirena quickly stood away from him. She thought there would be another way to deal with it. She then closed her eyes and tried to open them gently but nothing changed.

She shook her head in disbelief but couldn blame Drake. ”You didn put anything to the bottle of wine, right? Answer me! ” Her voice raised, waiting for an answer.


Mirena lost her control. She was waiting for him to respond but it seemed like there was no one around. Her heart was beating fast and felt something strange.

She sighed, slowly turning her head in the direction of Drake which left her speechless and surprised.

”He disappeared! ”

”Hes gone! Hes gone! ” she muttered before she lost her consciousness.

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