'm going to go get ready,” and left the room.


 Let's move forward.

Let's get ready.
Let's get new equipment.

That's right.
Let's do it.


 I walked down the hallway, lightly escaping reality.


 Now, let's start with the creation of the weapon.

 This sword is useful, but it is difficult to use.

 From my past experience, I am more comfortable with a club or other blunt weapon.


 I decided to make a weapon with my newly acquired ability.

 First, the surface of the arm is transformed into the outer shell of a death worm.

 Adjusted the length.
Eliminate the joints and fingers and completely solidify from the shoulders down.


Then, cut myself.

 Regenerate the arm, grab the former arm that was cut off, and shake it.

A little light? Tap the surface a few times to check the feeling.


 Well, that's about right.

 After that, I wrapped a piece of cloth around the part to hold it and finished it.

I don't need …………
the protective gear.


 The rest is up to me…I'm going to train hard until we leave.

 Let's practice using Death Worm's venom and tentacles.


 Two days later.

 We had finished our preparations and it was time to leave.

 Fatima had come to see us off.


“So you are leaving already?”

 ”Thank you for everything you've done for me.”

 ”Thank you, Fatima.”


I gave Fatima a token greeting.

 With Heidi in the room, the conversation with her is a real farce.

 Heidi next to me is giving Fatima a complicated look.


“Where are you headed from here?”

“After reissuing my adventurer's plate in Acothern, I'm heading south to the Medream Territory.
After that, I plan to tour the continent as I see fit.”


 Fatima leaned over me and began patting me all over my body.

 What is this all of a sudden?


 ”You can come back any time you want, you know? I will always be waiting for you.”


 Oh, yes, yes.
Call me if there are any changes.

 I'll contact you regularly.


“Whenever I feel like it.”


 I said that much and left the place as it was.

 Heidi hurriedly followed me.

 We were silent for a while, but Heidi, perhaps finding the silence distressing, immediately asked.


 ”You're going back to Enkau now, aren't you?”

 ”Yes, as I told you before, I need to reissue my adventurer's plate.”


 I lost my adventurer's plate when I was attacked in the tavern.

 It seems a long time ago, even though it hasn't been that long.


“Do you have to go to Enkau to do that?”

Yes, you can only get your plate reissued at the branch where you are registered.”


 To explain in detail, when you create an Adventurer's Plate, your information is registered at that branch.

Incidentally, I cannot accept work quests from other branches in this state.

If I want to accept a quest at another branch, I have to show my plate at that branch and register it there.


Once that is done, the plate can be reissued (with a fee) even if it is lost.

 As a side note, the higher the adventurer's rank, the more expensive the plate is, so higher-ranked adventurers take better care of their plates.

 In my case, I only work in Encau, so I can only reissue plates there.


 ”I see.
Then I'll register as an adventurer there too.”


 Oh, that's good.
You have to earn your own food.

 I'll at least pay your registration fee.


 The travel route is the same as when we came.

We crossed the mountains between Oratorium and Acothern to Enkau.

 Unlike the previous trip, there was no need to hurry, so we took it easy.


 We arrived at Enkau after spending half a day more than last time.

We went to Hoffer's place, who might be able to get us a place to stay, but we were a bit reluctant to do so, so we took a place to stay in town.

 I went to the Adventurers' Guild immediately after my arrival to reissue the plate and complete the registration procedures for Heidi.


 Since the plate would be issued the next day, we were both free to do whatever we wanted until then.

 Heidi said hello to Hoffer and left early.

 I went to a lot of trouble to get a place to stay….


 I spent my free time checking on the situation in the city and my request.

 There was a bit of a commotion because of the attack on the tavern and Hoffer's mansion, but things seem to have calmed down now.


 Currently, I was checking corkboard requests.

 What I'm looking for is an escort type request, best if there is an escort quest to Medream.

 Hopefully we can get a ride on the wagon.


the horses are normal, aren't they?


 They are slightly different from the horses that were in my world, but they are perfectly horses in name and appearance.

 The difference is the horns, and they have a variety of horns, depending on the species.

 I thought it might be a unicorn, but it didn't look like one because of the appearance of its horns.


 There were goats, sheep, and even one with a horn that I had never seen before.

 There are unicorn-like ones for sure, but they seem to be lumped into one category of horses.

Other features seem to be able to use magic or special abilities depending on their horns, but the horses used for carriages and other purposes have their horns cut off so that they can't use their abilities.


 Incidentally, horses are so expensive that in some cases, merchants even prioritize horses over goods.


…Well, I don't have any money at the moment, so I don't need it.


Now, what are the requests?


 Herb collection.

 Find the lost grandpa.
Find him yourself.

Investigate the wife's infidelity.
Is this something you want to bring up here?

 Searching for and slaying a local dragon.
Oh, I didn't know they were still looking.
I hope you find it.

 Escorting a trading company.
Oh, there it is.


It goes beyond Medream.
The last stop is…
the Royal Capital.

 I should try to negotiate if I can get off on the way.


 I told the receptionist about the situation and asked to meet the client to negotiate.

 I thought he might refuse, but he said he didn't mind.

It seems that this trading company is moving while replenishing the guards that left in each town.


 That's a good thing for adventurers, isn't it?

 We could move around and get some roadside silver.


…At any rate, I had the roadside money and the transportation arrangements in hand.


 Our departure is in three days.

After receiving the plate tomorrow, I will do a simple request to kill some time until we can leave.


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