dded to enhance the aroma.

Moreover, the chicken thighs maintained a juicy and tender taste beneath the crispy skin.
In this inconspicuous bento shop, this level of taste for fried chicken was hard to come by.

“Not bad, isn’t it?” Cheng Yichen said, “I’m not so good at deep frying.
Controlling heat and oil temperature is a skill.”

Both of my meals were also served immediately.
The side dish looked like simple pickled, shredded cabbage.
I tasted it and it was surprisingly bright and refreshing.

Then, I tried the main entrees.
In good consideration, the oil on the chicken wasn’t bad, the skin was very thin and the proportion of oil and onions were just right.
The quality of meat was also good.

The roasted duck skin maintained a crispy texture.
When biting down, the aroma of fat would explode in my mouth and it was so satisfying, not greasy.
The rare thing to note was that the duck meat wasn’t dry at all.

I had nothing to say.

In terms of the affordability of these meals, they turned out incredibly well.

Cheng Yichen asked, “Is it cooked well?”

I couldn’t hide my thoughts and admitted while nodding, “It’s delicious.”

Cheng Yichen smiled and said, “Although it can’t compare to those high-end restaurants you frequented at, the price and performance ratio here is definitely first class.”

While talking, the busy boss came out again and he greeted Cheng Yichen, “You take it easy.
I’ll deliver a takeaway first.
Xiao Ke is here to help today and if you need anything, tell her.”

I watched him put the incubator full of bentos into the trunk of the BMW 7 series vehicle.


Wasn’t this vehicle a bit too much for a food delivery? Wasn’t it good enough to drive an electric car?

So it turned out this bento shop was making so much money?

When I was about to eat, two small plates of sliced watermelon suddenly appeared on the table.

The girl who placed down the plate smiled like a flower and said, “This is the fruit my dad specially likes to treat you to.”

Cheng Yichen smiled politely, “Okay, then I won’t be too polite.”

After getting a glimpse of the face who brought us fruit, I felt that the watermelon on this plate was suddenly valuable and worth a hundred times more.

I recognized her.

Although we had not cross paths, I was more knowledgable than professional gossipers.
Braun group network had various sections about her in the school forum.

Amongst goddesses who were hard to attain, apart from Yuan Keke, Qu Ke was among them.

Qu Ke was too young and did not pay any attention to boys in school.
Her homework was superb and she was very good at stocks, winning first place in the college stock trading competition in T City within the first year.

Then, she was here to help her father’s bento restaurant, serving dishes.


It was really perplexing.
I couldn’t help but wonder, was it because the child wasn’t a top student, therefore she wasn’t able to open a shop on this street?

We spent a busy afternoon in the bookstore.
In the evening, we bought vegetables together.
When we returned home, Cheng Yichen started a new round of busyness.

To be honest, I felt that he was quite tired doing this.
The bookstore was not massive but there were many tasks associated.
When he returned back home, he had to wash vegetables, chop vegetables, fry, steam rice, cook soup, and clean up to maintain the hygiene of the house.
I would also help, but my capabilities were limited and I was assumed to only cause additional trouble so I could only be restricted to a helper’s role.
He basically did everything in and out of the home himself.

During the short break, Cheng Yichen wiped his hands and took out a book to take his time reading.

He truly was a book lover.
Every time he closed the pages of the book, he would show a satisfied expression.

I usually had this expression whenever I had a particularly good meal or when I achieved a new record in the game.

“Is it that enjoyable to read a book?”

Cheng Yichen smiled, “Books can soothe the soul.
When you are tired, you can rest by reading a book.
When you’re in pain, the most effective way to calm your mind is by reading books.”

I thought out loud, “I thought the most effective way to relieve pain was to go on a shopping spree.”

He laughed and exclaimed, “That’d cost too much money!”

Aside from maintaining quality of life for us young people, I couldn’t help but think that Cheng Yichen’s living habits were really simple.
He was a man who almost had no desires.

His consumption structure was very simple.
Almost all our expenditures mainly consisted of food (mainly our food), and the Engel’s Coefficient (According to Google: “Engel coefficient, based on Engel’s Law, is a commonly used measure of a nation’s standard of living”) was close to 100%.

He also liked to walk or ride a shared bicycle when going out, and he only drove when the distance was relatively long.

He typically didn’t purchase additional clothing and would wear several sets of clothes back and forth repeatedly.
I inquisitively asked him why he didn’t buy new styles before and he would smile and say, “I can wear the same clothes.”

With the same shirt, shirt plus sweater, shirt plus sweater plus coat, and this would cover spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Although he looked attractive in basic attire, it was still too basic.

Pondering about this, I couldn’t help but ask, “Uncle Chen, haven’t you thought about living a more luxurious lifestyle?”

Cheng Yichen was not lacking in knowledge.
Living in a bustling city like T City and residing next to people akin to Lu Feng, he must had seen all sorts of extravagances and luxuries.
I had been fascinated by it and one would want to use something valuable, right?

As long as he was willing, money wasn’t a problem at all.
As a wealthy man, Lu Feng could practically purchase any famous product and toss it at him.

Cheng Yichen said, “Huh? My life is very rich now.”

I was stunned.
“How is it rich!”

He looked at me and slightly smiled, and his smile was tainted with a misty melancholy.

He touched my head, “Silly boy.
I can live like this everyday, which is already very, very rich.”

To be honest, I couldn’t understand his standards.
He explained it to me in a way as if he himself didn’t know what wealth was.

But if possible, I hoped that Cheng Yichen lived a life full of wealth.

After all, I liked him so much.

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