Mirena Miller entered a dark, noisy bar. It was a rainy Monday, and she has to find a new boyfriend tonight.

At the entrance, her friends accompanied her to their table. She was a little bit disappointed about being alone.

”Hey, whats with your face? Are you angry because you are only single the whole night? ” asked Sandra.

”Stop asking! I will not be going home until I found the perfect toy for the next seven days! ” Mirena replied with a sharp gaze. She doesn want to lose either and that was for sure.

Sandra Marmande giggled and hit her forehead mischievously. ”I know, right? It will be a bloody hell night. ”

The sarcastic smile on her lips lasted until they reached their table. Andrew, Sandras boyfriend, kissed her on the lips in front of everyone.

He whispered, ”Ugh, I can wait to make love with you. ”

”Shut up! Weve been doing it thousands of times! ” Sandra pinched his right ear and brought him to the next table.

Lily Samuels shrugged off her shoulders as she walked closer to Mirena and gave her a glass of champagne. It was a way of comforting her forlorn friend.

”Hows the funeral? ”

”Mind your own business, Lily! You
e not helping me out either! ”

Mirena rolled her eyes and threw her purse to the couch. She chugged the glass of champagne like a thirsty lass.

”Damn, I can believe it! This is the longest time for been single! ”

Mirena exaggerated. She can live happily without a man she only treated like a toy. A thing that has no emotion at all.

Lily Samuels, Andrew Simmer, Sandra Marmande, the Tom, and Jerry twins, Six and Seven Tyreson screamed and booed her. All of them celebrated their friends biggest and most humiliating problem.

”Don worry, if you couldn find anyone tonight…, ” Luke paused for a moment. ”I can take you home, Mirena. ”

A deafening silence took over until Mirena burst into laughter. She bit the bottom of her lips and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Luke held his breath for a moment. He didn see it coming. His entire body reacted the moment her soft, flawless arms touched his skin.

Inside of his head, he cursed hundreds of times, trying to calm all his nerves. No one knew the feeling he felt for her. Luke was afraid to lose the most special friend he treasured for how many years.

”You look so pale, ” spoke Mirena with a flirty smile on her lips. She was teasing Luke, waiting to provoke him.

”If I would say yes, do you think we can still be friends after a week? ”

Luke didn expect it from her. He knew how risky it was to dare the playgirl of the town. However, he decided to cut the chase before it was too late.

He chuckled, caressing his well-defined jawline. ”And why would it affect our friendship if its merely a game to you? How can you be so certain that I will trust me to a woman like you? ”

Mirena was speechless by his words. No one dared to speak ill things about her since she became the heiress of her parents wealth and reputation. Luke was the only brave man who insulted her to death.

”Fuck you! ” she replied and pushed his chest forcibly.

Of course, it was

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