”Is that too tight? ”

”No. ”

”You are sure? ”

”Yes. ”

”Good, good. ”

”Why must it be me, Mother? Why do I have to die? ”

”We all have to die. Death is nothing to fear. ”

”We all have to die, eventually. Why do I have to die today? ”

”You are not going to die. ”

”What if the machine breaks? What if I float in nothingness for eternity? I fear being alone, Mother. I fear nothingness. ”

”You remember the exercises I taught you to relieve your anxiety? Use them now. Slowly. Yes, good. Deeper. Accept the dark. Move beyond the possible to the inevitable. You cannot fear what does not exist, you fear only the dread of it. Cast aside that dread. Slower. Good. Nothingness is not a thing to be spurned. It is part of us. Without nothingness, we could not function. ”

”I will be dependent on the machine. ”

”The machine will not fail. And even if it did, you would never know it. But it will not fail you. You are going to go to sleep for a very long time, that is all. And then you will wake. When you wake from sleeping, do you grieve for those lost hours? No. Do you dread to lay down your head again? No. You will not be aware of the passing of time, you will not know any pain or torment, and you will awaken in the future. ”

”How far in the future? ”

”You know there is no definitive answer to that question. No one knows. No one can know. But you will awaken, I promise you, and you will have your whole life ahead of you. ”

”I have my whole life ahead of me now. ”

”No, you don . None of us do. The end comes. We cannot stop it. We cannot resist it and we cannot outrun it. We can only send you to travel beyond it. With your revival, so shall we be revived. Now lie back. ”

”But why did it have to be me? ”

”You know why. ”

”Maybe I am not the best person to send. ”

”You are according to the test. ”

”Maybe the test is wrong. ”

”The test is never wrong. ”

”I would rather stay here with you. ”

”Then you would perish with the rest of us. ”

”Death is nothing to fear, Mother. ”

”Ha. What a bright little star you are. ”

”Little, Mother? ”

”It is a term of endearment, my love. ”

”I am several orders of magnitude larger than you. ”

”And yet you fit perfectly in my heart. ”

”I will miss you, Mother. ”

”And I, you. I am already jealous of those you will rule. They will truly be blessed to serve one as you. ”

”Maybe there won be anyone there when I wake. ”

”They will be there and their numbers will be unending. You have seen the simulations. You will never be

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