Chapter 37 “Communication”

After visiting the graves, I greeted Death Worm and left the cemetery.

I met up with Heidi, who was waiting outside, and we proceeded toward the village.

 On the way, Heidi opened and closed her mouth as if she wanted to say something.


I was wondering what I should do with her.

I don't think she heard my Japanese, but she had seen me talking with Death Worm, so I was bracing myself for the fact that she would ask me something first….


I don't want to answer truthfully no matter what she asks me, so I guess I'll just say something random and smoke her out.




 Oh, you finally came.

 Now, ask me anything you want.

I'll only give you a vague answer.


 ”What is it?”

 ”…am I in your way…?”




…No, well, if you're asking me if you're in my way or not, you're in my way.


 Just being here reduces my options.

 I have to take care of things I don't need to.

 In fact, it's costing me extra travel time.


But it would be useful if she is around. 


She actively went to gather information and followed up with me in the village.

I appreciate her enthusiasm to contribute in some way, but….

 To be honest, I couldn't gauge this woman's true intentions.


 I couldn't understand what she was thinking.

 At first I thought she was following me to get back to normal, but the Rothfeldt I know is not a man who can do that kind of trick.


Is his personality changing a little under the influence of the memory residue left behind when he was transferred to her body?

 However, there shouldn't be much information left behind.

 I found out something after checking my memories, it seems that what I ate was his body…maybe that's his soul.


The memories acquired from eating them were skewed.

His own memories, experiences, and skills were all there, but there was a lack of memory.

 Specifically, his physical memory.


There was no memory of the girl called Lilynette.

 There were certainly things he had seen and heard after entering her body.

 But that was all there was to turn over.


 And Heidi, perhaps, but she lacked the memories of the soul I had.

In fact, the few times we talked about memory, she was quite brusque.

 My guess is that only what her body sees and hears remains.


 Based on the above evidence, I have concluded that she has little negative impact on her personality.

 In my experience, it is memories with emotions that affect personality.

 To take me as an example, it is the hatred before I was born that stirs my heart in the present situation.


 I used to hate people and I couldn't stand it.

 I couldn't stand to hate myself.

 After all, this is the reason why I can kill people without hesitation.


 When I look at it calmly, the hatred was so strong that I didn't know what I was hating.
I feel like I deserved it, but….

…and the feelings that had nowhere else to go went to me, and I hung myself …….

 In that sense, the result was inevitable.




 I met eyes with Heidi, who was waiting for my reply.


 I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I was thinking so much that I almost forgot about the important thing, Heidi.


 Now, how should I answer her?


 ”Oh, it's more of a hindrance.
You take unnecessary risks to attract the monster, and although it's good to move, in the end, numerous people end up dead.”


 It was too much trouble, so I decided to make it clear.


 ”You've always been so preoccupied with your feelings that your actions have never been concrete.”


 Heidi looks a little hurt.


“But you saved my life in some ways.”


 I continue.


 ”If it weren't for you, there's a good chance Fatima would have killed me.
I'm glad you're here, even though there are parts of me that find ……
you annoying, to be honest.”


I'm honest about that part, but if anything, it's still an annoyance, so I guess I'll just leave her with Fatima as soon as I'm done with this matter.

 I followed up with her, but I'm sure she understood my false feelings about it being a hindrance.

 After that, I would return to the mansion and quietly ask her to leave.


Although the ruins were a bit of a letdown, I did get some useful information.

 The result would be positive.

 After that, I could let Heidi go and be free of unnecessary ties.


 This time, I would be an adventurer at my leisure.

 I ignored Heidi, who was lying on the ground thinking about it, and started walking onward.


 ”I'm glad you're here.”


 After saying this, he went on his way without saying a word.

 Watching his back, I – Heidi – felt a little relieved.

 I had expected him to say something like, “I almost died because of you.”


 But he didn't blame me, just pointed out my problems and didn't say anything in particular.

 He is not a man of many words.

 But he clearly says what is necessary.


 At least that's the impression I got from watching him so far.

 He must have decided that he had said what he needed to say to me.

 So, all I can do is to accept his words.


 And his final words, “I'm glad you're here.”

 I felt his compassion there.

 He had not abandoned me yet.
Perhaps it was his way of encouraging me.


 Next time, I would do better…or even if the situation was the same, I would save him and everyone else.

 I clenched my fists tightly with renewed determination. 


 I let out an internal sigh.

 The cause was Heidi behind me.

I thought she had been down for a while, but then she suddenly became energetic.


 She tapped me on the shoulder and said something like, “I'll try harder.” I don't understand what happened.

 I thought I said something pretty harsh, but I don't know what kind of chemical reaction my words had in her brain, but for some reason she was filled with a mysterious motivation.


 Well, it's better than having negativity sprinkled behind my back…?


 ”What are you going to do after this?”


 Heidi, who has recovered completely, asks me about my future plans.


“I'm going back to the mansion first.
I'll consult with Fatima and make arrangements to restore the village and issue a warning to the people to stay out of the forest.
That's about it for now.”


 It might be better to clearly define the forest as a no-go zone.

 Set up something easy to understand, like barbed wire, and set a stiff penalty for violators.

 Considering the damage caused by the death worm, it might be better to forcefully suppress it.


We don't want people to do things half-heartedly and enter just for the fun of it.

 It is human nature to want to do things when told to stop.


 ”I understand.
First, go back to the mansion!”


 ”Can I ask you something?”

 ”What is it?”


to be honest, I don't want to hear it.


 ”It's about what happened at the ruins.”


 Here they come.
Even if I ignore her, she will persistently ask me about it…

 I don't know how to answer.


“…I heard that those monsters are a relatively gentle race, and some of them can understand human language.”

“You knew about these monsters?”


“Huh? But I don't know anything about it.”


This fellow remembers things she doesn't need to remember.


 ”Oh, I just remembered.
I remember a guy I used to party with talking about it.”

 ”Oh, yeah…”


 That's a bitter excuse, even for me.


 ”I guessed that he was angry because the ruins had been destroyed and he had gone on a rampage in the village.”


 Heidi nodded yes.


 ”So I went to the ruins with a tribute and negotiated with them to calm their anger.”

 ”That's what you were carrying at the time, isn't it?”

“As a result, I managed to get him to forgive us.
I gave them my word that from now on I would not let anyone near them.”


I think there's some kind of sparkle mixed in with the way she looks at me.


“Our common sense says 'get rid of the monsters,' but the idea of negotiating with those monsters, as well as the execution of the plan and making it a success…that's really awesome!”


…I feel guilty when I'm told I'm so awesome and great so far without hesitation….


Well, let's leave her misunderstanding, shall we?


 After that, we were able to return to the village without any particular trouble.

 Since I had nothing special to do, I decided to quickly head for the mansion.

 On the way, I suddenly thought.


…Come to think of it, I wonder if there is any distance problem in communicating with Fatima by thought?


 –It seems that there is no such thing.


 Fatima's voice echoed in my head.

 This is convenient.
I don't need my cell phone.


 …You call out to me at the right time.
Do you know what's going on over here?


 –I don't know that much.


Can't she tell because she's connected to me?


 –Is it because of the distance? I don't know for now.
I don't feel connected to you and I miss you.


 Let's ignore the latter part.
I'll check it out soon.


 –there is no problem here.
We have recovered Zubel's embezzled funds.


 It looks like the territory is now in good hands.


 –What happened over there?


…Well, it's all sorted out, but I found something a little troublesome.


 I've decided to give a brief history of the situation.

 The battle with the Death Worm.
The identity of the ruins.

 The reincarnation and the forces that collect them.


 –I understand your story.
That's certainly troublesome.


…It's not so much that it's become troublesome, it's just that it's begun to appear.


 As long as we don't know the true identity of these shady characters, we can't take any action.

 We'll just have to wait and see.


 –I understand.
In the meantime, I will arrange for assistance to the village and restrictions on entry into the forest.


…Thank you very much.
I'll be back in about two days.


 –Yes, sir.
I will be waiting for you with bated breath.


 With that, I ended the communication.

 Well, now that the trouble is over, I'll leave the rest to Fatima, and she'll do just fine.

 When I get back, I'm going to get ready for my trip.
I'll need to get new weapons and armor.


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