Everyone gave way to the new group of men who caught their attention. Their grand entrance was a head turner that mostly distracted both women and men.

If there was a special man amongst them, it would be the leader. He looked so damn cool even his hair was quite messy.

No one wanted to take away their eyes from him. His presence alone was too powerful which threatened most men. They were afraid that he might capture their friends hearts which is likely possible to happen.

The spotlight was taken away from the old kings and queens at the said bar. It was now owned by the newbies who effortlessly turned the table upside down.

”Damn, hes too hot! ”

”Hey, do you want to go somewhere with me? ”

”Back off, bitch! Hes not coming with you! Hes mine and no one can take him away from— ”

Desperate women fought in front of him. He didn know what to say as he remained cold and silent.

The three women realized that he wasn interested at all. He walked straight into the dance floor, looking for a vacant table.

”We found the perfect place, Sir! ”

There were two vacant tables, and he chose the perfect spot next to Mirenas friends.

”Lets go! I think its time to play a game, ” he murmured and smirked.

On the other side, Mirena pretended that she wasn interested in him. She merely poured another champagne into the glass and sat down.

She said, ”Stop staring at him. Hes nothing compared to my toys before. ”

”Shut up! Hes goddamn too hot! ” Lily and Sandra answered.

Mirena expected that her charm was enough to capture the mans interest. She crossed her legs, showing off her flawless thighs and long legs.

But nothing great happened when the man sat down at the next table silently. He didn even notice her beauty and thighs.

”Why didn I find this place before? This is such relaxing, ” he said and crossed his legs with grace.

Lily and Sandra couldn believe it. The hot man was just a few steps away from their table. If only they could flirt with him, they should have done it now.

Unfortunately, Sandra should behave if she didn want to provoke her boyfriend. She got disappointed, but she has no choice but to sell her single friend— Mirena Miller.

She said, ”Hey, why don you do the first move? You are single and probably hes as well! ”

”Sandras right! This is the perfect time to flirt with your new boyfriend, Mirena! ” Lily Samuels murmured which convinced her.

At the end of the day, Mirena decided to do the first move and planned to play a game with the hot stranger.

”Ill go first to the comfort room. I have to do something that will surely get his attention, ” she replied and took her purse from the couch.

A mischievous smile showed on her crimson lips. Tonight, she won be alone along the way back home. If she succeeded with her plans, he would be the hottest toy she has ever met.

Mirena walked straight to the comfort room. The hallway was surrounded by couples who usually enjoyed each others company and kissed passionately. They weren afraid to be seen by other people.

They all lived in the modern generation where making love became normal. Young women enjoyed noisy and crowded places than being at home and in school for learning.

Everything she saw wasn totally surprising. Since she graduated from college, Mirena turned into a hard-headed woman who disobeyed her parents advice. Being an heiress doesn give her difficulties and thats the reason why she became a playgirl.

When she reached the end of the hallway, a group of strange women stopped her from entering the womens comfort room. They wanted something from her, and people knew that they were one of the groups of troublemakers.

”Oh, look whos here! The wealthy Mirena Miller is here by herself. ” said the black-haired girl.

”I know you have already an idea why we stopped you, am I right? ” Sophia Henry asked.

She was playing with Mirenas hair, trying to provoke the badass girl of the town.

Mirena shrugged off her shoulders and remained cool. She doesn want to do something that she didn want at all.

”How would I know your reason? I don have any reading abilities like you and your servants, ” said Mirena as she crossed her arms that triggered them.

”How dare you talk that way to Sophia? Don you know that shes the daughter of Henry Group of Company? ”

”And? ” she narrowed her right brow and waited for the girls response. ”You know, I don care about your lives. If you want something, then do it by yourselves! ”

Sophia Henry never met someone who doesn care about her fame. Most people feared her that they quickly bowed their heads in front of her.

She clenched her teeth and earned her strengths. She was planning to slap Mirena, but before her palm could touch her cheek. Someone caught her hand which frightened her to death.

”Drake! ”

Mirena turned around and realized that a man was standing right next to her. He was holding Sophias wrist tightly.

”How… how did you know that Im here? ” she asked him, but he turned his back and grabbed Mirenas arm instead.

”Why are you taking her with you? ”

”Drake! Please come back right here! ”

Sophia failed to stop the newbie from being with Mirena Miller. She was scared that she might flirt with him and became her one-week boyfriend.

Drakes action wasn new to Mirena. She witnessed hundreds of times before every time she dumped her boyfriend over for the new guy. She caused too much trouble, but her exes never tried to revenge. Well, shes hundred percent sure of it.

Along the way to the bars empty terrace, Mirena didn utter a single word. She remained cool and sassy even with a stranger.

The terrace was exclusively open to all VIP guests. This time, Drake has the right to bring anyone, and no one should question it.

Mirena placed her purse on top of the table and noticed bottles of wines that fitted her naughty plans.

She said, ”Why don you take a seat? ”

Her voice persuaded him right away. He tilted his head quietly as he glanced at her thighs.

A burst of playful laughter sounded off around. Drake couldn believe that he found the woman who shattered his heart into pieces, two years ago.

”What a lovely twist of fate, ” he whispered and gritted his teeth out of anger.

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